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When you start betting on soccer, it’s important to learn the different types of bets. Betting on soccer is not just a matter of who wins and who loses, but there is much more to it than that.


2-Way Corners Explained + Prediction Tips 2020
Corners 2 way will allow you to wager on the total amount of corners during the game. The market will allow you to guess the total amount of corners taken by both teams. You must then specify either ‘over’ or ‘under’ the total amount of corners taken. If you correctly predict the total amount or corners your bet will be paid out.
Alternative Corners Explained: How to Become a Corner Bet Specialist
Corner betting may sound simple, but you’ll be amazed at the level of depth and diversity involved. In our article you’ll find out just how much variety is available across alternative corner markets and how to become a successful corner bet specialist.
Asian Corners Meaning + Corner Betting Soccer Tips
Asian corners betting markets are similar to normal corner betting in so many ways except that there is a possibility of refund in this market. The refund in asian corner betting, however, only happens under some special circumstances.
Corner Betting in Nigeria 2020: Strategy & Prediction Tips
The reason corner betting is one of our favourite betting markets is it is at once so easy to understand and yet provides plenty of depth in terms of strategy and opportunities to outwit the bookmakers. Read on to learn the best corner betting strategies.


▷ Half With Most Goals ▷ Meaning ✅ Prediction Tips ✅ Strategy ✅ Statistics ✅
Pretty much, you must select which half will include the most goals. For example, if the first half is 1-0 and the second half is 1-1, then the second half has the most goals as the combined amount is 2.
Best First Goalscorer Betting Tips & Strategy – Ultimate Guide 2020
The bet itself is exactly what you’re thinking it is, a wager on the scorer of the first goal in a 90 minute game of football. As such, it is a simple market to understand and get your head around.
Both Teams To Score (Half BTTS) Prediction Tips and Odds
Be careful, because this can sometimes be shown as BTTS, which obviously stands for both teams to score. And it’s a simple yes or no questions, do you believe both teams will score in the match?
Highest Scoring Half Meaning + Prediction Tips and Statistics
Just like ‘Home team exact goals’, however here you must pick which half the home team will score more goals in.
Last Team to Score and First Team to Score: Prediction Tips
This isn’t very common however, all you need to do is pick which team will be the last to score in the match.
Odd/Even Goals Meaning: Statistics, Strategy and Predictions
After the full-time whistle has gone in the 90 minutes, you must calculate the total amount of goals scored by the home team, and predict if it will be even or odd.
Over/Under Goals & Total Goals – Meaning, Strategy & Prediction Tips 2020
A number is given to you at the beginning and you must simply select whether there will be more or fewer goals than that number at full time. This is the combined score for both teams.


Alternative Handicap Result Meaning and Tips
The “alternative handicap result” will refund the gambler if and only if the team that the punter had placed a bet on to win, wins the game but ends up in a draw because of the handicap goal that was awarded to the other team before the start of the match.
Asian Handicap Explanation: Meaning | Odds | Examples | Tips
Asian Handicap betting is where different goal handicaps are placed on teams based on the perceived gap in ability. This removes bias and a draw as a potential outcome and provides a wide range of betting markets based on the number of goals scored.  


Betting Limits Explained
Put simply, a betting limit is referring to the maximum amount that a bettor can place on a bet whether this equates to the maximum stake that a bookmaker will accept or the maximum stake that it will allow a specific punter to wager. In either case, these limits are in place as a matter of self-preservation on the part of the bookmaker, ensuring profitability over loss.
Betting Syndicates Explained: Names and Rules
Sports betting syndicates work by grouping together a team of investors and bettors for collective gain through wagering on sports. These syndicates can work by grouping together as little as two bettors and combining their bankroll in order to place bigger wagers or, at the other end of the scale, an operation of many punters including professional bettors and a team of investors.
Correct Score Betting – Stats, Tips & Predictions
Simply attempt to predict the correct score in the match such as 1-1, 2-1, 0-1, 0-0 etc.
Derby Betting
In 1780 a horse race in England known as ‘The 12th Earl of Derby’ was commanded by the Earl himself Edward Smith -Stanley. Since then the term (Or Noun) ‘Derby’ is commonly used in the world of sports, whether it be horse races known as Derbies or a Derby in football where two local rivals […]
Easy Guide to Outright Betting
What makes it an outright bet is that it’s specifically about the end result, not the outcome of individual games or matches that make up the competition.
EFL Championship Betting Guide 2020
The EFL Championship 2020 has kicked off in high gear, ushering in an exciting season of on-pitch action. Along with it comes plenty of opportunities to back your favourite teams to victory and potentially earn winnings on savvy wagers. To help you get the most from the 2020 season, we’ve put together this handy Championship […]
Guide to Best Accumulator Football Betting Tips & Promotions for Big Wins 2020
An accumulator bet is a multi-bet that consists of two or more selections. Often referred to as Accas, Combo bets, Parlays, and Multi-bets. The most important feature of an accumulator bet is that all your selections must win in order for your bet to pay out.
Half Time/Full Time Correct Score – Sites ✅ Predictions Tips ✅ Stats ✅
Very similar to half time full time, however, this time you not only have to select which team will win each half, but you must also try to predict the correct score. This is a very hard market to play however the returns are usually very generous.
Matched Betting
Rather than calling this as a term for betting, we prefer to categorize this as a method of betting. Before we continue, we must express that Matched betting is extremely difficult to understand and has taken experienced betters an extremely long time to master, however, once mastered this is extremely worthwhile and profitable.
ScoreCast | WinCast | TimeCast – Meaning, Rules and Strategies (2020)
A Scorecast bet is essentially 2 bets in one. When placing a Scorecast bet, you have to correctly predict the outcome of the match, as well as the first goalscorer.
To Win Either Half: What it means + Tips and Strategy
To win this bet, your selected team must outscore the opposition in one of any selected halves.
To Win from Behind Meaning + Prediction Tips
This is a big pay-out if you get this right. What you require form this bet is that a selected team of your choice must win the game, but they must do to form a losing position first.
To Win to Nil Explained + Prediction Tips
Similar to clean sheet, except in this scenario, your chosen team must win and keep a clean a clean sheet. By clean sheet, we of coarse mean not conceding a goal.
Transfer Betting
In football, every league in the world has a ‘Transfer Window’. This basically means that clubs can buy, loan or swap players during this period of time. The beauty of it is that if you think your club is going to sign a player during this window, you can bet on it. Be aware that these markets are mainly available to top clubs rather than lower league ones.
Winning Margin Bet in Football: Meaning + Prediction Tips
Winning margin betting is when you place a bet where you predict how many goals the team who wins will win with. To give you a simple example, if you bet on winning margin with 2 goals, the team needs to win with 2 goals, i.e. 2-0, 3-1, 4-2 etc.

Knowing the knowledge of betting markets »

Be aware that even though there are lots and lots of different betting markets, this does not mean you have to explore all of them. Majority of the time, a season pro punter will have a couple of markets which they use most of the time, it’s simply a case of finding the correct match for it.

As mentioned previously, not only is research the key to being successful, but it also takes a bit of knowledge in finding the correct match. In all the articles above you will see tips given on how to improve your betting game and what to look out for. After that, it pretty much becomes a trial and error based game.

Most popular betting markets for the Premier League »

The Premier League (Highest Tier in English professional football) Is arguably considered the most popular and entertaining league in the world. Not only does is it provide exciting and fast passed tactical football, it provides heartbreak, tears and agony to some fans, but also jubilation to those fortunate ones. It is a fantastic league to bet on, the only trouble with it is it’s unpredictability.

The most popular betting markets for the Premier League are Goals Over/Under, goal scorers and team to win outright. The reason being is because majority of the time if a high level team is playing a lower level team, there are bound to be goals and you could easily select the best striker on the pitch to score. It’s also very simple to select the which team will win if the odds are massively in favour of the favourite.


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