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What to know for beginners in betting

What to know for beginners in betting

Have you ever heard of people making money through online betting? Yes, they do. Imagine yourself making money too just like them? That is cool, right? However, if you want to be a punter (someone who takes a financial risk by placing bets on sports like football, rugby, boxing or even events like politics), there some few things you need to know as a beginner.

There are European top bookmakers (people or organizations that take bets on sports and events at odds that have been agreed on) who can be relied on at any time whenever someone wants to place a bet. They include but not limited to bet365, Unibet, William Hill, Betvictor, Betway, 10bet, Coral, and ComeOn;

In order for you to place a bet on any football team or match that you want, you need to have registered yourself with any of these bookmakers. It is important to note that these bookmakers have a varying minimum deposit that you need to make in order for them to allow you to place any bets. For example, with bet365, you need to make a minimum deposit of €5. Unibet requires a minimum deposit of € 15 for you to place your first bet successfully. On the other hand, William Hill’s smallest allowed deposit is € 19;

These bookmakers have their own ways of displaying their odds. For example, bet365 uses fractional odds as its default way of displaying odds .E.g. the odds for FC Barcelona vs. Juventus are 1/2, 4/1, and 11/2 for FC Barcelona to win, draw or Juventus win respectively. Unibet, ComeOn and William Hill also do the same. A punter is given a freedom of choosing the best way he or she thinks can display the odds and understand them. The options he/she has are decimal, Fractional and American. So for example, FC Barcelona’s 4/9 fractional odd equals to 1.44 in decimal and -225 in American;

In a bet, the fractional odd 4/9 means whenever you place your stake of €9, your payoff will be €4. So the total amount you will get from that bet will be €.13 Decimal odds are pretty straight forward in that you multiply your stake with that odd. E.g. 1.44* €4 = €5.76. With American odds, they are somehow different in that the odds are either negative or positive. Positive odds means the amount you will probably get when you place a stake of $100. On the other hand, negative means the amount you must bet in order to make a profit of $100. So for example, if the odds are -225, it means that the punter’s stake needs to be $225 in order to win $100 from that bet. +150 means the possible amount that a punter wins’ at a stake of $100;

NB: American odds always operate on +100 and above or, -100 and below. No odds that come in between this figures exists;

Some of these top bookmakers offer the live betting option. What this means is that they allow you to make bet on an ongoing football match. For example, Unibet, bet365, ComeOn and William Hill are currently broadcasting China FA Cup matches such as Shangai Sunfun vs. Xinjiang Tianshan and the rest. As a punter, you can easily bet on any of these matches or teams while they happen. You are able to monitor the progress of your bet and the match;

You can literally place a bet on any of the football team that you think of because these top bookmakers made that possible for you. They have incorporated so many football leagues and cups into their systems. They include the European top leagues like UEFA Champions league, UEFA Europa League, English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, and French Ligue 1. Plus some other strong leagues from these countries. There are also major cups like England’s FA Cup, Spain’s Copa Del Rey, Coupe de France, Coppa Italia and German’s DFB Pokal;

Most, if not all of the top bookmakers have a section of match highlights. What this means is that they have highlighted some big matches for you. These matches are however yet to be played;

Newly registered punters with any of these bookmakers do get a bonus certain percentage of deposit bonus. For example, bet365 users get 15% deposit bonus of up to €93. ComeOn welcomes bettors with a bonus of up to €25; and
Some of these bookmakers have created mobile apps that can be installed on your phones. Be they iPhones, Android phones or even Windows Phones. bet365, Unibet, and William Hill have mobile apps for their users.

Now that you have known some few things about betting, it is time for you to learn how to successfully place a bet on any team or a match. I will only show you how to bet on one or two of the top bookmakers that exist. Let me start with bet365 punters.

Once you log in, you will have to click on “Sports” menu. It will redirect you to all the available sports that are taking place or are yet to take place. Let’s pick soccer as the sport we are interested in. when you click on it, it should take you to all football matches that are available for betting. Take an example of FC Barcelona vs. Juventus, which by the way you will find it after clicking on “UEFA Champions League” button. So if you want to place a bet on FC Barcelona to win and its odds are 4/9, get to know that from the €9 stake that you have placed, you will be able to get a payoff of €4.

William Hill has FC Barcelona’s odds at 1.44 (in decimal). So, therefore, when your place your bet of say, € 10on FC Barcelona, your payoff will be 1.44*10 = €14.4 when this team wins.
Well, good luck placing your first bet you punter beginner!!


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