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Top Airtel Betting Sites for Kenyan Players

Airtel is one of the popular mobile banking options among Kenyan players. With the convenience that this payment method offers, many sportsbooks have included it among the list of deposit and withdrawal options. Similar to other popular mobile banking options in Kenya, such as Mpesa, most players also prefer using Airtel due to their competitive transaction prices. Although Airtel Money is not as popular as Mpesa, they offer competitive prices. The fact that you can deposit and withdraw your funds from an Airtel betting site ensures convenience. In this article, we will discuss some of the top Airtel betting sites, how to fund your account using Airtel Money, pros and cons of using this option as well as alternative payment options.


Top Airtel Betting Sites in Kenya


Top Airtel Betting Sites in Kenya

  • Huge array of betting markets and sports to choose from
  • Virtual Sports & Esports available
  • Mobile app available on iOS and Android
  • Comprehensive coverage of different sports and markets
  • Wide variety of payment options
  • Generous welcome bonus



Step By Step Guide on How to Deposit with Airtel

Let's take a look how to top up your Airtel account.


Step1: Register for an Airtel Sim Card

To fund your account using Airtel, you first need to have a registered Airtel SIM card. If you already have the SIM card, you can skip this step.

You can get your SIM card from a registered Airtel Agent shop or resellers. You will be required to provide your identification documents to register a new Airtel account.  Thus, make sure to carry your original identification card.

Registering an Airtel card is free of charge; however, you will be required to top up your line to activate the SIM card. You will receive an activation SMS confirming that your account is activated.

The next step is to sign up for Airtel Money, which allows you to use the mobile money service. The agent will create your mobile wallet. This will allow you to fund your Airtel account as well as transfer money to other mobile users.

To activate the wallet, you will need to launch the Airtel app and set your PIN.


Step 2: Deposit Funds Into Your Airtel Money Account

To make any transaction, you need to have funds in your account.  You can then use these funds to deposit to your Airtel betting site.

You can fund your wallet in various ways:


Through an Agent

Give an Airtel agent the amount you wish to deposit, and they will transfer the money to your account.  Using an agent does not cost you a dime.


Transfer Funds From Another Airtel User

You can request your friend with funds in their Airtel wallet to transfer to your account and in exchange give them the cash. There will be some transactional charges when you opt for this method.


Step 3: Fund Your Airtel Betting Site Account

Since you now have funds in your Airtel wallet, it is easier to fund your betting account. You, however, have to ensure that the bookie you choose accepts this payment option.

As long as you have an account with one of the above-listed sportsbooks, you can use this payment method.  On the payment page, select Airtel Money and follow the steps provided by the bookie. Make sure you meet all the requirements, such as the maximum and minimum limit of the amount you can deposit.

Here is an outline of how to fund your Betway, 22Bet, and Betika using Airtel.


How to Deposit at Betway with Airtel

After creating an account with Betway (or if you already have one) proceed to the banking page. Airtel is among the listed payment options, and clicking on this will highlight how you can fund your betting account using the Airtel Pay Bill.

  1. On your phone click the Airtel payment option.
  2. Select ‘Make Payment’.
  3. Select ‘Pay Bill’ option.
  4. Key in 880185 as the business number.
  5. Key in Betway as the account number.
  6. Enter the amount you wish to deposit (min: KES 10, max: KES 140,000).
  7. Enter your PIN and confirm the transaction.
  8. The amount will automatically reflect in your betting account, and you will receive a confirmation message.


Deposit at Betway with Airtel

How to Deposit at 22Bet with Airtel

You can easily deposit at 22Bet using Airtel with the same paybill number available for Mpesa users.

  1. On your Airtel SIM tool kit menu, select Airtel Money and click the ‘Make Payment’ option.
  2. Choose ‘Others’ and select Paybill.
  3. Enter Paybill number 895599.
  4. Enter 22BET as the business name.
  5. Enter the amount you wish to deposit.
  6. Enter your Pin, and you will receive a message confirmation of the transaction.


How to Deposit at Betika with Airtel

Funding your Betika account is easy – simply click on the deposit option and a pop up will appear, where you will enter the amount you wish to fund your account.

Then you will receive a pop up request on your phone asking you to enter your Airtel Money Pin to process the payment from your Airtel wallet.

The amount will then automatically reflect in your betting account after confirmation.

Here is another top-up option:

  1. On your Airtel SIM tool kit menu, select Airtel Money and click the Make Payment option.
  2. Choose ‘Others’ and select Paybill.
  3. Enter BETIKA as the business name.
  4. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and write the reference as BETIKA.
  5. Enter your Pin, and you will receive a message confirmation of the transaction.
Deposit at Betika with Airtel


Advantages of Funding Your Betting Account Using Airtel Money

Depositing with Airtel is great for many reasons such as:


Fast and Seamless Transaction

With Airtel betting sites, your funds will reflect in your account almost immediately, and this also applies when withdrawing funds.


Easy to Use Platform

You only need to have the Paybill number which allows you to deposit funds to your account, even with no internet connection.


No Need for Bank Accounts and Cards

Since it is a mobile service, you only need to have enough money in your SIM Card to transact.


Less Charges

Compared to other deposit methods such as credit cards, when funding your account with your Airtel SIM card, you will only be charged the standard transaction charges.


You can Deposit and Withdraw Funds

The best thing about using this option is the fact that the bookies that offer this method allow you to not only fund your account but also withdraw your winnings to your Airtel SIM card.  The withdrawals are also swift, and the money will be processed instantly.


Disadvantages of Funding Your Betting Account Using Airtel Money

If you look closely, you will realize that it's not entirely a bed of roses with Airtel. We fund these disadvantages of using this payment method:


Less Common than Mpesa

Although this is a convenient option, only a few bookies offer this option. Most sportsbooks and players prefer Mpesa.


Not Accepted by Most International Betting Sites

The option is mostly offered by Kenyan sportsbooks and only two international betting sites: Betway and 22Bet.


Can I Fund My Account Using Airtel Agents?

You don’t have to visit an Airtel shop to fund your betting account as long as you have money in your SIM wallet. However, if you don’t have enough balance, Airtel agents will help you fund your wallet, after which you can transfer the money to your betting account.


Alternatives to Airtel

There are many other payment options available out there. Let's take a quick look at some of them:


This is the most popular mobile banking option and is the top alternative to Airtel, especially since more bookies are offering this option compared to Airtel Betting bookies. Similar to Airtel, with M-Pesa, you will also need to have enough funds in your Safaricom SIM Wallet, and you can fund your betting account using a Paybill number.  Better yet, sportsbooks that offer this option allow you to fund and withdraw your winnings using Mpesa.  The transaction is also swift, with fewer transaction costs.



Skrill is another excellent alternative, and most Kenyan players prefer this option due to its convenience. Most sportsbooks offer this option, and the fact that your funds will reflect almost immediately makes the method very reliable.  With bookies that offer Skrill as a withdrawal option, you can easily transfer your winnings directly from your Skrill wallet to your Airtel SIM card.  The transactional charges are also reasonable.



PayPal is an acceptable e-wallet payment method among Kenyan punters. It is also available in many sportsbooks as a deposit method. PayPal also has a partnership with Safaricom which allows users to transfer funds from Paypal to your Safaricom line, and you can also fund your Paypal account via Mpesa.  Similar to Skrill, funds deposited to your betting account using this option will reflect immediately. It is also a safe and secure means of transacting online payments.

Find our guide to PayPal deposit method here. 



This is another safe and secure online platform that is offered by many bookies as a deposit method. Funds deposited using Neteller are processed instantly. The transaction charges are very reasonable, and the verification process when creating a Neteller account is quick and straightforward.


Debit and Credit Cards

Although these are not as popular as the alternative methods mentioned above, they are also a great way to fund your betting account. The most common credit and debit cards used in Kenya include MasterCard and Visa. The main drawback of using these cards is that the transactions usually take longer than other methods. For deposits, it could take up to 3 days for the funds to reflect in your betting account, while as withdrawals could take up to 5 business days before you receive your money.



This is a prepaid card that works under the MasterCard label. What makes this method popular is the fact that you don’t have to provide bookies with your banking or credit card information. You only need to find a retail store that sells PaysafeCard PINs, buy the amount you wish to fund and receive the PIN. This PIN is usable in any sportsbook that accepts Paysafecard. This method is also completely anonymous since you don’t have to show any ID or disclose any personal information when using a prepaid  Paysafecard PIN.


Frequently Asked Questions About Airtel Betting Sites

What is Airtel Money?

Airtel is among the top three mobile service providers in Kenya. It is more popular for its reduced transaction charges compared to Safaricom and Telcom. With Airtel Money, you can transfer funds to other Airtel, Safaricom, and Telcom users.  Airtel operates across 20 countries and is available in most African online bookmakers.

Is Airtel money better than M-Pesa?

Both options are great for mobile transactions and each has its advantages and disadvantages. M-Pesa is highly acceptable in many bookies compared to Airtel Money. However, Airtel has a higher daily transaction limit of KES 150,000, which makes it a better option when looking to handle larger transactions. All in all, both options offer similar services, and you can always choose that which works best for you.

Is Airtel Money Safe?

Yes. When funding your account, you don’t have to share your ID or banking information with the bookie. More so, this company has an excellent reputation in providing quality services to its customers.

Is it expensive to fund my betting account using Airtel money?

No. You only need to pay the standard transaction rates when transferring funds to your betting account.  These charges are the cheapest compared to M-Pesa and any other alternative methods.

Can I also withdraw using Airtel Money?

Yes. Airtel betting sites not only allow you to fund your account using Airtel Money, but you also have an option to withdraw using the same method. This is a convenient means since you can fund your account and withdraw your winnings while on the go.

How long will the Airtel Money deposit take to reflect in my account?

Any deposits made via Airtel Money will reflect in your account instantly. This also applies to any withdrawals. Thus, if you withdrawal using Airtel Money, you will receive your winnings immediately.

Do I need a bank account to use Airtel Money?

No, you don’t need a bank account to use Airtel Money since this is an independent mobile wallet.

Do I still qualify for a welcome bonus if I make my first deposit using Airtel Money?

Absolutely! All the bookies mentioned above will award you your welcome bonus when you fund your account using Airtel Money.  Also, other bookies that don’t offer Airtel Money as a payment option will still give you a welcome bonus regardless of the method you use.

What international betting sites accept Airtel Money?

The only international sportsbooks that accept deposit and withdrawals in Airtel Money include Betway and 22Bet.


Final Word

Airtel Betting sites are popular among African countries, especially Kenya, due to their convenience. With Airtel Money, you can make instant deposits and withdraw funds from your betting account while on the go. Most bookies that accept this method have a Paybill number which you can use to fund your account without the need for internet connection. Another aspect that makes this option stand out is the reduced transaction charges.

The maximum transaction limit with Airtel is KES 150,000, which makes it a great option when looking to transact a huge amount.  Airtel betting sites also allow you to fund and withdraw using the same method, which comes in handy for players who don’t wish to share their banking details. We have highlighted the three main bookies that offer this option in Kenya – be sure to check them out.




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