Betfair Sport Review

Betfair gives remarkable promotions and bonuses for first timers and new punters who sign up and uses this to get more players to be on their website. Sign up here, deposit for the first time and receive a 100% bonus up to £100!

  • Bonus: 100% up to £100
  • Max. Bonus: £100
  • Odds Required: 1.6
  • Rating: 9.5/10.0
  • Bonus Code: ZSKABW
  • Mobile: Yes

Betfair is a prominent figure in the online betting world, providing innovation across the board. As well as being able to make use of 20 different markets and make of options such as Early Cash Out, you can bet in their Betfair Exchange Service and on Virtual Sports

Introduction to BetFair Sports Betting

The bright Betfair orange and black colour scheme have become synonymous with online sports betting due to the huge impact it has had on the sports betting market. They are by one of the largest sports betting sites in the world and have achieved this by providing innovation across their service.

Striving further ahead of their competitors is a core element of their service and even today, they keep attempting new and exciting projects on their site to further their service.
One of the ways they do this is by providing great bonuses, for example, the 100% Match Bonus up to £100 new players get when they join Betfair’s site.


Betfair is keen on providing all manner of different bonuses to their players that are reflective of the goings-on in the sports world. With this in mind, you are always likely to find something on offer on their site that you can use to hedge your bets or boost your winnings. For example, if a big Horse Racing event is going on for example, then you will be able to find enhanced odds on these races to assist you on your way to big wins.


However, due to the nature of these bonuses, it would be ill-advised to mention them all at the time of writing, as by the time you log on, there may be bigger and better bonuses on offer to you. This said, they do have a handful of recurring bonuses that can further your betting experience whenever you feel like logging in. Here are a few examples of what is on offer to you.

Betfair Sportsbook New Customer Offer: The first thing you can claim here is their new customer offer, which will reward you with a 100% bonus up to £100 to get the ball rolling. Which is a nice and easy day to get things going.

Same Game Multi-Bet Offer: If you win a multi-bet within a game, then they will reward you with a free bet up to £25 for you to use on your next bet. As such, as well as getting your original payout, you could get up to £25 more to use on your next one.

Free £5 on Basketball:  If you are a fan of the NBA, then you will love this deal. All it takes is for you to place a bet of £5 or more on either Saturday or Sunday, and you will be given a £5 free bet to use on another game. Another tidy deal there.


Betfair offers a huge range of market, plus their very own special Betfair Exchange which flips online betting on its head a bit.

We will start off by detailing exactly what sorts of sport you can get involved within the standard Betfair Sportsbook. Inside it, you will be a selection of the biggest betting events of the day listed at the top of the navigation bar so you can find the best bets quickly and easily. However, there is far more than this available on their site 20 sports options for you to bet on when you select “All Sports”.


Within this, you will find all the most popular betting options, such as football, American Football and Basketball, alongside more niche sports, such as GAA, Aussie Rules and even, Chess.  The cool thing about Betfair is that they offer bet-in play options and early out options which gives you the option to react to the goings-on of an event then bet more reactively.

Alongside this classic sportsbook, they also have the Betfair Exchange which varies in its dynamic. It allows players to bet against one another, rather than via the odds percentages provided by Betfair. They work as the middle man between these bets rather than as the body you are wagering against.

Thus, it provides different odds to the conventional Betfair Sportsbook, and also comes with its own bonuses and service. It is essentially a form of Layer betting. For the player, the experience will not take long to get you ahead around if you are already familiar with sports betting.


Betfair offer not just 1 mobile app, but 6. The reason for this is that each app is catered for a specific element of their website, so you get a more tailored experience on each them. For example, there are two separate apps for the sportsbook and exchange, and then another two for Betfair Casino and Live Casino.


Although this is obviously a plus for those who want to just stick to just one element of Betfair’s service, it is not so great if you want to play on multiple elements of their site as you will require more than one download.

This said, for players of sportsbook, undoubtedly, the app provides much more fluidity to the whole process and breaks everything done in a much more accessible fashion. As well as, of course, allowing much more convenient gameplay. The same can be said for the Exchange App too, with similar benefits offered for this app too.


Betfair offers around the clock streaming services to their users via their Betfair TV service. Here you will find loads of different action, including Greyhound and Horse Racing, Football, Badminton and more. What is eligible will depend whether you have funds in your account and in some cases, if and how you have bet on the sport in question. While other countries may be restricted to view certain events. Australia, for example, cannot use any of the Betfair TV Service.


Betfair also offers Virtual Sports, and was one of the first to provide the service. Virtual Sports allows you to bet on animated sports, the results of which are based on RNG, but you can also monitor the form of different virtual participants. They have virtual sports occurring every couple of minutes throughout the day, so even if nothing is happening in the real world, you can bet on the virtual counterpart. They offer virtual football, horseracing, cycling, speedway among others.


Below are the deposit methods you can use to fund your Betfair account,


If you are looking to withdraw funds, the below table explains what you can use and how long the process will take.



When it comes to BetFair’s customer support options, they are very much in the 21st century. This is evident from the fact you can get help with any queries by contacting their social media pages on Facebook and Twitter.

As well as this, you can use a live chat service to speak to them also if you are signed into your account. As well as this, they have more old school options such as email or telephone as well as an extensive FAQ page which can answer practically all your queries without the need to speak to an agent.


Betfair is one site you can trust absolutely purely on the clout of their name, which is clearly recognisable and well-respected in the sports betting world. However, if you want confirmation of this, you merely have to look up the security section of their site.

Here they detail how they undergo PCI are validated by an external and independent PCI Qualified Security Assessor, use a 2-Step Authentication to avoid accounts being compromised, and have Secure Socket Layering on their site to ensure your account details are protected from undesirables. Plus, “military grade” 256-bit AES encryption software.

When it comes to odds too, you can rely on them to provide some of the most competitive and fair odds, and in some cases, they proudly proclaim they offer the best odds guaranteed. As such, there is nothing to worry about here in terms of an above-board service.



Although their sportsbook service is great, they are no one-trick pony and they offer a comprehensive selection of casino games, including slots, blackjack, roulette and much more in live and virtual version. As well as this, they have some very nice bonuses to accompany them so all players are catered for. They can be found below.

No Deposit Free Spins – When you sign up at Betfair, you will get an instant reward of 25 Free Spins on a selection of 3 of their games.

New Player Casino Bonus – After this, they reward you with an identical bonus to the sportsbook bonus of 100% bonus up to £100. The only difference being you get 100 Free Spins to boot.

Live casino Bonus– The Live Casino bonus also offers a deal of 100% up to £100 to use on their live games.


We were all very aware of the benefit of Betfair with it being one of the market leaders, but you guys at home may not have been. If that was the case then hopefully, this has explained to you what you need to know and confirmed in your mind that Betfair is a solid choice for sportsbook betting, as well as providing top-quality all-around service to boot.betfair