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  • Hundreds of betting markets
  • Great odds for football betting
  • Unique betting markets
  • No welcome offer
  • No promotional offers
  • Hundreds of betting markets
  • Great odds for football betting
  • Unique betting markets
  • No welcome offer
  • No promotional offers

Founded back in 2013, Winnersgoldenbet is a fascinating betting platform for Nigerian punters. The bookmaker offers odds on over 20 sports, Esports, and several specials as well. Winnersgoldenbet is particularly renowned in Nigeria, for the odds it offers on football.

That being said, while Winnersgoldenbet is a good betting platform, the question pertains to how good it really is. Is Winnersgoldenbet the best betting platform in Nigeria? Is the bookmaker perfect for you? Read on to find out, and learn much more.


Registration process

Sign Up Form at Winnersgoldenbet

The Registration Process on Winnersgoldenbet is quite simple. You must submit all necessary personal details to open an account on the bookmaker site, including your first name, last name, email address, state, city, address, and mobile number. You must choose a unique username, and accept the terms and conditions of the bookmaker. To view the terms and conditions of Winnersgoldenbet, scroll down to the bottom of the website, and click on the “Terms and Conditions” option, which is present under the header, “Rules”.

That being said, Winnersgoldenbet is only available for residents of Nigeria, and you cannot register on the platform if you do not belong to Nigeria, as the bookmaker does not offer an option to choose another country, during the registration process. The Nigerian Naira is the only currency on offer at Winnersgoldenbet.

You must opt into either SMS, or email verification. Once you submit all your details, you will receive a confirmation code via the chosen verification method. A new pop-up will appear on your screen, which will request you to enter the obtained verification code.

SMS Activation

Once you have entered the correct verification code, your account on Winnersgoldenbet will have been successfully created. Unlike most other bookmaker’s, you will not be directed to the bookmaker’s deposit page, and you must deposit money into your Winnersgoldenbet account manually. That being said, it must be noted that you are allowed only one account per user, and all duplicate accounts will be deleted by the bookmaker.

Deposits and Withdrawals options

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods at Winnersgoldenbet

Once you have finished the registration process, you should look through the various betting markets at offer, and perform your due diligence on betting types you are confident with. Once you are certain of the betting amount you want to initially wager, you can go on to deposit money on the Winnersgoldenbet platform.

When it comes to making a deposit, the minimum amount that a punter can deposit is NGN 500. You must click on the “My Account” option on the bookmaker’s homepage, and then click on the “Deposit” option. You must then choose to deposit funds via a Direct Bank Transfer, Flutterwave, Paystack, Webpay, Interswitch, or via a Credit Card.

That being said, while you can deposit funds via Credit Card, or the other mentioned payment options, you can withdraw funds only through Direct Bank Transfers. The minimum withdrawal amount is NGN 1000. You can also opt to deposit funds in a Winnersgoldenbet shop, the minimum deposit amount in a shop being NGN 100.

No deposit or withdrawal fees are charged by the bookmaker. While it takes up to 24 hours for winnings to be deposited in our account once you have initiated a withdrawal via Direct Bank Transfer, you can withdraw funds immediately if you place a bet at a Winnersgoldenbet shop.

The maximum withdrawal amount online, is NGN 500,000 while you can withdraw unlimited summations at a shop. The maximum amount you can bet on a single bet is NGN 2000, while you can win a maximum of NGN 10,000,000 if you place a maximum stake.

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Welcome Bonus

At the time of writing, rather disappointingly, Winnersgoldenbet does not offer any welcome offer. The best bookmaker platforms tend to offer new customers deposit bonuses, in order to attract the attention of potential new punters.

While Winnersgoldenbet does not offer a welcome offer as of now, this is not a cornerstone around which they may operate in the future. We hope that they work on this, and offer a deposit bonus in time to come. That being said, Winnersgoldenbet offers several features which make it worth joining, if you a Nigerian punter.

Sportsbook promotions

At the time of writing, there are no promotional offers being displayed on the Winnersgoldenbet platform. This is another major let down. While they do display the promise of bonuses on their homepage, they do not offer a welcome bonus, or promotional offers, as of today.

Considering how several other top Nigerian bookmakers offer both bonuses, Winnersgoldenbet must include provisions for the same, in due course of time, if they are to maintain their lure and attract new punters.


VIP Program

Winnersgoldenbet does not offer a VIP program, or a loyalty program to its customers. Considering the fact that the platform is rather new, and does not offer any bonuses to its punters, at the time of writing, its non-inclusion of a loyalty program can be forgiven.
There are several other major bookmakers who do not offer a VIP program, or a loyalty program.

Pre-match offer

Pre-Match Offer at Winnersgoldenbet

At the time of writing, Winnersgoldenbet offers 20+ sports to punt on, and hundreds of betting markets. While the selection at offer at Winnersgoldenbet is not the largest, they are renowned for the odds they offer for football betting. The bookmaker offers odds on football, cricket, and ice hockey, to sports like to futsal, darts and snooker.

They provide for a selection of conventional sports, as well as unique betting markets. That being said, before placing a bet, you must perform your due diligence, and choose a betting market which suits your expertise. Practising safe betting is essential to ensure that you do not eat away into your hard earned money.

Each bookmaker operates around a bookmaker margin, which determines the margin above which the market lays. To put it into perspective, ideally, the market should be at 100%, but this amount (100%) would dictate that a bookmaker is not earning any profit. As bookmakers earn money off margins, anything under the threshold of 110% is worth punting on.

To determine the credentials of Winnersgoldenbet, we calculated the odds overround – Obtained by adding the probability percentages of each possible outcome with respect to a betting variant, for 2 games in the English Premier League. And 1 game in the Italian Serie.

The odds overround were found to be 116, 113, and 116 respectively. While these are above the recommended margin, considering the fact that Winnersgoldenbet operates solely in Nigeria, and is a relatively new market, having been launched in 2013, they are respectable to say the least, and competitive.

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Esports has built up quite the reputation over the years, and Winnersgoldenbet does not let you down when it comes to offering odds on some popular Esports. At the time of writing, Winnersgoldenbet offers odds on 3 Esports, including Dota, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. They also offer odds on the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament called BLAST Pro Series.

They offer outright odds on these Esports, and the mentioned tournament. Considering how popular these Esports are in Nigeria, and around the world, we wouldn’t be surprised if Winnersgoldenbet go on to include other Esports in time to come. Young punters love to play these games, and bet alongside. That being said, the minimum allowed age to bet on the platform is 18 years.

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Other Specials

As is the case with several other bookmakers, Winnersgoldenbet offers odds on 3 specials, which include politics, entertainment, and music. At the time of writing, outright odds are available on UK Politics – The Next Prime Minister, US Presidential Election – Winning Party, and US Presidential Election – Next President, among other betting variants in the political scheme of things.

In the entertainment scheme of things, there are several competitive odds at offer, with respect to the Golden Globe Awards, and the Oscars, including outright odds on the Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Actress, among others. In the world of music, there are odds on offer with respect to Grammy Awards, including outright odds on the Album of the Year and Song of the Year, among others.


Cash Out and Bet Builder

Much like most popular bookmakers, Winnersgoldenbet offers a cash out option, but does not offer a bet builder, at the time of writing. When it comes to cash out, you can retrieve a part of your possible winnings before the bet that you have placed finishes.
The winnings obtained via cash out could be less than the stake amount, or more than it as well, depending on the current possibility of the bet being won, and the cash out time with respect to the ongoing bet.

The cash out feature of Winnersgoldenbet can be used for both single bets and accumulators, as long as the placed bet has not been lost. Cash out will be blocked if you attempt to cash out on a live event which is about to end, or on a game which has finished, but the result of which is unknown.

The amount of winnings obtained via cash out depends on the odds of the event upon which you have placed a bet. If the odds change in favour of you, the cash out amount increases, otherwise it decreases.

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Winnersgoldenbet does not offer a bet builder, at the time of writing. That being said, if you place 4 or more single bets, they are automatically converted into an accumulator bet. This in turn means that you must win all placed single bets, to successfully the accumulator bet.

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Live offer

To make use of Winnersgoldenbet’s in play matches, you must navigate to the ‘Live’ tab at the top of the screen. Click on the “In Play” option, and tune in to non-stop action, and a wide plethora of betting markets to choose from. There is a cash out option for in play betting, along with the provision of fast settlement of in play bets.

You can choose to follow selected live sports at the same time, by clicking on the “Multi Live” option, and dragging your preferred live fixtures displayed on the left, to the centre of the screen. There is an option to go through a live calendar as well, if you click on the “Live Calendar” option, present on the right of the “In Play” option.

Unfortunately, Winnersgoldenbet does not offer live streaming of sports, which is a major let down.

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Winnersgoldenbet is regulated and licensed by the Lagos State Lottery Board – The pioneer gaming regulatory body, present in Nigeria. When it comes to the security of your personal information, and the funds stored on Winnersgoldenbet, you need not worry of misuse on the part of hackers, and third-party organizations. Winnersgoldenbet has got you covered, and will ensure that your information remains private and secure.

They have no links to criminal behaviour, and are a responsible gambling platform. While they do not offer options to help regulate your gambling activity, you must take the initiative to ensure that you do not over indulge, and harm your health, or waste away your hard earned money. The bookmaker has the means to pay back all punters, if in due course of time, they go out of business. That being said, they separate all winnings from funds required to operate smoothly.

All the virtual games on offer at Winnersgoldenbet have results which are generated by random numbers, and the platform has no control over the generation of these results, or over the possibility of you winning or losing a bet placed on a virtual game. If you are looking for a reliable and secure bookmaker in Nigeria, Winnersgoldenbet is a exciting option to explore.

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Service and Customer Support

Customer Support at Winnersgoldenbet

Winnersgoldenbet offers 3 methods of getting in touch with customer representatives, which includes via a free phone call, email, and social media. Being able to contact customer representatives via social media is a refreshing option, in today’s age of social media prowess.

If you have any issues with respect to Winnersgoldenbet, you can contact a customer representative via Facebook, or Twitter.

If you would rather call a customer representative to answer your query, Winnersgoldenbet has displayed 2 customer support numbers on their website –


While there is no mention of 24/7 service, they are likely to pick up your call during working hours. If they do not receive your call, or if you prefer to seek a formal answer to your query, you can also make use of the email facility at offer.

You can contact a customer representative via email, by emailing Winnersgoldenbet at [email protected]. They are likely to respond within a few hours.
Unfortunately, unlike most modern bookmakers, Winnersgoldenbet does not offer a live chat option on its website. This is a staple for most customer support channels, as queries as answered immediately via live chat.

Design and Usability

Winnersgoldenbet comes with a simple design, which is pleasing to the eye. Draped in a combination of green, black, and white, the platform is elegantly designed, and easy to navigate. All in play offers, and popular pre-match offers, are displayed at the centre of the home screen.

Your current bet slip is present on the right hand side of the platform, while all sports and specials betting markets are present on the left hand side of the platform. All you have to do is click on a betting market, and all possible markets will be displayed at the centre of your screen.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the platform’s website, you will see the available payment methods at the right hand side of the bottom of the page. On the left, exist options to navigate through the main menu, and the rules section of Winnersgoldenbet. There is a special column with phone numbers, and an email address to enable you to contact customer support if you have a query which you want answered.

At the top of the page, the navigation bar consists of options which lead you to the live, virtual, and slots section of the bookmaker. Among one of the unique provisions of Winnersgoldenbet, is the Statistics section, which is present on the navigation bar. This section gives you insights into league and sport statistics, which you can implement when making decisions with respect to betting markets.


Unfortunately, Winnersgoldenbet does not offer a mobile app experience for Android and Apple users. When you try to log in to the platform via a mobile phone or tablet, you will be asked to select a view option, which includes “New Mobile and Tablet”, “Old Mobile”, and “PC”, along with an option to remember your choice. Click on an option which best suits your current device, and the viewing experience you want to opt into.

The mobile experience of Winnersgoldenbet differs from the PC experience. When you click on the “New Mobile and Tablet” option, All odds are displayed at the centre of the screen, while there exists a menu button at the top right of your mobile screen.

When you click on the button, several options open up, which lead you to the different betting markets at offer, and the live betting section. On the top left of your screen exists an option which enables you to log in to Winnersgoldenbet.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the platform site, you will see options to contact customer support, the rules pertaining to Winnersgoldenbet, a help section, and an option to the desktop outlay of the platform, and the old mobile outlay.

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Other products

Winnersgoldenbet is not only popular for its Sporting, Entertainment and Political Markets, but for its casino, arcade, video poker, virtuals, and virtual sports markets as well. There are several exciting virtual sports at offer, of which Virtual African Cup is our favourite.

While Winnersgoldenbet does not offer any promotional offers for these products at the time of writing, we hope that they include provisions for the same in due course of time.

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There is no doubting the fact that Winnersgoldenbet is an excellent betting platform for Nigerian punters. The question was never about Winnersgoldenbet being good, but rather a question of how good the platform really is. Is Winnersgoldenbet the perfect bookmaker platform for you?

After having gauged all the possible metrics of the bookmaker, Winnersgoldenbet has its positives, and several glaring negatives. There are several Nigerian bookmakers which offer a welcome bonus, and promotional offers, at the time of writing, Winnersgoldenbet of which does not. If this is a cornerstone around which you want to select a bookmaker, look elsewhere.

Winnersgoldenbet provides fascinating odds on football, and a dedicated statistics section as well, which is very helpful, when it comes to studying different leagues, teams, and sports. They provide for several other products, and a section to punt on entertainment, politics and music, which is refreshing.

There is no mention of a 24/7 dedicated customer support section, and this a let-down as well. The platform does not provide for a live chat option, which is a given in today’s day and age. The platform does provide customer support options via social media though, which is an excellent initiative. They have 3 free numbers to call upon as well, as well as an email address.

Unfortunately, Winnersgoldenbet does not offer a live streaming option, nor does it offer a dedicated mobile application for Android and Apple users, which is disappointing. While the platform does have its obvious pros, it has several cons which makes it worth looking past.

If you can look beyond these flaws, Winnersgoldenbet offers several features which offer a perfect blend of information, ease, and reliability. The bookmaker is secure, and a good prospect for Nigerian punters. Considering the fact that Winnersgoldenbet is relatively new, we expect the platform to work on its flaws, and provide for a more wholesome experience in time to come.

Nishant Bhattacharya is a football lover and a staunch Liverpool supporter. He has been working as a writer for over 11 years and loves to write about sports and technology.


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