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Mistakes to avoid in sports betting

Mistakes to avoid in sports betting

Everyone is prone to making mistakes. But, there are some mistakes which can be easily anticipated and therefore avoided before they happen. These mistakes could prove to be costly in the long run in that it may affect your possible “win” as a bettor or may just take you through humongous losses. The mistakes to be avoided include:

Placing a bet on the wrong football team that you never intended to. An example being a scenario whereby you, the punter, placing your stake on Arsenal FC to win yet what you really wanted to do was to place your stake on Manchester United FC. This could affect your account negatively especially if the latter team wins.

A punter might feel so generous and therefore decide to place a huge stake his/her favourite team. However, bookmakers have their limits that have been set on possible maximum win from that football match no matter the size of the stake. This therefore means that a good amount of stake will go to waste. This will be hurtful especially if the result of the match goes sideways.

Doing a multi bet is a good way of making good money with less stake. But, any punter doing this has to be extra careful because a single point of failure in that bet affects the outcome of the profits. In fact, the bettor will run a loss. The best way to avoid this is to place a multi bet of not more than 3 bets if the punter insists on this kind of bet. The teams or the matches that have been placed for must have enough and reliable statistics from which the punter used to make the final decision. Otherwise, single bets can still land you a lump sum of money.

Choosing the fastest mode of payment. A bettor might want to place a bet on a football match that might be round the clock. Mistakably, he/she chooses Bank Transfer as his/her mode of payment. That punter will not be able to place bets on that day or for the next 3 days since the deposit will be reflected in his/her account much later. That’s after 3 working days. For that person to place bets the same day, he/she should have chosen the fastest payment option that bookmakers support. These options could be Skrill, Neteller, Skrill 1-tap, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, PayPal and some more.

Using the odd types that require a user to place a huge stake. Obviously, with American odds, the least that a punter can spend is €100. If he/she does not have this amount in the account, he/she will not be able to place that bet. The best way to avoid this is to change the odd type to fractional or decimal. These types favour many people who have less than €100 in their accounts.

Maximum amount of deposit matters a lot at times. A BetVictor punter may want to place a stake of €1500 on a certain football team. However, the amount left in the account is less than €200. He/she will therefore have to deposit some amount to his/her account. But since he had chosen Ukash as the mode of payment, he/she will only deposit a maximum of €500 into the bookmaker account since Ukash does not support a huge amount of money transfer. This is something that the punter was supposed to have checked in his/her first deposit because some of the payment options support unlimited amount of deposit made to the bookmaker accounts.

For those who had the whole day analyzing the football match and then rushing to place the bet on the last minute, it is not good for them. This is because last minutes before the kickoff of many football matches are always busy. Bookmakers systems do receive a lot of requests at that time and unluckily, your request may be delayed and by the time it is being processed, the match has already kicked off. The best way to avoid this is to place a bet latest by 30 minutes before the kickoff. Otherwise, the bet will be nullified even though you will get your stakes back.

It is a good habit to double check your stake before committing on that bet. Most people enter the wrong figure in the stake’s textbox and then click on “Submit” before even going through the bet once more. By the time they realise that they used more or less stake, it will be too late since that grace period of cancelling the bet might have elapsed or the game might have kicked off and once this happens that bet will remain the way it is.
Registering oneself in the bookmaker that is not trustworthy or well-known is a mistake that can be easily avoided. Those bookmakers might not even have enough football events to choose from. Serious punters should register with the top bookmakers that are very reliable. These top bookmakers include but are not limited to William Hill, Carol, Unibet, bet365, Betway, BetVictor, 10bet, and ComeOn. They all have many football events for their punters to choose from, as they offer live betting which is very rare in most bookmakers, and they have bonuses for their first timers.

For those punters who are interested in getting big bonuses should be careful with the type of bookmakers they registered their selves in. some bookmakers offer up to a €200 as bonuses while others offer as little as €10. Definitely, these humongous bonuses are mostly offered by the best bookmakers in the world. The likes of bet365 and William Hill.

Betting on the wrong sport is the other common mistake that is experienced by many bettors. Take for example, Real Madrid vs. Barcelona. If not checked carefully, the punter might end up betting on Euro League basketball thinking that it was a football match. It is best for punters to consider checking on the sports category that he/she is currently in if he/she wanted to place a bet on a football match; he/she better confirm that he/she is really in the category of football.


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