Both Teams To Score (in the 1st/2nd/both halves) – An Ultimate Guide 2020 + tips

Goals galore! It’s every football fans dream and every manager's nightmare! But that’s what makes it such a popular betting market. This market is all about goals. This is one of the most rewarding football markets, offering extremely generous odds when it comes to BTTS (Both Teams To Score). So if your a fan of goals this market is definitely for you! Below you will find a full breakdown of all of the Both Teams To Score markets. Our panel of experts is here to make football betting easier than ever! So if your looking to bet on Both Teams To Score you have come to the right place.


Both Teams To Score

  • "Teams to Score Both Halves" bets
  • "Both Teams to Score" bet also available
  • Try ''Home/Away Team to Score Both Halves'' bet
  • "1st Half BTTS YES + 2nd Half BTTS NO" market
  • "Both Teams To Score In At Least One Half" bet
  • Try "Both Teams To Score Yes/No + Under/Over Goals"
  • Bet name: ''Who Will Score in Both Halves''
  • ''1st Half/2nd Half - Both Teams to Score'' market
  • Try ''Home Team to Win in Both Halves'' bet


Both Teams to Score Tips

Being prepared when it comes to betting is super important. By taking your time to research the market and look at current statistics can help guide you to the winning formula. Our panel of experts have compelled some betting tips in order to help you successfully make some money!


    - Both teams to score is a very common occurrence in football, you just need to know which are the most likely scenarios. A quick look at statistics from previous matches will tell you how often teams score and conceded. By looking at the goals for and goals against category you can build a solid idea of what to expect from a match.

    - Lower league football tends to see more goals conceded and scored. If you are looking for both teams to score its good to work your way up the leagues rather than down.

    - Look for mismatches, often when the top plays a team fighting for relegation you can expect a flurry of goals.


    - Risks = rewards. This can be a very rewarding market. 0-0 is a pretty uncommon result in football these days, so take the risk and back both teams to score market!


    - The more selections in your bet means the higher the pay out. Although you increase your risk your also increasing your returns.

    - Placing several accumulators together at once can help spread your chances of success.


    - Keep your eye on the cash out function. Bookmakers now offer the ability to cash out your bet for a rewarding amount before the end of the match. This is a great way to make money, even though your bet might not be successful at the end of 90 minutes.

    - A flurry of early goals can push the value of your cash out up early in the match. This means you are able to double / triple your winnings before you even reach half time!

What is Both Teams To Score?

It’s pretty self-explanatory market, however, we are going to break it down! Both Teams To Score or BTTS is a market based on whether both teams will score in a match before the 90 minutes are up. This is based on 90 minutes of play and both the home team and the away team must find the net for this bet to become successful. If there score more than once the bet still stands, however, if one team fails to score then the bet becomes void.



Successful payout; Manchester United 1 – 1 Chelsea 

Chelsea GOAL – Callum Hudson Adoi 26’

Man United GOAL – Marcus Rashford 68’





This is one of the most popular and rewarding markets in football. There are also a wide variety of Both Teams To Score submarkets that you will find. Below we will outline them all:

There are several BTTS subcategories that we will cover below including:

Both Teams To Score in First Half
Both Teams To Score in Second Half
Both Teams To Score in Both Halves
Both Teams To Score & Result


What is Both Teams To Score in the first half?

The majority of football fans love goals galore, and if the majority of those goals come in the first half then this bet is for you! Both teams to score first half is part of both teams to score category. It’s pretty self-explanatory but just to clarify, both teams to score first half is backing both sides to find the net within the first 45 minutes of the match.  If you’re looking for better value than your typical win-draw-win single, then both teams to score might be the appropriate category for you.

The general consensus from bookmakers is that they expect the first half to finish 0-0, or 1-0 at the most. So if you’re looking to take a risk, and expect the first half to be action-packed both teams to score first half is the selection you are looking for.

The majority of bookmakers should offer this selection, and it has become an extremely popular market in recent times. This market should be available in both normal bets and live bets, and choosing when you place this bet will affect the odds offered. You should also have the option of ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for both teams to score first half.

It is extremely common for bookmakers to price boost this market. In order for you to find the best promotion on both teams to score markets, below you will find a list of leading promotions.


Successful payout; Manchester United 1 – 1 Chelsea 

Chelsea GOAL – Callum Hudson Adoi 26’

Man United GOAL – Marcus Rashford 38’


What is Both Teams To Score in the second half?

This market is Both Teams To Score in the second half. This means that both the home team and the away team must find the back of the net in the second half of the match. After the teams come out for the second half, they must both score at least one goal before the 90 minutes is up in order for this bet to be successful.

Statistics show that in the majority of games there are more goals in the second half than the first. Making this a more likely selection. As the clock runs down, teams become more tired, and goals and mistakes become more likely.  The outcome is irrespective of the match result, all you require is a goal from each side in the final 45 minutes.


Successful payout; Manchester United 1 – 1 Chelsea 

Chelsea GOAL – Callum Hudson Adoi 56’

Man United GOAL – Marcus Rashford 78’


What is Both Teams To Score in both halves?

If your an action-packed football fan this markets for you. This market requires BOTH TEAMS to score in BOTH HALVES of the match for this bet to be paid out. Yes, that's right, both the home and the away side to score in both the first half and the second half of the match. This is football entertainment at its best at the type of match that paying fans love to see!

This is a highly rewarding market, and the bookmakers offer great odds on selections such as this, especially if coupled as a multi bet. Below is an example of a successful bet in this market.


Succesful payout; Manchester United 2 – 2 Chelsea 

Man United GOAL – Paul Pogba 31’
Chelsea GOAL – David Luiz 43’
Chelsea GOAL – Callum Hudson Adoi 56’
Man United GOAL – Marcus Rashford 78’

What is Both Teams To Score & Result?

This selection is based on the final match result. Again, both the home team and the away team must find the back of the net within 90 minutes, however, you must correctly predict the winning team on top of that. It doesn't matter when the goals go in, as long as both teams score and you backed the match-winner.

This is a great bet when you think you can predict the winner, but also expect their to be a flurry of goals. Below is an example of a successful bet in this market.


 Succesful payout; Manchester United 2 – 1 Chelsea 

Man United GOAL – Paul Pogba 31’
Chelsea GOAL – David Luiz 43’
Man United GOAL – Marcus Rashford 78’



What are the likely odds?

Bookies often compete intensely on the price of BTTS, especially when it comes to high profile games. So if you bet wisely this can be a very lucrative market for our gamblers.

As mentioned before when you wager this bet, will depend on the odds offered. Prices will vary from match to match but you can generally expect to find odds from (1.5) to (9.0). As football is generally classed as a low scoring sport, this can be a great way to make some money, even if there is a shock result at the end of the game.

If your looking to make some real money from this category then including any more than 5 selections from this market, could return an attractive profit. Don’t forget that you don’t always have to choose the ‘yes’ option, and that includes a few ‘no’ options within your accumulator could be a great way to safeguard your bet.

Odds for a BTTS first half accumulator will range from around 3.0 for 3 correct up to 5000.0 for 15 or more correct. See our example below.

The odds will vary depending on the quality of the opposition and how likely teams are to score goals. If you’re looking for value, then you should be looking at the ‘underdog’. If one team is generally well known for failing to find the back of the net then the ‘yes’ option will return much higher odds than the ‘no’ option. Don’t forget that BOTH teams must score for this bet to be returned.

Another way to increase the value of this category would be to include it in multiple bets or as more often known an accumulator. By selecting multiple selections with both teams to score option, the greater your odds returned shall be.

You can find the exact odds for the BTTS market above.


What is a BTTS accumulator?

An accumulator is a selection of single bets multiplied into a larger bet. All results must be correct in order for this to payout. Accumulators are able to yield much higher returns, as they contain more results which increase the risk of one result becoming unsuccessful.

If you are looking to increase the value of your bets, then by coupling results together will increase your potential returns. BTTS first half accumulator will mean selecting 3 or more results where both teams either will or won’t score in the first half.

You have the option of backing Both Teams To Score (Yes) or Both Teams To Score (No). By coupling together these results into an accumulator you are able to increase your odds that you would be offered on a single bet.

Both Teams To Score (Yes) has more rewarding odds than Both Teams To Score (No).

You are able to add as many selections as you wish to an accumulator. The more selections that you add the more favorable your odds will become.

Be sensible, predicting anymore than 10 fixtures, becomes extremely difficult. However, it would definitely pay well!

As you can see from the accumulator to our left, we have selected a 6 fold Both Teams To Score accumulator with both (YES) and (NO) selections. The odds offered on this selection are 37.21/1. With a stake of £10 you would win £372.10.


Cash Out Feature

The majority of leading bookmakers now offer a cash-out feature. Cash-out allows the punter to get money back on their bet before the event you are betting on has finished. The amount of money you get back is determined at the time of cashing out and will depend on the current likelihood of the bet winning, So it could be great or less than the initial stake.

For example, using the accumulator above should all of the correct results still be valid heading into the last ten minutes of the match a cash out price will be offered. This cash out price will determine on the likelihood of the results coming in.


Overall this is one of our favourite markets in football. Who doesn’t love goals galore? Both Teams To Score is all about action-packed football, which rewards players for every goal scored! If you gather the statistics and use tactical betting thanks to our above guide we have no doubt that success is just around the corner. With a whole range of subcategories to choose from you can pick your favourite both teams to score market. You can choose from pre-event selections or in-play markets. Simply pick your bet, sit back and watch the goals fly in! So what you waiting for? Head ovet to Betfair and back BTTS using our tips above!

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