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What makes a successful bettor?

What makes a successful bettor?

Real or professional bettors have strategies that they have/can apply whenever they want to be deemed as successful bettors. Successful bettors are considered in so many ways. It does not necessarily mean a person who wins the bets every time he/she places them. There are factors to be considered that make them successful. These factors are:

Punters who are said to be successful are those who have accepted that they can lose a bet at any time and they have gotten used to this fact. Whenever they lose some bets, they never try hard to recover their bets as it may become disastrous since obsession for the money would definitely kick in.

Any successful professional bettor keeps a record of the bets that he/she has placed. This way, he/she can be able to know whether he is making profits or losses and by what margins. These records do help them make a perfect decision on whether to quit betting or still stick around to make more money.

A budget for any bettor is something that is very inevitable. Without a budget, the bettor may end up running on big losses without knowing. A great bettor can budget the money for the whole season as long as the money they are budgeting for does not affect the daily household budgets. Successful bettors will budget something like €1000 for the whole football league season. In case the money ends before the season ends, he/she does not go ahead to top up the account. What they do is to stop the sports betting issue until the start of the other season.

They do take a financial risk without the fear of losing their money. They do understand that betting is a game of making the money or losing. It goes either way. Any person who is scared to take that financial risk will never know what he or she misses. A scared person does make little profits compared to the courageous ones.

Statistics is one of the most important things that help them very much to be successful. Analysing any football match requires a lot of information. This information is very useful to a better in making the final judgment. The information includes things like head-to-head, current form of the two competing teams, their past encounter results, the quality of the players that the two teams have in their squads, and so much more. These are really important stats that make them bet wisely.

They listen to tippers but place bets carefully. There are so many tippers (people who analyse almost all the football matches that are there). Not all of them are real. What made a successful bettor that way, was that he/she listened to the tippers but placed their bets wisely. Some of the tippers are misleading and can make many people lose a lot of money. In fact, successful bettors have identified that one reliable tipper whom they can follow. Whenever the bet fails to matriculate, they do not blame the tippers for the loss. They do understand that anything can happen in any football match or any other sports events in that case and therefore no one deserves to be blamed.
Successful punters started by placing simple bets. Simple bets may not land you a lucrative amount of money that you wanted but at least you will have won something. Most punters would start the art of betting with complex strategies. They may do the accumulators betting type, not knowing that a single wrong result of the game affects the entire bet slip and thus end up losing what they expected. Simple bets involve having a single bet slip and that the match being betted on has been thoroughly scrutinised to a point whereby the stats contained were enough to place the bet the way it was done.

Betting on the right sports events with good odds is what made them successful. There are some football matches that are really messy to bet with. The likes of club friendlies or national friendlies are very tricky to bet on since there is a high chance that those two have never met before. Therefore, the stats are not enough to support the decision that the punter is going to make. Successful bettors try as much as possible to avoid betting on such matches.
These guys have never in any way raised alarms to the bookmakers in terms of the amount of money they do withdraw or deposit. Every time they want to withdraw some money, they do so by withdrawing what is just enough for what they want to do and at the same time try not to withdraw what is close to the bookmaker’s maximum allowed withdrawal. They do the same whenever they are depositing some amount into their accounts. Whatever they do is always under the bookmaker’s radar.

If ever you meet a successful bettor and asks him/her how they became successful, one of the points that he/she will most likely raise is that he/she never placed their bets on marked bets more than once or twice. They know the repercussions of doing that are very hurting. By the way, this issue can lead anyone to be locked out of their accounts for good and what even more hurting is that they may end up being blacklisted by most if not all of the top bookmakers.

A really successful punter never bets because of the free bets or deposit bonus that the bookmakers have offered to their customers. Not that going for free things is a bad idea, no. But rushing to do that and then disappearing once the offer is over is not what they would like to do as it is not a wise move at all. This is because the bookmakers may opt to flag their accounts. Redeeming oneself in such cases is really hard.

If you have gone through all these points, I can guarantee you that you will get all to be a successful bettor at the long run. I know it may take some time but hey at least you will get there!


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