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Betting Sites with Best Football Statistics in Nigeria 2024

Knowing the statistics of your chosen football team can significantly increase your earning potential. So, if you want to become successful at wagering, you need to find betting sites that offer you the best sports statistics.

Below, we’ve rounded up the best betting sites with statistics in Nigeria. You can also read about betting strategies based on stats, as well as how to use statistics for betting. Click here for the extensive guide to betting in Nigeria.


The Best Betting Sites with Statistics in Nigeria

  • Comprehensive stats for every sport and league
  • Live betting
  • Real-time scores and stats for each game
  • Easily accessible sports statistics
  • Updated scores for live games
  • In-play betting
  • Up-to-date scores and stats for live games
  • Live betting available
  • Variety of sports and league stats
  • In-depth sports statistics
  • Head-to-head stats provided
  • In-play betting
  • Extensive sports statistics
  • Scores and stats on live games
  • Live betting available

Betway Statistics

To view football statistics at Betway click “Menu” button in the top left corner of the site and then choose “Stats Centre”. Another way to access Betway statistics is clicking on the “sports” tab and then choosing a sports category. This will display each live and upcoming game. To see the individual sports stats, click the circular clock icon next to the match.

A pop-up will appear, listing all the relevant football statistics such as total goals, win-streaks, and the predicted result. You can also see the updated stats on games that allow live betting.

You can access the sports statistics at Betway if you don’t hold an account. Read Betway sports betting review here.


22Bet Statistics

22Bet makes it a straightforward process to view its available football statistics. You can access this feature by clicking the “statistics” tab on its homepage.

From there, you can choose from a variety of sports stats in different categories such as football, basketball, ice hockey, tennis, and more. Once you know which stats you’re after, you can click on the individual matches to display in-depth statistics.

You can view simple soccer stats and other statistics regardless of whether you have an account. Read 22bet sports betting review here.


BetBonanza Statistics

At BetBonanza, you can see its football stats by visiting the homepage and clicking the “sports” tab. From there, you’ll see a list of sporting events. Click the match you’re interested in to check the sports stats.

Football form stats, predictions, and head-to-head stats are available at BetBonanza.

Additionally, you can access these sports statistics without having an account. Read BetBonanza sports betting review here.


1XBet Statistics

To see the soccer stats sheet at 1XBet, you can click the tab titled “more” and then click on the statistics option. Choose the sport you want stats on, and you’ll be presented with a list of each game.

The two teams playing in each game have comprehensive football stats, head to head. You can view the total wins, draws, losses, goals, and cards. There’s also a prediction given, which can help you choose the right bet.

Sports stats are available if you don’t have an account as well. Read 1xbet sports betting review here.


NetBet Statistics

At NetBet, you can view each game’s stats by clicking the “statistics” tab. Doing so brings up every sports market available. Choose the sport you want information on, and then pick the league or team.

If you choose soccer, you can see each league’s soccer stats. In-depth information is provided on each team and how it’s fared. Live scores and stats are also available for in-play betting.

If you don’t have an account – don’t worry. You can view the comprehensive football statistics at NetBet without an account. Read NetBet sports betting review here.


How to Use Statistics for Betting

Bookmaker’s football statistics page

A bookmaker’s head to head football statistics

What exactly are statistics? Sports statistics are a collection of various types of data. This data is based on variables that may have an influence on the result of an event.

To become a successful sports bettor, you need to do some of your own stats analysis. This analysis entails identifying variables and probabilities for each game. Then, you compare your likely outcomes to those of the bookmaker.

A bookie aims to set the odds at a price that entices wagers on either side, which guarantees a profit for the sportsbook. Once the bookie has predicted the probability of each result, it further adjusts its odds to ensure there’s action on both a win or a loss. You then place your bets on the probability of the result and its odds.

Betting sites utilize statistics in various forms to set odds. Operators use statistics that are usually found through their own databases. These sports stats are typically available for you to view as well.

Understanding the stats of the team you want to wager on can aid you in making better decisions.

Statistics are only as useful as the betting type you choose, as each market has its own intricacies.

Markets such as the total goals, total corners, and total cards are some examples where you can take full advantage of the statistics offered to you.

Check our guide to corner betting here.

It’s vital to remember that having the statistics does not guarantee a win. But, they can increase your chances of winning if you take the time to understand how statistics work thoroughly.


Betting Strategies Based on Football Statistics

The use of betting strategies can help you gain a better understanding of football statistics. Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newcomer, betting strategies can positively impact on your wagering decisions.

You can tweak different strategies to suit your preferences as your knowledge develops.


Value Betting

With value betting, you aren’t looking for a specific team to produce a result. Instead, you’re scouting the sportsbook to find odds that are undervalued.

For example, you find a team that has a 20% chance to win, according to the bookie. Using simple soccer stats that show head to head and form statistics, you can decide your own value of the bet. So, if you think that the team has a 40% chance at winning, rather than the 20% chance the bookie gave, that bet is undervalued.

The undervalued bet can bring in higher earnings. The only downfall is that this strategy is somewhat time-consuming, as you need to look at many sports stats. Read our guide to Value Betting here. 


Over/Under Goals

This betting strategy is straightforward. You decide whether a team will go over or under the selected goal line, essentially a 50/50 shot. Moneyline bets, where you bet on a win, loss, or draw, have a one-in-three chance.

You need to look at the average amount of goals football stats for this type of bet. You’ll see the number of goals team X has scored and conceded per match. Compare these stats against team Y to work out the minimum and maximum goals that are likely to occur.

If the average is high, around 2,70, then there’s value on the over goal-line bet. Read our guide to Over-Under Betting here. 


Betting Tips

As with everything in life, there are things you should consider with each bet you place. Here are some of the top tips:

  • Keep your cool

    It’s easy to forget why you began betting in the first place. Entertainment and fun are the main reason, with an increasing bank balance not far behind. It’s important to maintain a level-head and practice discipline when you bet on your favorite teams. Don’t lash out if you lose - remember that betting is a game of chance.

  • Maintain your limits

    Sports betting entails the use of real money, which you can quickly forget. For this reason, it’s essential to note your spending limits. Don’t bet what you can’t afford. A bonus tip is to keep your spending money and winnings separate. This way, you’re almost guaranteed to walk away with a profit.

  • Do the research

    Football statistics and sports statistics, in general, require research. Luckily, the advent of the Internet means you don’t need to do all the grunt work yourself. Many betting sites offer the added benefit of stats. You can take advantage of this information for your own bets. In rare cases, stats may not be available, so you’ll need to do the digging yourself.

  • Find your primary niche

    There is an abundance of sports markets available. There are also further leagues within each sport. It’s difficult to bet on numerous markets unless you have the time. So, it’s advisable to find a select few that you enjoy and are comfortable with. This way, you can increase your knowledge of these markets and become an expert in your chosen niche.

FAQs About Football Statistics

How do I analyze football statistics?

You should analyze football statistics with a mixture of qualitative and quantitative techniques. Quantitative stats are objective and help back up your observations. Qualitative stats are subjective, and you should verify these with quantitative stats.

Quantitative stats utilize numbers. An example is the possession rate, total goals, total cards, or the number of completed passes. These stats offer limited insight to the game’s result and are primarily used to back up observations that already exist. The team’s possession rate, for example, doesn’t truly correlate with the final outcome of the game. There’s only a small correlation.

Each statistic offers different insights. The more a statistic correlates with the game’s result, the more significance it holds.

Qualitative stats are subjective and relate to your observations on the player or the team as a whole. This can be how specific players interact and behave on the field against other teams.

Lastly, you should consider the style of play, the system, and the team’s overall philosophy when you analyze a game based on football statistics.


Why are football statistics important?

Football is a game of numbers. Football statistics are vital to placing bets that are correct and maximize your earning potential. Sports stats allow you to make informed betting decisions that are based on meaning and results.

You have access to information on a player’s individual performances, the team’s performance, and various other data. This all adds up to enable you to make the right prediction. After all, how can you accurately predict the winner of a match if you don’t know how good they are?


What are the most important metrics in football statistics?

The metrics in football statistics offer a plethora of information. Some operators collect more than 2,000 different pieces of data during a single match. That’s a lot of information, so it’s vital to know which metrics are more important than others.

1. Key passes
A key pass is a final pass made by one player to another that then attempts a goal but does not score. This stat determines which players generate opportunities as well as how crucial they are to their team.

2. Big chances
A big chance is a metric used in situations where a player should score. This metric has two aspects to it: it shows who creates the opportunity for a big chance, and who is given a big chance. It distinguishes average players from world-class players.

3. Interceptions and recoveries
These two metrics judge midfielders and defenders. An interception displays superior football intellect and brings the ball back into the team’s possession. The same goes for recoveries. These metrics allow you to differentiate between the star players and the average players.

Other notable football stats include the average number of goals, corners, and cards.

Can I access betting site statistics without an account?

Yes. You can access almost any betting site statistics without an account. Navigate to the bookie’s sports section and choose a game to view its provided statistics.

This is useful as it allows you to bet on one site but use another for its statistical purposes.

How can I use football stats and predictions for live betting?

Predictions on live football stats and live betting are especially useful as the game progresses. Small odds can turn into big odds, and you can win more by paying attention to in-play predictions.

Operators generally provide real-time scores and stats on each game. The beauty of live betting means anything can happen at any time, and you have the availability of live predictions to guide your betting decisions.

Check our list of best betting sites with Live Streaming here.




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