Smarkets Review

New customer who signs up with Smarkets is offered an automatic risk-free bet of £10. Then deposit at least £20, receive your Smarkets sign up offer and start betting.

  • Bonus: 100% up to €10
  • Max. Bonus: €10
  • Odds Required: -
  • Rating: 7.0/10.0
  • Bonus Code: No code required
  • Mobile: Yes

When software engineers and financial gurus came together in 2008, they produced what is Smarkets today. Smarkets is controlled by the Malta Gambling Authority and the UK Gambling Authority, making it a safe bookmaker to place bets for different events. Smarkets is protected from the uncertainty of loosing bets with a very low commission of 2% on the complete winnings of every user on every market.

Betting markets

You can expect to find sports like football, rugby, baseball, volleyball, horse racing, cricket, basketball, handball and even political events on this bookmaker. Smarkets covers almost every sporting activity and event available. They operate peer-to-peer betting exchange so there is opportunity to bet in any market available. Whether it is a widely known sport or a small event with lesser following that focuses on a niche market, it is on Smarkets.

For all the events that are available on Smarkets, you will get real time odds and offers. Immediate offers are made available to bettors. Another good thing is the offer does not close off for betting when the event starts but when it ends, which gives players a better chance to be involved. This is very different from what is obtainable in other sportsbooks.


The odds at Smarkets are very competitive because there is sufficient data but the intuition of the players is also very important. The odds here can be regarded in the same way that a trader views stocks. The aim is to buy at a lower rate and sell at a higher rate. Bets are being traded between 0% to 100% allowing the bettor to set their own odds. The probability of the result is completely decided upon by the bettor on the platform and not set at a certain value bracket. In every event, whether sporting event or sports event, the user is completely in control of setting the odds and can do this to the level that he thinks is probable to work for him, this is the basic principle of the bookmaker. Because of this, the user has to analyse the different factors that will likely affect the outcome before setting his betting odds. Media outlets can also make use of Smarkets as an instrument to predict the outcome of events because of the large pool of well thought about probabilities by smart players.

There is ample action on different sport events with the in-play option on Smarkets. Odds are updated over the entire course of the event to give players good opportunity at betting. Users should take advantage and make bets on time when the odds are good.


The Smarkets interface is simple and straightforward to use. Every piece of information you make available to Smarkets will never be shared with any other party except requested for by government authorities. Confirmation of payment methods and identity is mandatory but all of your information is safe with Smarkets. There is provision for responsible bookmaking on your account with Smarkets. You have to set a weekly limit for deposit and loss. You are unable to raise this limit within the period of a week and have to wait until the next available option. However, it is possible to reduce limits at any given time. There is also a ‘time-out’ feature on every account that the user controls for his benefit. You can set a time out ranging from a day to an entire month where you cannot make transactions on your account. Account holders have the option to ‘self-exclude’ for six months or more. Request for account restoration can be made after this period. Every bet and the odds also have limits which you can see and manipulate as required.

User friendliness

For those interested in using Smarkets, it is helpful to know beforehand how betting exchange works because it can be a bit difficult for those who have no clue. There are several tutorials available on Smarkets and how it works. This can help the new user to grab the process completely. Although it is all quite straightforward and user friendly, actually betting and learning about it from tutorials are completely different experiences and one should expect this difference. You will be given one amount in blue and the other in green every time for every outcome. The blue amount indicates how much you can bet against while the green amount indicates how much you are allowed to back a bet up. You will be able to see very clearly, the odds of those backing and that of those against. This means that you can get a clear picture of how the market values the bet from a glance. Forecasting the results will become a whole lot easier for you with this information.

If any of this is still confusing to you or you cannot simply decide which side to pick or how much to spend on the process, you will see a pop up box after waiting and hovering for some time. This box will have information clearly explaining to you what the process is and what is involved to give you more information to make your decision.


Smarkets is not one of the pioneer online sports betting websites available but they can be definitely considered as an industry changing force in the game of sports betting. Smarkets uses financial technology that clearly sets it apart from other sportsbooks tat have been around for much longer. The technology in use here is top class and gives the user a modern, fun, interactive and combative method of betting. In other options available, it is popularly known that betting the bookie is next to impossible. The case is completely different with Smarkets as the bookie has been eliminated completely. You are the master of your own odds and you can set the pace for yourself instead of trying to compete with someone else.