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Closing your bet slips

Closing your bet slips

Have you identified the matches that you intent to place bets on? If yes, it is time for you to finalise on your bet slip and then proceed to confirm the bet slip. These are done in so many ways depending on the bookmakers.
Every top bookmaker has its own way that can be used to close a bet. I will illustrate how that happens in some selected few top bookmakers. I will be using the best bookmakers that are there in the betting industry of which most of them are from Europe. Without wasting everyone’s time, let me delve right into them.

Let me start with how Unibet bookmaker works. Whenever a player selects the games that he or she wants, the list appears at the left side of the webpage. As the number of selected football matches increases, the slip also expands. The possible “win” is also displayed at the lower part of the slip. That section will display the possible win for either single bets or accumulators. Once the punter clicks on “place bet” or “confirm” bet button then it makes the bet active. The punter should know that the process is irreversible once it is activated. Therefore, the bettors need to be cautious with the amount of money that they have staked, the matches that they have selected, the number of matches that they have chosen. They need to double check all of them before confirming the bets. This basically happens to all the bettors and so, therefore, they need to be doing what the Unibet users are doing.

William Hill punters do have a different way of closing their bet slips too. Even though there is no much difference between this one and that of Unibet. The only difference is that the bet slip of William Hill appears at the left-hand side as opposed to that of Unibet. Everything else regarding the bets is the same. The punters are strongly advised to check against the number of bets they have in the slip (accumulator bets), the stakes they have placed on that betting slip, and the matches that they have selected. Once they are satisfied that they have the right bet slip, they can then proceed to close the bet by clicking on the confirm button.
There are general rules that are applicable to all bookmakers or punters bet slips. These rules are:

Never ever exceed the maximum allowed stake as this will prevent the punter from closing that bet successfully. If the maximum allowed stake is €2,500 and the punter decides to place a stake of €3000, the bet slip will not be submitted or an error will occur. An error message will be displayed asking the punter to slash the stake that he/she has placed by a certain percentage in order to satisfy that condition;

Just as there is a maximum allowed stake, there is also a minimum allowed stake that the player cannot go below. If the player has less money in the account and wants to confirm the bet, he/she will be asked to top up the account first before they can continue to do something else;

There is a maximum payout that can never be exceeded no matter the number of bets that the player has. If a bookmaker sets a maximum payout of €100,000, then no player or punter will ever get paid for money that surpasses the restricted payout. So, in case the punter had a couple number of bets in their accumulator bets, they can decide to reduce those bets to a certain number that is reasonable. It is also a wise idea for them to make sure that the bet slips that they are left with, contain matches that they had analysed them fully and that they were confident of the outcome of those matches;

Whenever you think you have a bet in your accumulator bet that you think might cause you really big problems or that you are not so sure of the outcome of the match, it is a good idea to get rid of that bet. There is no need to regret later and yet you had a chance of salvaging what was there. It is never too late to do something. And never regret the actions that you took;

A betting slip should have several steps for confirming the bets since when the bet is confirmed it can never be cancelled. This is why a punter might find two or three steps that they need to take before finally placing those bets that they think they are sure of. As long as the confirm button has not been clicked, there is a “back” button that the player can use to go back to the bet slip and make some changes according to their wish. Once they do the changes, they can then navigate all the way to the “confirm” or “submit” buttons using the “Next” button that is there;

In case a bettor encounters an error in the bet slip, and as long as the error is not that of maximum or minimum allowed stake, some bookmakers do give the bettors a chance to replace the selection in order to rectify the error. However, the bet slip will remain unchanged except that minimal change that the punter has been allowed to do; and there is a rule which is rarely invoked and probably very rare punters know about it. The rule states that the punter can request the bookmaker’s support team in case of an incorrect bet. As long as the matches have not been kicked-off, then the team will be able to handle the punters request accordingly and get back to the player with a response that can either be good or bad depending on the circumstances surrounding the players bet slip.

This should mark the end of today’s article. As a punter, please make sure that you go through it again and again in order to understand how bet slips works and the importance of following some rules.


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