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To Win Both Halves

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This is one interesting bet for most punters and bookies have also capitalised on this too. In other to understand how this works, it is good to explain what it means and how it works.

What does it mean?
To Win Both Halves in football betting means that the punter would have to pick the team which he believes will win both the first and second half of the tie. In essence, this means that the first and second half are considered two separate or mini games between the same team.

How does it work?
The ‘‘To Win Both Halves’’ football bet works when a punter chooses a team which he/she things will score more goals that the other team in both halves of the game. For example, in a game between Stoke City FC v Swansea City FC, the punter has to predict accurately that either teams will outscore the other in both the first and second half. So, if the punter picks the away team in this tie being Swansea City, then in each half of the tie, they must have scored more goals like 2-1 in the first half and 2-1 in the second half meaning they will have won both halves of the game.

Winning the game and losing the bet
In this type of bet, this is very common as the punter can place a bet on a winning game, but lose the bet at the end of the day. As the bet implies, the team has to win both the first and second half. For example, in the same between Stoke City FC v Swansea City FC, if Swansea City FC wins the first half by 3-0 and the game ends 0-0 in the second half, then the punter would have lost the bet.

Also, in the same tie, if the punter predicts that Swansea City FC will win the first and second half and the game ends 3-1 in the first in favour of Swansea City FC and in the second half the game ends 1-0 in favour of Stoke City FC, then the punter would lose the bet.

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