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Live soccer betting strategy

Live soccer betting strategy

There are live betting strategies that a punter can adopt in order to make some good money out of it. Not everybody knows but I am here to enlighten you. I hope I will have saved your day at the end of this all. Even then, not all the strategies reward the punters in the same way. Some are more lucrative than the others. The only key thing is for the punter to identify the strategy that best suits him or her.
Let us start right away by looking at those strategies.

The common strategy among the punters is the one for “over 1.5 goals”. It has lower odds yes but, most football clubs tend to score each other more often than not. Especially the European football leagues like Spanish La Liga Primera, English Premier League, German Bundesliga, Portugal Liga Primera, Italian Serie A, Scottish Premier League, French League 1, and so much more which host the football clubs which are the beast in terms of goal scoring. Football clubs from most of these leagues have over 70% of goal scoring rate of over 2.5 goals. That is why the punters need to be checking at football clubs regions first before placing bets on. I mentioned a few football leagues here but there are so many others across the world which have a greater goal scoring rate. The task that is left is for the punter to do a thorough research on them in order to for them to make an informed decision based on statistics that they have acquired.

Strategy number two is to look at the odds. It is not a must for the punter to place a bet based on the “over 1.5 goals” option. He or she can also look at the odds awarded in every section. Some are high while others are low. But, it is of great help if the punters understand that the higher the odds the lower the chances of winning and vice versa. So, since lower odds have a high probability of winning, a wise punter needs to take that as a challenge and use them to place the bets. Higher odds can still work but their chances are always so negligible even though they do award the punter in a very nice way with some huge profits. When I talk of lower odds, I mean those that range between 1.22 and 1. 41. Do not take a huge risk by betting on the odds that are lower than that. The risk is huge and yet the return on investment is close to zero.

The third strategy involves the punter getting to know which teams are more offensive than the others. This needs to be identified way before the kickoff of those matches. The teams that are very offensive tend to score against each other and therefore this supports the first strategy of goal scoring. Those that are very defensive tend to score fewer goals and thus the first strategy might fail to be applicable in this scenario. Nevertheless, the defensive teams might create another opportunity for the punter. This opportunity is one of the “goals- no goals” or “under 1.5 goals” betting options. Since when these teams meet, the match more often than not tend to end in a goalless draw, 1-0, 0-1 or even 1-1, the results best suit either of those two betting options.

Okay then. We also have another strategy that might or might not be helpful to punters. It is all about the timing of the matches. It is better to wait for something like two or three minutes after the kickoff, to start betting. The odds at this time tend to go higher a little bit than at the first minute. It is unclear why this happens but I am guessing it might be because the two teams might seem to be of equal potentials to win the match. This is the perfect time for any professional punter to capitalise on those odds so as to make good money out of it. Once that is done, as a punter you should sit back and enjoy the proceedings of the match.

Have you, the punters, taken a look at your bankroll? It is very important to manage your bank very well. Even if you are making profits, it is a good idea not to squander whatever you have in your account not unless you do not mind about it at all. Yours might be an exceptional case but I am sure that there are some if not all of the punters do mind about the fund that they have in their accounts. For those who mind, it is a great idea to spend between 1% and 3% of whatever is in the account to do live betting. Going beyond that is too risky and intolerable especially if one ends up losing the bet. It is better to keep those margins within an affordable range like the one I just specified here.

It is also good to identify the right bookmakers. This is another strategy that a punter needs to put it in their minds. Some bookies have excellent live betting experience compared to the others. The best bookies in the world are the once that will offer a live betting option to their punters. Those bookies are bet365, Ladbrokes, Unibet, William Hill, Betway, BetVictor, ComeOn, and Coral. As a punter, you need to be part of any of these families if you would like to enjoy live betting for as much time as you want.

The last strategy is, never allow yourself to do live betting at work. This shows that you are not serious about your work or you do not love working there at all at all. Not unless you are the boss, betting at work may land you in huge problems. To avoid this, it is better for you to do that in the evening or weekends or even during lunch breaks. Otherwise, enjoy your betting.


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