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Best Betting Apps in Nigeria 2024 Reviewed

Best betting apps in Nigeria

The betting app has all been on top the list of the preferred choice for punters in Nigeria lately, as the growing online gambling is becoming a norm in recent time. In which it’s coupled with the prevalent and affordable mobile devices, everyone owns smartphone devices which they take with them wherever they go. Operator’s spot this key trends and took advantage of these virtually all bookmakers in Nigeria has a mobile betting app available for bettor’s to wager on their favourite games or place wagers even when there are not close to the laptops or PC. Mobile betting apps offer that convenience to access your bets stake and even provide all the features you can find on your PC or laptops.
We know for punters to find the best quality mobile betting apps for your needs could be difficult or stressful, so our team as decided to do all the hard work by providing a list of table for the best betting apps in Nigeria by doing a comprehensive review and guide of what makes a mobile betting app for different bookmaker’s and, as well as the best for 2020.


Best betting apps & Mobile betting website in Nigeria

  • The most visited betting platform in Nigeria
  • User-friendly app just like the website
  • Great experience
  • One of the best design on mob
  • Excellent live betting centre
  • Easy to navigate through the channel
  • Easy to navigate
  • Navigating through the platform is clear
  • Full cash-out and partial cash-out
  • App for iOS and Android
  • Hugely efficient and impressive
  • Same design and interface between the two platforms
  • Faster than desktop
  • Consume less data
  • Notification available
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Great experience
  • Consume Less data

Which are the Best Betting Apps in Nigeria and Why?

Mobile betting is the future of online gambling however, brick and mortar; betting shops or kiosk will not close down anytime soon, although after our long list of the top best betting apps in Nigeria. The big questions are how do we rate this app? The best betting app in Nigeria should offer a total full package the same as the PC or laptop version for customer’s satisfaction. There are a lot of bookies out they which offer betting apps and the mobile version in which majority of them are subpar could take forever time to load, could freeze and lesser features, unlike the PC or laptop version. Finding a reliable one can be challenging that is why we have choosing carefully and to guide you why we choose the one that is user-friendliness, offer same features as the PC version, easy to navigate between channels, consume lesser data and among others that is what makes mobile betting apps standout.
So let us take you through the task at hand, though as you can see, we still have quite a lot of things ahead of us to cover, so don’t let us waste any much of your time and jump straight into the task at hand.


Bet9ja Betting App

Bet9ja app offers an enormous range of sports and betting markets, excellent live betting center and some particularly attractive offers and promos. Bet9ja is one of the most trusted sites in Nigeria, Bet9ja has been operating for over five years now – proof of its quality and reliability. However, when you visit their website, it is the same on the mobile app with a range of sports markets covered, from football to tennis, among others. Punters will have a great experience navigating through the channels, light on hands plus some of the most advanced feature you can find anywhere, i.e. Cash-out, in-play among others. Read Bet9ja review here. Visit

Bet9ja mobile

Betbonanza Betting App

Betbonanza work diligently to make a name for themselves over the years after the bookmaker start-off with a flying start and certainly deserve credit for providing such an excellent product there mobile version has more than an enough to please the customer. Their mobile version is one of the most attractive designs out they in Nigeria particularly user won’t have any problems navigating the mobile version all links and action buttons are sufficiently large enough that punters need not worry about tapping the wrong button.
With excellent interface responsiveness, intuitive, devoid of unnecessary clutter, easy to understand and user-friendliness the same features as the PC version. Yet a wide range of betting markets and excellent live betting centre. Read Betbonanza review here. Visit

BetWinner Betting App

Betwinner is relatively new in Nigeria after it joined the club of bookies in the country but has quickly hit the ground running and have made a significant splash with customers from Nigeria and beyond. The bookie regulated from the Curaçao eGaming Licensing Authority means they are indeed legitimate operator. The bookie is fully optimize for mobile app, and they seem to be right on top of the curve when it comes to sheer usability of the mobile app interface. The apps for both Android and iOS devices, design to seamless meet demands of each platform. The mobile app is easy to navigate, offer the same features, excellent live betting, navigating through the app is comfortable excellent for customers experience offer all the same features on their website. However, Betwinner has nailed it with their superb usability, having just been around, offered both full cash-out and partial cash-out on both devices. Read BetWinner review here. Visit mobile - betting app in Nigeria

1xbet Nigeria Betting App

1xbet came with the European flair, becoming one of the first online bookmakers in the gaming industry, which has gained a lot of ground of having over one thousand retail outlets in the European market. However, the bookmaker has now extended its reach and operation to the African regions with customers from Nigeria can now take advantage of their betting platform as well as an enormous range of betting markets, excellent betting options. The mobile app free to download; design pleasing for punters, the same features as found on their desktop website.
Punters will be able to customize the appearance based on their favourite market, high-definition graphics making for pleasing visual interface and loads very fast and large variety of betting market. Read 1xbet review here. You can try it out visit to download.

1xbet app - betting app in Nigeria


22bet Betting App

22bet has been around in the European markets for quite some time, just recently now accepting Nigerian players. Although, the bookie has achieved recent significant growth with a range of sports market and competitive odds, 22bet licensed by the Government of Curaçao, one of the most respected and trusted regulated authorities around the globe this testament of it is reliability in the gaming space. 22bet did wonderfully well when it comes to their betting app with an easy to use, the app for which is accessible via a range of browser.
And which, it can be download free by customers irrespective of your devices both Android and iOS users. In which it allows punters to take advantage of live streaming, and in-play betting, a wide variety of betting markets and customer support even when you are on the move. Read 22bet review here. Why not try it out Visit

Betway Nigeria Betting App

Betway has been around for quite some time now in the country, having quickly made a name for themselves with their regular promotions offers and a substantial customer base in Nigeria with an array of markets available, along with a variety of additional features. It comes to surprise Betway is competing with some of the biggest bookmakers in Nigeria in terms of the customer base. However, Betway mobile app is free to download for both Android and iOS user their excellent app is perfect for those looking to wager bets on the go. The speed of the app is one of the most pleasing aspects and undoubtedly cover a wide range of sports live betting and live streaming options and easy to navigate as well as excellent design for comfortable usability. Read Betway Nigeria review here. You can try it out Visit

betway mobile app - betting app in Nigeria

NetBet Betting App

Netbet is well known in the Anglophone and francophone-speaking countries, meaning the English and French countries, but the bookie is striving to cross to new regions. The bookie continues to expand its market for European players interested in traditional markets as well as Nigerians interested in worldwide sports. Netbet app is quite intriguing for a player which is straightforward to use it works mostly on all smartphone devices. At the same time, you are on the go with the quick responding betting app, Netbet app update customers with the latest promotions offer, some which is exclusive mobile-only offers. The app is free to download to meet customers needs and satisfaction. Read NetBet review here. You can try it out. Visit

netbet app - betting app in Nigeria

What makes a good betting App?

Yes, this could be a trick question to answer. Still, for us, we’ve come up with a comprehensive guide of what makes a good betting it merely means the best betting apps out there will offer a full package for great customers’ experience.
Meaning whatever features punters will find on the PC or laptop version is expected to be the same when you are using the Nigerian bookie betting App. At the same time some of the features that makes a betting app standout include pleasing in the eyes, light on hands, navigating is easy, intuitive devoid and features it offers and others. Indeed some went a little ahead in that regard and deserved thumbs up for the extra effort put into creating an excellent betting app, and while making sure customers satisfaction there number one priority. The following are just some of the factors which make one app stand out ahead of another.


Great design Looks

There are two vital facets to design, some app might stand out and not the other, so it best we break them up here. The first is, of course, what the site looks like its general tone and aesthetic aspects. However, life is as creative and has never been better, thanks to the sheer volume of betting apps in Nigeria out there. Finding a design app is easy; finding a genuinely excellent design app is a little crafty. So how do you tell winners from looser when it comes to betting apps design? Well, we’ve done the hard work for you so in our pick we have gone for the one visually attractive and are worth checking out, any look that you prefer is the best one for you.



Great Design Technical

Now to the technical aspect of an excellent betting app, to clarify what we are looking for are apps that stand out as exceptional in terms of how well they work when customers are navigating through the channels, how quickly they respond and how it is structured.
However, some of this could be having a significant implication for some other things, but we are going to be looking at the responsiveness of live app betting. Though before we select our standouts, we’d like you to point out that none on our list are anything less than very good, in this regard, but there are a couple which has put in an extra effort to it.



Quality Promotion Offer

A good betting app will surely have the same promotion offer like the desktop version among other things, and it offers the opportunity to access the entire promotion offer of the bookmaker from their welcome bonus to ongoing promotions. However, we do give extra credit to those bookmakers who have mobile-exclusive promotions. Though the general quality of all promotion is the essential aspect considered here and not only the variety but the promotion offers presented by the bookie in real-world value for customers.



Large Variety of betting markets

If you are a customer who likes to stick with popular sports like football, Basketball or Lawn tennis, a large variety of betting markets is still something punters should lookout or consider. Because a large betting market will give you that opportunity of selecting more betting options for each sport and while punters should note betting markets doesn’t specifically mean the number of sports selection on bookmaker platform. Still, instead, it also means the same as stated above, meaning a large variety of betting markets are used to classify both numbers of sports and betting options on bookies platform. So let use this as a practical example if you are a player that is satisfied with a single tournament, and you choose Morocco to win the next African Nations Championship the other betting options is not useful to you. Still, it is a plus that is one of the reasons in this regard we’ve selected the standout carefully with our reviews:  


Live Betting

One of the best things to have a betting app is to be able to stake bet live in the real-time offer, wherever you are. However, unlike years back, online gaming isn’t top of punters priority in Nigeria. Still, in recent time it is vital to offer a great experience with a large-excellent live betting centre with the technical prowess to this experience smooth and easy to use, and in which consume less data for customer’s satisfaction. Some which we think have achieved precisely that.



Live Streaming

Live streaming is relatively new to punters in Nigeria as they are few bookies that offer these services. However it one features that is complex, and so technical and extra effort to deal with it considering so many bookmakers can not manage it that’s one of the reasons you can’t often find it on the majority of the bookmakers’ platforms. Indeed the less-known bookies it isn’t their fault as the live streaming reality service is yet to be on their platforms. However, with few that offer this service we have come up with those that do not only work but seamlessly though matching that with live betting centre player could encounter complicated matters on some bookie platforms, meaning in this regard, let say you staked a bet on a live match. You could decide to follow up the live football match in reality on your betting platform these features give you another dimension when you want stake bet on a live event. Though when done right, it is a thing of beauty for a great experience.



Cash-outs & Bet Builder

These features are such vital part of the betting experience most importantly punters derived satisfaction from using the Cash-out and Bet Builder services as it gives them an opportunity of more excellent betting options on how you place a bet. As we often see, Cash-outs and Bet Builder is included in bookmakers promotion sections and while we can see the reasoning to that. Although a lot of bookmakers offer excellent Cash-Outs & Bet Builders that selecting just a few was a tough decision, here are some which stood out to us.



Customer service

We've shed more light how excellent it is to be able to stake bets from anywhere, at any time, since we're in the era of digital transformation.
Unlike years back network service could be a problem but nowadays there a countless ways to access the global network. As long as your mobile device has a signal to your network provider, you’ll probably have access to customer service.
However, providing a quality mobile experience without a quality customer service, as the same as the desktop version. Then a betting app isn't complete such bookie must have a proper communication channel whether this is in the form of telephone numbers, e-mail and live chat features. Customer service is every bit as vital as people may need help occasionally. Here are some of the platforms we think are great at assisting whenever you need it.



Benefits of Mobile apps & Mobile Website

There are a lot of benefits that encompass the use of mobile betting apps and website. However, the main advantage is the possibility of their ease of use and flexibility when navigating through the channels. Previously, punters who were away from their desktop would be unable to wager bets, meaning they would potentially miss out on some lucrative earnings. However, thanks to bookmakers for creating mobile betting platforms, punters can now wage bets at their convenience time, even if they are at work or a football stadia. So let us take you on a roller coaster of more detailed benefits of placing bets using your mobile devices.



There is one thing everyone craves for, in life experience and even at work is for everything they want is to be approach with that relaxation mood. While it is better to understand that mobile betting has brought in a new dimension of convenience at your service, you can place bets on any of your favourite sports with betting app. Whether you are at the Bus terminal waiting for the bus to arrive or in the evening on your couch- a bet is quickly made with that ease and flows involved.


Quick bets

Given the fact that we live in a high-speed society, some the advantages offered by mobile betting apps is not negligible meaning the event you enjoyed betting doesn’t necessarily mean you love wasting time on making your picks. Staking a few quick fast bets can be equally as thrilling, and this is precisely what mobile betting apps can offer or let you do.


Exclusive mobile promotion

We will like to give credit to some bookmakers which exclusive offer promotion opportunity to those placing bets through the mobile betting apps. At the same time the logic behind this is to promote the use of mobile betting that one of the reasons behind special offers for mobile users.


Keep eye on betting markets

Even if you do not wage bets, you can use your app to look at the variety of betting options and keep an eye on the odds, monitoring the movement, attractive offers upcoming matches. Opening the app and the entire betting overview of your bookmaker will be available in a matter of seconds.


Free download

Generally, speaking majority of the bookmaker's app is free to download apps for both Android, and iOS version punters can take advantage of this offer with a click on their mobile browser.



As previously mentioned, the goal of this article and SoccerBetting365 in general, is to create an in-depth analysis a sophisticated and comprehensive review and guide for you to be able to choose the best betting apps in Nigeria and some of the benefits attached using mobile betting apps. Hopefully, this guide has helped you understand some of the apps to satisfy your needs. Why not try it out.

Adeleye Awakan is a writer which is specifically for the Africa gaming industry, with over 4 years writing about African gaming industry, particularly thoughtful leadership Articles, bookmakers review and other sectors of Africa gaming space.



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