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Welcome to SoccerBetting365!

As you have arrived on our portal, you are almost certainly interested in entering the exciting world of online betting. Perhaps your friends have shown you their betting slips and some impressive payouts or you are an avid soccer fan and you think it is time to cash in with your passion and start making some funds from it. Whatever the reason, you have arrived at the right place as our whole mission is to equip our users with everything, they need to be successful betting online.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran in online sports betting and are looking to branch out into the exciting world of soccer betting or a complete novice to betting altogether, SoccerBetting365 can help you out. SoccerBetting365 provide a complete soccer betting experience that can either get you off to a winning start at online betting or provide you with new areas to bet that can be very lucrative to your account funds.

Our team of soccer betting experts are dedicated to providing bettors with the toolkit they need to not only achieve but exceed their expectations when betting on football. With this in mind, it is time to take a look around our page and see exactly what we can do for you.

SoccerBetting365 is a place where you no longer have to wait for the weekend for soccer action as we deliver it to you every day of the year!


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Choosing a Soccer Betting Page With Soccerbetting365

Soccer 1 While SoccerBetting365 know that you can’t wait to get involved in some soccer betting action, the first step towards this is finding the ideal online sports betting venue for you. When it comes to choosing the best bookmaker for you, there is good news and bad news I’m afraid. However, the latter is actually inadvertently good too.

The good news is that there is a huge variety of great soccer betting sites out there for you that you will love. The bad news is that there is so much variety and with them all promising to be the best, it is a minefield to find the best one for you.

Luckily, that is where SoccerBetting365comes in as we have reviewed tons of bookmakers on our portal to help you find the right one for you. Below you will find some top tips to consider before you begin your search.


Range of Betting Leagues and Betting Options

Variety is the spice of life. This is especially true when it comes to soccer betting. This is because while the top-level leagues may contain some of your favourite teams and you might have a good knowledge of them, that doesn’t mean you should count out other leagues.

Nearly every online sportsbook will offer soccer betting on The Premier League, La Liga or The Bundesliga, but you can separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to their more niche betting selection. You will find that action from other smaller leagues can be just as exciting, less predictable and contain better odds. So this is worth bearing in mind.

Don’t stop there in inquiring what else they offer in terms of betting options. Again, nearly every online betting portal will offer more conventional betting options, but there can be a large amount of diversity between exactly what other betting options are on offer to you.

Both of these features cannot only see you earn bigger and more frequent payouts, but they will also guarantee your betting experiences do not get tiresome.

A sports betting portal, with one of the widest ranges when it comes to betting markets and options is 1xbet.
Being one of the oldest online betting portals in the world too, you can trust them absolutely to be reliable and consistent.


Live Betting 

The whole purpose of online betting is convenience and accessibility. As such, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to bet as the action unfolds. Thanks to online soccer betting, placing bets before the game has kicked off is a thing of the past. This has meant soccer betting is more high-octane than ever before.

Live betting, also known as bet in-play, is the practice by which you can bet any minute of the game, whether that be within the first 10 minutes or the last 10 minutes or anywhere in between. This allows you to see how the game unfolds before placing a bet on who is going to win based on what is happening before your eyes. Thus, if your team are looking in good form, you can place a bet and vice versa.

It is not just winning you can bet on though, and most bookmakers will offer many more niche options. For example, you may be able to bet on the next goal scorer or the number of corner kicks in the next 10 minutes. Some bookies also duel this with an early cash-out feature which allows you to cash out before the end of the game for a lower payout if things are looking a little bit suspect and you think you might lose everything in the final minutes of the game. Allowing you to make the game more exciting than ever before, as well as safer.

Betway is great for live betting and offers all the things we have mentioned here, they were one of the first bookmakers that offered the Early Cash Out feature, as well as loads more live betting options.

Check out our extensive guide to Live Betting here. 


Live Streams

Live streamsThe ability to watch the action unfold before your very eyes via live streams is a fantastic tool for soccer betting. This is because it allows you to enjoy the intensity you simply wouldn’t get by checking for updates on your phone or laptop every couple of minutes. It lets you see exactly what is going on and where things look like they are headed. Thus, you can then make use of bet-in-play or early cash out to make decisions based on that. Decisions you otherwise wouldn’t be able to make if you weren’t watching the game unfold.

It is a great companion for your sports betting and one that shouldn’t be overlooked when choosing a new place to bet on soccer online. While there are many out there that do, others do not, so you do not get any of the benefits above. As well as this, some offer different means to access it or even different sports to watch altogether. There are varying levels to getting this feature and you should aim to get the most beneficial streams for your betting activity.

Bet365 has some great live stream options on offer, you will find all the major sports league streamed on their website. All you need is an account there to get started.


Bonuses & Promotions 

At practically every online soccer betting venue you will find bonuses and promotions on offer that are there to help support your online betting experience. These are one of the most used ways by which online sportsbook attempt to lure you in and also the most varied of all the options mentioned, so you need to be careful which ones you opt for. Usually, they will come in the form of free bets, percentage cash bonuses, cashback deals, deposit bonuses but the amounts on offer and the terms and conditions can vary a lot.

Nearly all sportsbook will offer you one as a welcome gift for joining their bookmaker. This is great, but you need to look further down the line if you really want to cash in with these on a regular basis. This is because some bookies may offer weekly recurring bonuses or a plethora of different ones, week-in, week-out, which are reflective of a different event. Many also offer nothing at all after the first deal. As such, depending on what you want from your bonuses, making sure you know what is in-store bonus-wise is very useful, indeed.

Betway are certainly one of the best when it comes to bonuses, with great ones popping up all the time. They have great deals of all shapes and sizes, some of which are great to get going on your first day, while others will keep you betting for free 365 days a year.


Soccerbetting365 Tips

Below you will find some quick fire tips that can help you on your way to success betting on soccer when you are just getting started. Take them on board to ensure that you don’t make rookie errors and gain knowledge that gives you the edge.

Do Your Research – If you don’t know a lot about soccer, then you need to do your research before betting. At least get to grips with which teams and players have the best or worse records before you start playing.

Try a Variety of Bets – Don’t just opt for bets on who will win, more often than not betters odds and thus, pay-outs can be found on more niche bets. They are also easier to call sometimes.

We have described many different betting markets here. 

Take Your Time – There is no need to rush into any bet. Pace yourself and take your time and you will often get more lucrative results.

Shop Around – There is a huge amount of online sports betting portals, so there is no need to settle at just one. Make sure you know as much as possible about a sports betting portal before committing to one.

Take a Risk – Soccer is an unpredictable sport, particular in cup competitions. As such, don’t be afraid to not bet on the favourite every now and then.

Manage Your Bankroll – Betting should only be done with money you can afford to lose. Make sure you take care to not to spend beyond your means and know when to walk away.

Read our extensive guide to Bankroll Building and Bankroll Management here. 

Join Tipster Pages – On social media, you will often find tipster pages that are full of fellow bettors sharing their views on good bets and good odds they have found. These can be especially helpful for newbies to soccer betting. We have an article about tipster pages with best football predictions in Nigeria here. 

Read Reviews – When searching for a place to bet always read bookmakers reviews to make sure you are at a tried and trusted betting portal. You will find plenty of these reviews on our portal, in the next section, you will learn exactly how we review casinos.

Get out of your comfort zone – Don’t stick to sports and football betting only. There are plenty other options out there such as Zoom Soccer on Bet9ja and Virtual Sports, which we described in detail in our extensive guide.

We have also an article about Casino Games which you can find here. 

How SoccerBetting365 Rates Betting Portals

To help you find the ideal bookmaker for your betting needs, Soccer Betting 365 would recommend reading our reviews. Each one is written by a soccer betting expert, with years of experience evaluating online betting portals, so they know what to look for in a good one. There is are specific criteria that we look for each of the betting portals we post on our portal, and you can have a look at some of them below.


keeper The first thing Soccer Betting 365 consider when reviewing a bookie is whether it has a license, and if so where is it from. The last thing Soccer Betting 365 wants is for a visitor to sign up at a casino that is not legit and end up ripped off. This is no good for you and it is no good for us either. Therefore, ensuring that there are no cowboys on our page is incredibly important to us. As such, Soccer Betting 365 look at the licensing to make sure it is a well-known and respected body before we check anything else. We covered licensing and legal landscape in our country betting guides:

Click here to read our extensive guide to sports betting in Nigeria.

We also have similar guides for Kenya and South Africa.


Betting Selection

A key aspect of their service that is inspected is their betting selections. We will explore the soccer offerings from a betting portals to make sure they have as many options on offer as possible to their players. While a lot of betting markets made up of different leagues from a lot of different nations is great what is more important is having lots of betting options on offer. We are not satisfied purely by more basic betting we look for niche offerings that cover all aspects of the game.


Bonuses, Promotions & Loyalty Schemes

As we have already mentioned, bonuses, promotions and loyalty schemes are very important factors to the sports betting dynamic. As such, Soccer Betting 365 always make sure there is a good variety on offer, both for new players looking to get started, as well as for returning users. Whether that is cash bonuses, cashback or free bets, it doesn’t matter, as long as there is something there for players to get a bit of free gameplay. Loyalty or VIP schemes are always a great option, as it sees the keener bettors rewarded for commitment which is a big plus in our opinion. If you are looking for the best soccer bonuses than check out Betfred, who have great deals on all aspects of soccer betting.


Customer Support

corner There is nothing worse than running into an issue with a casino and then having no way in which to resolve the issue because of the casino have poor customer support channels.

This is why we make sure that each casino appears on Soccer Betting 365 has at least an email, with a live chat service or telephone number also being very important. Our reviewers, will speak to the customer support team and see if they are well-trained and efficient at solving queries before it gets our seal of approval. Alongside all this, a FAQ page which helps users find the answers to many of their queries themselves is also a big plus.



Getting money in and out of your account is a fundamental element of betting. People don’t want to wait for long periods to get money in and out of their account and they want the option to deposit via a method they know and trust. This is why we take a look at the banking services to make sure they have an appropriate system in place to ease the deposit and withdrawal procedure. Betting portals should have as many banking options as possible and it shouldn’t take longer than 2-3 days to get money in or out, which is what we look for.

Check our extensive guide to Payment Methods in Nigeria here. 


Types of Betting Markets

players Now that you have got yourself a sportsbook that ticks all the boxes, it is now time to actually start getting involved in some soccer betting for the first time. If you have a chosen a sportsbook by following the important steps mentioned above, then you should have a whole variety of betting options available and there will be a lot of betting options to choose from. This said, you should walk before you run and get to grips with some of the more easily comprehendible betting options first. Below SoccerBetting365 have listed some of the most popular betting types.


Straight Betting

Without a doubt, even if you have never placed a bet before, you will be familiar with this format of betting. It is called a “Straight Bet” technically, but even that overcomplicates it, as it is merely a bet for who you think is going to win the match you are betting or whether the match will be a draw. It is a straightforward as that and should be your first port of call of understanding betting, as many other betting options you make will have a direct relation to the result of a straight bet.

Read more about Straight Betting here!


Correct half-time/Full-time result

This is the next step once you have grown weary of just betting on winners or draws as they will require you be more specific in your betting. When you choose to predict a correct half-time/full-time result, rather than just choosing a winner or a draw result you will need to say exactly what the scoreline will be at either the 45th-minute interval or the full-time whistle. As such, it takes a bit more accuracy and knowledge of teams to get good at, but once you do, then you will be getting bigger payouts as these bets usually have better odds due to their difficulty.

Read more about Correct half-time / Full-time result here!


Total Goals

The total goals bet is pretty self-explanatory in nature but is a nice little earner when used effectively. It will allow you to bet on the number of goals that will be scored over the course of the game in total. This is a good way to benefit from low scoring games, but this will have lower payouts. Generally, the more goals you bet on the higher the odds will be and so is the payout. As such, it is more beneficial to use in games where you think there will be many goals scored.

Read more about Total Goals here!


Win Each Half

This is similar to betting on the correct half-time/full-time result, but it is the slightly easier version. It will allow you to bet on who will be the winner over the course of 45 minutes, but not necessarily the game and so it can be used in conjunction with a straight bet, for example. Essentially, it allows you to bet on who you think will win in terms of goals scored in one half of the game, even if you don’t think they will win the whole thing. As such, you can bet on one team for the first half and then the other team for the second.

Read more about Win Each Half here!



Specials are much more diverse and they don’t really have a definition per se as they can practically be anything. They will be put on by the sportsbook for any number of different occurrences that happen throughout the season and can sometimes be quite jovial in their nature. It is essentially any sort of non-standard bet that you can’t get on every single game, as all the other bets mentioned will be available in practically every soccer game you bet on. As such, they are a great additive to your standard betting and can see you win some extra money on the side.


First-Goal Scorer

ball The first-goal scorer bet can be broken into two main definitions. You can either bet on the first team to score or the first player to score. If you have gone for the prior, then if you are betting on the favourite to win the game outright then your odds will be lower, then if you bet on the team who are not expected to win the game. If you bet on the latter though, then the odds will usually be higher than if you were to bet on a team as a rule of thumb. Naturally, this is because there are 22 players on the pitch and only 2 teams. Obviously, position plays a role as well because of course, strikers are more likely to score first than goalkeepers. With this in mind, defenders can be a good bet for this as while they are at the back, they are prone to get a few goals from set-pieces.

Read more about First Goalscorer betting here. 

Try These Betting Types Now at Bet365

How Types of Odds Work

Odds are the bread and butter to the betting world and to having a good knowledge of them will be instrumental to your success at sportsbook online. Not understanding odds will mean, essentially, you won’t understand what is looking like a good bet and what is going to lose you money. While they are very simple to understand after a while, getting started can be tough. One of the main reasons for this is because of the various different types that can be found at different sportsbook online. There are different types of ways odds are presented, which are usually region specific, but work on the same principle are different in how they presented. Here is a quick rundown of the types you are likely to find.

Fractional Odds

They are presented, as the name suggests, as a fraction, i.e. ½ or 3/4.

If you are having a flashback to your middle school math’s class don’t worry, it is really not that difficult to comprehend. Simply the number on the right, the denominator, is your bet, and the number on the left, the nominator, is the amount you will receive. A nice easy example is 100/1. Thus, if you wager ₦10, you will earn ₦1000. Simple as that.

Negative Odds

This type of odds is commonly referred to as ‘odds on’ where the winnings of the punter are much smaller than the original stake which has been put in by the punter. For example, if the punter places a bet of 1/10 (1 for 10), this means that for every ₦100 a punter stakes, he will receive an additional ₦10 plus the original which will make it ₦110. Now, to make a gain of ₦110, the punter will have to put on ₦100 and if ₦10 is put on this, then the return of the punter will be ₦110 which is the original stake plus one-tenth.

Positive Odds

Essentially, this is the opposite and in this type of odds, the winnings of the punter will be much bigger than the original stake the punter wagers and are always represented using very large numbers. For example, you have 20/1 and this will be represented by saying ‘twenty to one’.

Decimal Odds

Decimal odds are the odds you are prone to find at the majority of casinos online who are holding an MGA license and thus, are based in Europe. As such, when you log on to many online casinos, you will first have to switch to fractional odds, or in some cases, you can only use these types of odds so it is worse knowing how they work, The way they work is  if a bet is placed at 2.2 and the punter places a bet of ₦100 and wins, then the total return of the punter will be ₦100 x 2.2 = ₦220

Check out our extensive guide on understanding betting odds here.


Soccerbetting365’s Fairness Guarantee

Ref One of the main concerns for first-time bettors is the idea of fairness, but there is no need to have this concern as online betting is regulated extensively, which makes it safe, secure and fair. There are numerous licensing bodies out there that monitor the behaviour of online betting arenas and who are willing to fine or even force companies out of business are not playing fair.

Furthermore, it is very hard to cheat in sports betting as the results are what they are and so there is very little room for manoeuvre for them. In fact, if anything, sportsbooks are becoming fairer with more options to protect yourself, with higher levels of security. As well as more ways to hedge your bet and get some nice wins with better bonuses than ever and more betting options. As such, you can play with complete peace of mind when you bet at online sportsbooks provided by SoccerBetting365.

Soccerbetting365 FAQ

Before you get started, you may have a few final questions. Check out a few of the more frequently asked questions about online sports betting.

Should I Stick With Just One Sportsbook?

SoccerBetting365 wouldn’t recommend it, no. While having one operator may provide you with some great options, there is a plethora out there that can benefit you in different ways, such as with different betting options and bonuses. With this in mind, while you can have a great time at one portal, sometimes the grass really is greener.

What Are The Best Bets to Place?

There are no best bets to place really, in theory. However, there is something to be said about more niche bets, such as the number of corners or numbers of yellow cards, as they can really add an extra element to your gameplay. SoccerBetting365 would recommend always considering throwing extra bets alongside your win bet, perfect score or any other game-long bet as it can cover losses and boost wins in some cases.

How Do Accumulators Work?

Accumulators will see you bet on multiple games one ticket, allowing you to combine odds and boost payouts. You can bet on anywhere between 2 and 100+ games on accumulator to boost odds, but naturally, this will also mean that you are relying on a lot of games to come through for a payout so you need to proceed with caution and maybe don’t exceed 10. Check our extensive guide to accumulator bets and promotions here. 

How Can I Learn More?
Our portal is full of information that can help you learn more about all aspects of soccer betting and can elaborate on much of what SoccerBetting365 have already discussed. If you want more details on anything we have mentioned, feel free to check our betting guides or betting terms page.

How Can I Find a Top Sportsbook?

Again, is full of the best sportsbook on the market, complete with reviews and rating to make sure you make the right choice.



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