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Pre-season betting strategy

Pre-season betting strategy

This is the trickiest way to place a bet, especially in football. I know that most of the professional do agree with me when I say that. Normally the odds during pre-season are very catchy and irresistible to bet. The payout varies though depending on the probability of the teams. Even then, due to lack of enough statistics or records to support player’s decisions, the two teams are normally given chances that almost equal to each other. That makes things difficult for the punters since they will not favour any team at all.

Anyway, there are some strategies that are very helpful in coming up with a good decision. Not all of the decisions made by the punters are correct, but at least there is one that is correct. I will show you in a moment the strategies that the punters might use in order to win bets from pre-season football matches. They are:

Research analysis is a great deal in coming up with a classic and powerful decision. The research involves checking out on the previous match records for all the teams that are there in that league. From the records that one gets, how were your bet “winning” records distributed? Which team gave you more wins than the others? These are the things to be considered by the punters.
The analysis also involves going through the current transfers that are taking placing in all the teams. It is better to check on the transfers that are going in and out of the clubs. This way, one can easily identify the team that has quality players who will most likely end up lifting the league trophy at the end of the season.

Wait a minute, did you see that? The club made a huge and bold move by hiring an experienced manager. If that is the case or not, it should help the punter in so many ways to make an informed decision based on the stats that he/she has at hand. Most often, experienced managers do guide their clubs towards the success of winning at least a trophy. The achievement could be winning the league, the UEFA Champions League cup, UEFA Europa League cup, or even domestic cups like England FA Cup, Carling/ Capital One cup (England), Copa Del Rey (Spain), Coppa Italia (Italy), Scottish FA Cup, and Coupe de France (French cup). Some of the managers are experienced in one or all of the trophies mentioned here. Thus, a punter needs to check at these managerial transfers. It is part of the research analysis that they need to do before making their final verdict/judgment.

The fixtures of the teams do matter. Since the fixtures of all the leagues are normally released before the start of pre-season, this may shift the teams’ priorities when it comes to participating in friendlies. Those teams that have a tight start of the season are most likely to field in their Team B players while those that have an easy start of the season fixture might field in all their first teams. A mixed fixture of a certain team might exert more pressure on players and so, therefore, making them very prone to injuries and bans which in turn affects the overall performances of the teams in the long run.

Pre-season friendlies are very useful at times. Not all punters do believe in this because the results of friendlies are always unexpected. Well yes, it is true that it is very hard to predict the final outcome of friendly matches probably because of lack of enough statistics to boost the two teams meeting. There are always some reasons behind the friendly matches though. It could be for commercial purposes or for players’ fitness or even experimenting with the new style of play. A punter who follow such matches very closely get to see the style of play that best suits the teams and those that can help the team win a trophy or the league.

As part of the pre-season friendlies, what motivations do players, managers or the entire team has? The highly motivated teams are the ones that normally carry the day. I will take an example of a friendly match between say FC Barcelona and Kaizer Chiefs from South Africa. South African club players are very motivated since they get to have a chance to play against the best players in the world. It is also a chance for them to sell their selves to the rest of the world to the potential and willing buyers. FC Barcelona players, on the other hand, are in the field just for the sake of playing football of the allocated 90 minutes of the football match.

Lastly, under this category or factor, the rules of the friendly games do matter a lot. Normally, the rules are totally different from those that are followed once the new season kicks in. You will find that there are unlimited substitutions in rare booking. Thus, understanding this will help punter place a bet accordingly.

Conducting an ante-post betting is very important. Since the bookies are also unsure of the winner of the friendly match, the odds are normally good and hence the punter needs to capitalise on them before the close of the pre-season. The most important football teams to look at are those that won the league or cup, got promoted at the end of the previous season, those that have top scorers playing for them, those that got relegated recently. All these do affect the odds of the game in one way or another.

Unlike full season, those who opt to bet during pre-season have all the time in doing research and analysis of the competing teams. When the season is ongoing, gamblers only have time to look at the factors that affect only the teams that they are betting on and nothing else.

I suggest that instead of betting anyhow during the pre-season, you better take a look at the strategies that I have laid down for you. I am sure that will be of greater help to you. Otherwise, happy pre-season betting!


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