Top tips for betting beginners

Top tips for betting beginners

New punters need to know some few tricks that they can apply whenever they want to successfully place and win their bets. The tips are:
Bonuses vary according to the bookmakers that punters have chosen. Any beginner interested in a large bonus should register him/herself with a bookmaker that is well known for its reputation and bonuses. Huge bonuses and rewards are obtained from the bookmakers like bet365, Ladbrokes, Betway, BetVictor, ComeOn, Carol and William Hill;

Some football matches have been analysed by other bettors and then the final prediction is given. Some of them may lean on a certain team to win. If most of them agree with the predictions, then beginners can also place a bet on that said football team. For example, if in a match like Manchester United vs. Chelsea, Man United may be given a higher chance of say 80% by 30 predictors, then that means any bettor stands a chance of winning that bet in case he/she places the bet on Man United. Even then, Chelsea FC stands a chance of 20% to win that match and so, therefore, that should not be neglected too;

In reality, beginners do make more losses than profits. But, that should not be an issue. What matters the most is the ability to consistently try something new that can earn them something after some time;
As a beginner, try not to use more money than you can afford to lose. What this means is that it is very important to budget your money for the entire football season, and whenever you want to place a bet, make sure that the amount you use is what won’t make you feel bad in case you lose it. So, if you have €460 in your account, try not to spend all of it or just a single game no matter how sure you are on the certain team to win. As a matter of fact, the maximum you can spend here should not be more than €25. If you were to win, you will still make some profit. If you were to lose, that loss won’t be significantly big;

The best thing for a new punter is to keep betting as simple as they can. There is no need to start doing the accumulators that may bring complications in their bets. They can stick to single bets for some time before they transform their selves into pro bettors;

In case you had a good budget but unfortunately you lost all the money that you had budgeted for the whole Premier League season, it is in your best interest to stop betting and wait for another season. Otherwise, if you choose to continue, making money may drive you crazy and that is not good for punters. You may end up losing a lot more than you could ever imagine;

Never ever try to recover the losses that you have made in a day. Doing this will lead you into more losses than you ever thought of. Just in case you did not get it, what it means is that if in any case, you end up losing some amount in a day, do not put yourself through so much to a point whereby you cannot even think of anything else expect your loss. This will lead you to a path that is not good for you if you intend to be a professional bettor.

Besides, losing some amount is one way of learning. That is a stage that most people undergo or underwent before they became successful professional punters. All that matters is patience and determinations. Nothing more than that;
Always trust your instincts. The first instinct matters a lot. If they tell you that a certain football club is going to win, or draw, or loose, go with your guts. It is believed that the instincts are close to being right. Never change your mind because someone else told you otherwise. You will live to regret later if your instincts were right. In fact, you will start blaming yourself for not listening to your instincts and blame your friend for making you change your mind. The best way to avoid this is to follow your instincts. That way, you will not have anyone to blame but yourself in case you were wrong;

The other important tip is to constantly keep track of your records. This way, you will be able to know if you are making profits or losses and also get to know where you’re weak points and your strengths lie;

It is not a wise decision to concentrate too much on quantity rather than quality. If you ever do that, I can tell you for a fact that you will run out of luck at some point and start making huge losses that could frustrate you. Always consider the quality of the wager and not its quantity. If you do this, you will transform into a really good professional bettor within no time. If you do not, then get ready to make losses that might be hard to recover from at the long run;
Avoid betting on football friendlies. These are the games that are really hard to predict because they have fewer statistics. But even if they have statistics, a lot has changed since the last time those two teams met. There could be a new set of players from both teams and therefore you will not know; and Lastly, try to predict the results correctly. Never bet just for the sake of it. Bet based on the facts that you have else you will lose your bet. Accuracy determines the outcome of your bet. If you do it accurately, you will have a higher chance of winning that bet. If you do it blindly, I can guarantee you, you will lose you money.

Follow these tips keenly; you stand a better chance of becoming one hell of a pro in football betting.

Top Recommended Bookmakers

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The Double 100% Profit Boosts offer is an offer that is available for new players, and can potentially double the wins of the two first bets you place.

Unibet Sport
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New customers on Unibet are treated to a different reception than that given by most of the other bookmarkers. The first promotion given to a new customer is a maximum refund of £30 if you lose your first sports bet.

10Bet Sport
50% Bonus up to €200

10bet offers a 50% bonus as welcoming new customers. This means they are offered up to €200. After signing up the customers have to put in the code “FD200” and to get an initial capital of €600 only after a deposit of €400.

William Hill
Bet £30 and get £30 in Free Bets

William Hill offers new customers a great welcome bonus. If you place a bet of £30 you will get £30 in Free Bets to place on wagers.

Betfair Sport
100 € FREE
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