NetBet Review

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  • Bonus: 100% up to €/£50
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  • Rating: 7.0/10.0
  • Bonus Code: No code required
  • Mobile: Yes

The sports betting industry is always improving and advancing forward and NetBet is updated every step of the way. NetBet was established back in 2001 and has endeavoured to provide a wealth of different online sports betting knowledge with much importance placed on bringing an exceptional selection of diversity. There are more than 25 betting markets made available by NetBet today. The sports book can be said to be living the dream and still aspires to do more. Mobile and in-play platforms for betting are also available, truly creating diversity of options.

Betting markets

NetBet covers a sizeable sports market. The bettors have so many options to pick from. There are more than 28 sport categories to choose events from and this number is excluding betting on specials. One of the biggest markets of course is football and there is a large sector offering European football. One single Premier League game can have an average of 28 different variations of wagers. There is also a lot of betting on tennis and other American sport events. Some of the key sport events offered are football, basketball, golf, eSports, cricket, virtual sports, boxing, horse racing, Olympics and rugby. In-play betting got plenty of initial recognition from NetBet. It is no wonder that the most thrilling and thorough methods of in-play betting are available on NetBet. NetBet can handle up to 400 different markets at once. They also have more than a thousand live games offered through in-play in a single month. Other bookmakers can equally claim they can offer such but only a few of them actually reach this standard.


The real strong points of NetBet are the many sport choices that they offer to their customers and the large selection of types of wagers that come with that. With NetBet, customers who are involved and interested in different sports have the opportunity to get the type of bets they are looking for. The types of wagers at NetBet are American style of spreading points, MT/FT, combined bets and the conventional wagers available everywhere. Customers have the choice to decide between three different formats to place their wagers. They can choose between the decimal format which is European, the American or US format and the fraction format which is a UK format. The odds at NetBet are unassumingly profitable. For the sports that are not so famous, the chances and odds are even better. At different times, they have different limits placed on the amount of money one can place on live bets and pre-bets, the limit is usually the same for both. However, there is never a limit on the maximum stake players can put on any form of betting. Sometimes, a player can be denied the chance to place a bet for different possible reasons, but they will be provided with a different amount. The winnings on NetBet have a maximum limit of about €20,000 and the maximum cap of €50,000 per week per player.


NetBet operates a very smooth website that is fast in operation. iSoftBet software or ISB is the powering software for the NetBet website. The market of online sport betting has just seen this software added to the ranks in recent times and it has been making strides. This is part of the up to date nature that NetBet possesses which has undoubtedly helped them to stand as a major online sports betting option and to grown in rank in the industry. It has not really being measured and there are currently no figures to use for a comparison of any sort, but NetBet is known to be very dependable and very speedy in operation. The iSoftBet software is actually not widely used yet and is still a very new and unknown phenomenon to many online sports betting websites but NetBet has taken advantage of it to increase and maintain their speed and to also update their website to give it quality and class. They are never stagnant in one position but have been well know to take opportunities like this one and profit greatly from it. This software is a rather fascinating option when compared to the basic guidelines and quality that other online sports betting websites are still using. The common software that is in the industry is no longer in NetBet’s league and this new software makes the entire interface of the website nice and prompt.

User friendliness

The interface has some very strong execution skills as well as wonderful graphics. Customers also have different options to play. They can decide to use the mobile application, download the software or use it instantly from the website. These options are obtainable elsewhere and so are set as the common quality of options expected. The customers of NetBet or new users who decide to try the website can judge within a very short time of navigating here, that the NetBet experience will be a satisfying one. It is easy to understand and even easier to manipulate. The graphics and interface does not only look good, it executes properly and the quality is maintained throughout the website on every part.

The mobile window for NetBet has set up a betting stage. Every NetBet account holder can now enjoy the benefits of easy access on their phones and mobile devices from any location at any time of choice.


NetBet is truly a revolutionary platform providing a wide variety of options. With the mobile and in-play options, there are options from the options for users to pick from. Betting is not restricted or streamlined to conventional confinements. There is more opportunity for the basic bettor. NetBet is a leader in the advancing online sports betting industry. Hey have steadily maintained a seat at the big leagues and not just by folding their hands but by making innovations come to live. The availability of a mobile platform for sports betting is advantageous. He graphics and presentation of the mobile and desktop website is quality. Even though the main focus of NetBet is the UK market, it is a great option.