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Home Team Highest Scoring Half

Betting guide:  Highest Scoring Half Prediction

Being able to predict in which half there will be more goals isn't the most complex of bets, but it can be the most rewarding.

Below we outline the best tips, predictions, and statistics for this market to help guide you through your highest scoring half prediction. You will find tips from our panel of experts to help you win some money on predicting the highest scoring half in football.


Best home team highest scoring half Bookmakers Promotions

It is extremely common for bookmakers to price boost this market. In order for you to find the best promotion on home team highest scoring half markets, below you will find a list of leading promotions.



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Home team highest scoring half statistics 

For our statistical gamblers out there, there is an emerging trend that unfolds within this market. In nearly all the leagues across Europe the majority of goals fall within the second half of the match.


  • The general rule of thumb in this market is that the home team will score more goals in each half, and the second half will produce more goals than the first. However this is football, remember anything is possible!

Home team highest scoring half betting strategy

As previously stated, previous statistics can be crucial in this market, as results do tend to ‘follow the trend’ but must we remind you this is football, and any result is possible. There is no such thing as impossible in this sport, and that’s why we love it so much!

Below is advice from our panel of experts when it comes to betting on both teams to score in the first half.



  • Goals For / Against
  • Highest Scoring Half
  • Away Team Defensive record
  • Previous Form (WW? LL? DD?)
  • Stalemates


The above information can be found on sites such as



  • Accumulator
  • First half – tends to pay more
  • Away team – tends to score less



  • First half / second half / even



  • Bet pre match, not live in-play



  • Follow the trends



What are the likely odds?

Prices will tend to vary in this market depending on the quality of the away team involved, goal scoring and previous defensive records. Bookies often compete intensely on the price of home team markets, especially when it comes to the high profile games. This can be an extremely easy market to predict, if you pick your trends correctly! Always remember in markets like this the power of statistics.

The overall value of these odd’s are relatively small as there are only three possible outcomes; first half, second half, or even. Therefor you can expect to find odds on average off around 1/3 (1.3), however these will vary on a game by game basis. However since there are only three possible outcomes, it’s extremely likely you will be able to select the correct result.

If your looking to increase the value of this bet, then we would advise that by selecting a few home team highest scoring half results into an accumulator. This will allow you to increase your potential returns, but of course that does come at a risk!


What is home team highest scoring half?

This betting market challenges the punter to carefully select which half of the game the home team will score the most number of goals in. The home team highest scoring half is part of the home team betting market. It’s a pretty understandable bet, but just so your familiar we will make it even simpler. Think of it like this, will the home team score more goals in the first half, the second half, or will the two halves produce an equal amount / no goals?

The general consensus from bookmakers is that the home team has a slight advantage, and most statistics show that games tend to exchange more goals in the second half than the first. So if you're looking for a nice safe bet to earn some easy money home team highest scoring half (second) would be the selection for you. But that’s not all this market has to offer!

The majority of leading bookmakers should have this market available both pre match and live betting. You will also find some similar markets to this such as highest scoring half,  The total goals scored by the home team will be compared and will be settled as win or lost. The selection you will have to choose from will be first half / second half / even.


Away team highest scoring half

The other side to this market would be away team highest scoring half. This is the exactly the same market as the above market but instead based on the away teams performance. Simply replace the home team with away team and you have another market in which you can spread your bets.


What is a home team highest scoring half accumulator?

An accumulator is a selection of single bets multiplied into a larger bet. All results must be correct in order for this to pay out. Accumulators are able to yield much higher returns, as they contain more results which increases the risk of one result becoming unsuccessful.

If after doing your research you feel like you are able to select five or more teams and predict which half will contain more goals, you could be on for a nice bit of profit at the end of the day. The more teams you include in your accumulator the higher your profit margins will be. Don’t forget you have 3 selections to choose from ‘first half’ ‘second half’ or ‘even.


Example of home team highest scoring half 

Let’s take Manchester United vs Chelsea as our example. Let’s say you wager £10 free bet from Betfair and place it on ‘first half’ home team highest scoring half. The below results would mean that you are successful;


Manchester United 1-0 Chelsea HT Manchester United 1-0 Chelsea FT

Manchester United 2-0 Chelsea HT Manchester United 2-0 Chelsea FT

Manchester United 2-2 Chelsea HT Manchester United 2-3 Chelsea FT

Manchester United 3-1 Chelsea HT Manchester United 3-4 Chelsea FT



As you can see from the results above, if Manchester United score more goals in the first half than they do in the second half, irrespective off the overall result, you bet will be paid out as successful. They may score 1,2,3, or even 4 goals in the first half, but as long as they don’t match that in the second half you will be victorious.

The following results would mean your bet would be unsuccessful;

Manchester United 0-0 Chelsea HT Manchester United 0-0 Chelsea FT

Manchester United 1-1 Chelsea HT Manchester United 1-1 Chelsea FT

Manchester United 0-0 Chelsea HT Manchester United 1-0 Chelsea FT

Manchester United 0-1 Chelsea HT Manchester United 2-1 Chelsea FT

Manchester United 0-2 Chelsea HT Manchester United 3-2 Chelsea FT

Manchester United 0-3 Chelsea HT Manchester United 1-3 Chelsea FT


As you can see from the results above, if Manchester United fail to score at all, or they score more goals in the second half compared to the first, your bet will be unsuccessful. Fans across the world, would expect their team to score if playing at home, but this isn’t always the case! There is also a high chance that they will score more goals in the second half of the match compared to the first. Why? Usually becomes teams begin to tire, and as the clock runs down finding that all important winning goal becomes more crucial.


However, this is football, anything can happen, at any minute, of any half!


Overall this is one of our most popular markets. As football fans we all love goals, especially when they return money. This is one of the most simple yet rewarding markets in the industry. Statistics can really come into play with this market, and that's why we highly advise to do your research before you gamble. You will find this market with the majority of bookmakers, so simply head to our list of the leading bookmakers above and place your bets!



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