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Betting on total goals

Betting on total goals

Betting on goals is the simplest wager that is there in sports betting. This is probably why the gamblers like it since it also works easier for them in terms of making money. The goals also help the punter easily predict which team will the match between the two competing football clubs.

Nevertheless, making money from total goals needs a strategy. Betting on total goals wager just for the sake of total goals does not always work. A punter needs to have a concrete prove as to why he/she went with the total goals wager and not the other wagers.

There are some things that a punter needs to look at before choosing the total goals wager. Luckily, those factors have been highlighted here in this article.
Without further ado, let me delve right into those factors and show you the way in which they can help you as the punter to bet on total goals. I can start by telling you the punter to be well versed with the football leagues that have been made available for betting by the bookies. Some leagues have higher scoring rates than the others. Therefore, it means that the total goals wager works best with those leagues that have high scoring rates. I am betting that those leagues are mostly from Europe region. The likes of Spanish La Liga Primera, English Premier League, French Ligue 1, Champions League and much more from Europe have a higher goals scoring rate compared to those from the rest of the world.

The total number of goals by the team is a great option to consider. Some big clubs like FC Barcelona, Real Madrid FC, Paris Saint-Germain FC, and Manchester United FC tend to score more goals than any other teams in the leagues. Betting on these teams to score more goals is not a bad idea since they rarely let you down. However, most of the time, they are awarded minimum odds. But, a punter should overlook that especially if they have done their research very well and noticed that those teams do score very often against their opponents regardless of whom they are clashing with. Total goals from those teams combined is also a key factor not to be put aside. Having chosen the leagues that score goals highly, sometimes clubs that might be meeting are very defensive and thus the best thing to do in such cases is to bet on total goals from both teams rather than from just a single team. I understand that the odds for this wager might be slightly a little bit higher since the bookies might be thinking that there will be fewer goals scored in such games.
Betting on the exact number of goals is a risky plan despite it having higher odds. This requires the punter to have guts to do since the chances of that happening are way below 10%. For a punter to do that, he/she must have done a thorough research on both teams’ goal scoring abilities. Otherwise, I would suggest that the punter needs not to bet on this wager always. For those or are lucky though, they will get a huge payout that they had not thought of. By the way, this wager is the best if the punter chooses the wager of “6 or more goals” and especially if the two teams have an ability to score 6 or more goals combined. If that is not the case, then it is a bit tricky for the punter to place the exact number of goals.

As a gambler, you need not bet on every game that you come across on the website or mobile app. Do not be carried away to bet on all teams that are playing especially at the same time and from the same league. Not all of them end up in scoring each other. Some may even end up in a barren draw while others may score less than two goals in total. So, as you can see, betting on all of the matches on a “total goals” wager might prove to be cumbersome for you the punter.

There are some matches which the punter needs to avoid at all cost. The ones to be avoided include those that are very closely matched, those matches that a one-sided expectation is inevitable and those that might end up in a draw. All these might fail to fulfil the punter’s expectations of the total number of goals. A punter should choose the matches that do not fall under what I have described here.
Doing lots and lots of research is very useful in the long run. As a punter, you need to check on the following things: players’ motivation, style of play for the two teams, the current forms of the two teams, Goal scoring abilities, their quality of defence and attack, and lastly the weather. Bad weather like rainy season or wind means that the goals are less likely to be scored since the balls may get stuck on the ground or their speed be reduced by a higher friction on the ground. A higher wind speed might also slow down the speed of the ball or change the direction of the ball. This greatly affects the number of goals to be scored at the end of that match. On a dry and calm season on the other end means that goals can be scored easily.

Now that you have identified all the factors that you need to consider when trying to bet on the “total goals” wager, what else are you waiting for? You can now go ahead and place that bet but only after considering all the factors that I have just highlighted for you here or even other relevant factors that you have dug on your own.

Anyway, remember to be selective in your bets. That is the best way you can benefit from the “total goals” wager.


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