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Nigeria Casino Games Guide 2024: How to Play Casino and Tips to Beat the Odds

There are various sports betting alternatives you can consider especially now that most live sports events have been cancelled due to the Corona Virus Pandemic. Casino games are a great option and in this article we will highlight the various types of casino games and how to play them. We will also outline factors to consider when choosing a casino and tips on how to beat the odds.


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What You Need To Know Before You Start Playing in a Casino

Playing in a casino for the first time can be quite overwhelming since there are tons of games to choose from and also numerous betting options to choose from. Nonetheless, with time, you will realize that it is easier than sports betting. For starters, the games here are easy to learn. Here is what you need to know about gambling in a casino before you get started.


Casino Games are Games of Chance

The term game of chance means that playing such a game can award you prizes, but you really have no control over the outcome. A random number generator strongly influences the results of casino games. These events can feature spinning a roulette wheel, turning a card, or rolling the dice. Although some casino games such as poker and blackjack require some level of skill to play them optimally, most games need no expertise whatsoever. These games include slot games, video poker, roulette, and most table games. What you need to keep in mind is that with casino games, winning or losing comes down to luck mostly and if you are not lucky, you will lose.


The House Always Wins

Unlike players who need luck to win, the casinos already have the upper hand since they have a mathematical advantage in every game on offer. This is referred to as the house edge, and in other terms, the house edge is the Casino’s average profit on every bet that a player makes. This does not mean that the Casino will win each bet, but they will make a profit in the long run. It is therefore essential to familiarize yourself with the house edge for each game before you begin gambling. Try as much as possible to play games with the smallest house edge.


It’s Still Possible to Win

Although you cannot control the results of games, and the fact that the house always wins, it is still possible to win. Since the outcome is unpredictable, there are times when the results will favour you over the house. As earlier mentioned, although the house has the upper hand, it does not mean that they win in every single bet placed. This mathematical advantage is only useful in the long term. For example, if you placed a million hands of blackjack, there is a high possibility that you will end up in a loss for more than half of the wagers. However, if you placed a hundred hands, there is a possibility of winning more than half of them which will earn you reasonable profits.

Thus, your target should be based on short term basis where with a little luck, you can be sure to accumulate decent wins.


Luck is Not the Only Factor

With casino games, luck is definitely a key aspect but is not the only factor. You might not have any control over the house advantage, but there are still some things you can do to reduce the size of that advantage. If you are playing games with a small house edge, then you really don’t have to do much. However, with high house edge games, especially blackjack, you can directly alter the size of the advantage if you learn the right strategies.

The best way to ensure an overall win in a casino is by landing a big jackpot. The chances of landing such jackpot wins are minimal, but you can’t capitalize on your chances if you don’t try. Whichever the case, don’t spend all your money chasing the big win. Always wager amounts you are comfortable losing.


Types of Casino Games

We have already mentioned some of the games you can play in casinos, and regardless of whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player, you can get a wide range of games of play and wager. These games are also available in demo versions which allow you to play for free with no risk. Here is an outline of the top casino games you can play.



These are the most popular casino games, and they come in various varieties including classic slots, fruit machines, multi-pay slots, progressive jackpot slots, 3D slots, and Mobile slots, among others. The slots games are developed by established as well as upcoming slot providers such as Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, Betsoft Gaming, IGT, and WMS Gaming, among others.

  • Classic slots - These refer to traditional slot games that are based on mechanical actions. The term is also used to describe modern games that are designed to look similar to the traditional classic machines. Ideally, classic slots feature 3 spinning reels with bars and classic symbols such as cherries. The modern classic slots have also retained the 3-reel concept, and the main difference is that they come in various themes and offer bonuses and progressive payouts.
  • Fruit machines - Fruit slots are another simplistic type of classic slots that are most popular among players who love the fruit symbols used in these games.
  • Multi-pay slots - Multi-pay slots are slot machines that have more than one pay line. The multiple paylines increase your chances of hitting winning combinations.
  • Progressive jackpot slots - These slots are more popular among players since they offer a consistently increasing jackpot. The jackpot is always rising with every player that bets with real money. The progressive jackpot games usually attract many players, but the problem with these jackpots is that the chance of hitting it is very little. But if you are lucky enough, you could walk away with millions of dollars.
  • 3D slots - 3D slots are the latest gaming innovations which have introduced a new concept of slot games. 3D slots feature impressive and breathtaking 3D graphics and deliver an unforgettable experience.
  • Mobile slots - These are slots that have been designed in such a way that they are compatible with mobile devices. Thus, you can access them via your mobile browsers or download a mobile casino App.
  • Bonus slots - These are slot games that feature a round of wagering that rewards players with extra prizes in addition to the normal spinning reels. Not all slots have these feature, but most of them offer some type of bonus round.


Table Games

Casino table games are available in numerous variations, and developers have provided a diverse library to ensure that every player is catered for. Some of the popular types of table games include;

  • Roulette - You are required to bet on where a ball placed on the spinning wheel will land. The most common roulette variants include European Roulette and American Roulette. The European Roulette has every number from 0 to 36 on the wheel, where one half is black, the other half is red and green for zero. On the other hand, the American version features two zero segments, 0 and 00.
  • Baccarat - This is a card game where you can either bet on the dealer’s hand, the player’s hand, a tie, or bet on all three. The best hand is that closest to 9, the ace is valued at 1, and the face card is worth 0. In the case where a hand reaches a value higher than 9, its value is subtracted by 10.
  • Blackjack - Similar to Baccarat, Blackjack is also a card game where you can compete with the dealer or other players to form a hand that is equal to 21. You are paid 1/1 when you beat the dealer or 3/2 when you get a blackjack (an ace and a card worth 10).
  • Craps - This table game is played with dice. Players take turns rolling the dice while the rest of the table bets on the expected result of the roll. This is a fast-paced game and might appear complicated, but it also offers some of the best odds.
  • Three Card Poker - This is another easy to play card game where both you and the dealer are dealt three cards. Your target is to beat the dealer’s hand. To start, you must place an ante bet. When it’s your turn to look at your hand, you can decide to either play or fold. If you like your hand, you can do ahead and bet further, then compare your hand to that of the dealer. In this case, the dealer is required to have a queen-high or better to qualify.


Video Poker

Video Poker was most popular during the 80s, and over the years, it has managed to maintain its popularity, most of which can be attributed to the evolution it has gone through over the years.

There are lots of video poker variants, but the most played include;

  • Jacks or Better - This is also known as the ‘Draw Poker’. It allows you to play up to 100 hands at a time. You can only win if your final five-card hand has at least a pair of jacks or better.
  • Joker Poker - Here, Joker cards are added during gameplay. You will still play with the standard deck containing 52 cards only that there will be an addition to two Jokers. Most players prefer this option since it gives you an optimum chance of attaining a better hand.
  • Deuces Wilds - This is among the most popular video poker variations and is almost similar to the Joker Poker except instead of adding more joker cards, in this game, all the 2’s turn into Wilds. This is a great concept since it means that the 2’s can be used to substitute any card to create the best possible hand.
  • Double Bonus Poker - This is a variation of ‘Jacks or Better’ with a bonus payout for four aces. This means that you can get higher winning payouts when you get four of a kind.
  • Double Double Bonus Poker - This is also a variation of ‘Jacks or Better’, and it offers bonus payoffs for different four of a kind.


Live Casino Poker

Live casino poker is a term used to refer to a range of online live dealer games that are based on traditional poker. There are various live casino poker variations, some of which feature progressive jackpot games.

  • Live Casino Hold’em - This game requires you to make a better 5 card poker hand than the dealer, out of the 7 cards dealt. To start, you have to place an Ante bet and an optional bonus side bet. You are dealt two cards face up, and the dealer gets two cards face down.
  • 2 Hand Live Casino Hold’em - This is similar to live Casino Hold’em, and the only difference is that there are two players hand which you can play, but you don’t have to play both. You have to choose which between them you would like to play.
  • Ultimate Texas Hold’em - This game has almost the same game structure as Live Casino Hold’em and the major difference is how you place your bets. Similar to most card games, you have to place an Ante bet before the game starts. With Ultimate Texas Hold’em, after an Ante bet has been placed, an equal bet to that has to be placed which is called the ‘Blind’. The player and the dealer are then dealt two cards, and the player has the option to either bet 3x or 4x the Ante or check.

    The dealer will then deal the flop, and if the player has not yet placed the bet, he (the player) can wager up to 2x the Ante or check. Then the dealer will deal the turn and river where the player can bet 1x the Ante or fold.

    The dealer will then reveal his card, and the best 5 card poker hand wins.

  • 3 Card Poker - This is among the easiest Live Dealer poker games where you will have the cards dealt face up to you, and then the dealer will face them down. You will then be required to decide whether you want to play the hand by making a play bet equal to the Ante or fold the hand. The dealer will then reveal his cards, and the best poker hand wins.


1XGames at 1xbet

1XBet is with no doubt among the leading sportsbooks in the world, and this title is well-deserved since they are always striving to offer the best gambling products to their customers.  They provide quality games, and their 1XGames section is adorned with breathtaking options that offer impressive chances of winning and reasonable payouts.

Some of the games in this section feature impressive offers of 3%-5% cashback. Before even playing your first game, you have several options that can earn you great prizes. These include the Lucky Wheel Bonus Spin, the Daily Quest, and the Daily Tournaments.

The games include card games, slots, board game, survival games, blackjack and more. Better yet, you will find some unique titles and others with a bit of twist.

For instance, the Penalties option is an exciting selection since it is not football, but it gives you a classic sense. This is an excellent treat to football fans since you can take a turn to defend and score and predict the direction of the strikers shot or the direction in which the goalkeeper will dive to win.

1xgames at 1xbet

Looking for a thrill? The Russian Roulette is the perfect option since you get to select a cartridge, spin the cylinder and trigger.

There are up to 80 games in this section that are all in-house developed which assures bespoke quality. There are new games released every month; thus, you can expect the list to continue growing.


Choosing Which Casino Games to Play

With the wide variety of casino games outlined above, you will definitely be spoilt for choice when it comes to determining which games best meets your preferences. But how do you choose the right game? We will discuss some of the concepts that will help you decide what you are looking for with your online gaming experience.

  • Step 1: What are Your Likes, Wants, and Needs?

    Do you love fast-paced or relaxing games? If you would like to explore fast-paced games, then you can’t go wrong with table games such as Craps and Roulette. On the other hand, if you are looking for relaxing games, then we would recommend starting out with slots. The flashing lights and sounds provide a thrilling gaming experience just few clicks away.

    Are you looking for a game that requires a lot of strategies and thinking or a mindless game? If you are looking to challenge your mind, then games like blackjack, baccarat, poker and craps fit perfectly in this category. But if you are looking for games that offer mindless entertainment, then slot machines are the best option.

  • Step 2: Find an Online Casino That Offers Your Preferential Games

    After figuring the types of games you would like to play, you need to find a site to play at. We will discuss some of the factors to consider when choosing an online casino in the section below.

  • Step 3: Start With the Demo Version

    The best thing about online casino games is that they come with a trial version which allows you to play the game risk-free before playing for real money. The reason why we recommend starting out with the demo version is that it enables you to understand the game and the controls before you start playing with real money. It also helps you figure out if the game is enjoyable or not.

  • Step 4: Check for Game Variations

    After testing your game, check if there are variations available. In most cases, popular games usually have a second and third version which are tailored from player’s requested enhancements. These variations can sometimes be more fun than their originals.

  • Step 5: Try and Get out of Your Comfort Zone

    After finding the game that works for you, it is easy to stick to it, which is not a bad idea considering it’s your money at stake. However, don’t be afraid to try new games since you might end up realizing there are other games that you are better at other than the ones you know.


Factors to Consider When Choosing an Online Casino

We have recommended some best betting sites above which we believe could be a great choice. But if you are looking to explore for more options, here are some factors you should consider;


Overall Number of Games and Variations

When choosing a casino, you should always settle for a platform that offers a wide range of games. More so, you should ensure that some of the major games such as slots, video poker, and blackjack have variations since this gives you a wide range to choose from.

Game variations are great since they give you a range of options to choose from based on your preferences. Ideally, it makes a huge difference having a choice of 20 blackjack variations (like with Microgaming) and 5 different blackjack variations (like with RealTime Gaming).


The Software Providers-Are the Games Licensed?

Make sure that the Casino offers games from licensed software providers. This guarantees safety and fairness. Some of the renowned software providers include Playtech, Microgaming, NetEnt, Realtime Gaming, BetSoft, among others. Also, make sure that a recognized gaming regulator board regulates the Casino.



If you are interested in table games, this is a ‘must-check’ since different software come with different rules. For example, there could be specific game rules outlining when you can double down or split in blackjack. There could also be guidelines on what you get paid when you are dealt which could either be 3:2 or 6:5 and this makes a significant difference in the odds you will be getting.


Available Promotions

Most online casinos offer bonuses to new and existing players, and you might as well take advantage of these promotions. Some bonuses award you free bets while others boost your deposited amounts, whichever the case, you should check the current promotions on a site before creating an account. With VIP schemes, you will earn points each time you play, and you can redeem these points for better rewards.


The Banking Options

We would recommend choosing a platform that has a wide range of banking options that are available in your country. This ensures deposits and withdrawal convenience. Some of the major payment options include Visa/MasterCard, debit & credit cards, Paypal and Skrill. Another factor you should consider is the withdrawal time. With reputable platforms, withdrawals are processed within 3 working days.

Check our extensive guide to payment options in Nigeria here. 


Customer Support

Customer support is another key factor that you must consider as it determined the reliability of a casino. Ensure that there are several options to get in touch with the customer support team, including via email, phone number and live chat.


How to Increase Your Chances of Winning

There is no specific method of ensuring that you walk from a casino a winner every other time. However, there are ways you can reduce the amount you lose and boost your chances of winning. These options include;


Play European Roulette Instead of American Roulette

With American Roulette, the roulette wheel has 38 different numbers; 18 black, 18 red, and 2 of them are green (00 and 0). These two green numbers are where the house obtains its edge. If you place a bet on red or black, the payoff will have even odds, but the odds of winning are not even. Ideally, there are 20 ways to lose and 18 ways to win. It may not seem as much, but in the long run, the difference adds up to a house edge of around 5.26%.

On the other end, a European roulette wheel only has 37 numbers; 18 black, 18 red, and 1 green. Although the bets still have the same payouts, the house edge is reduced from 5.26% to 2.70%.


Play Video Poker Instead of Slot Machines

In slot machines, we mostly talk about the payback percentages rather than the house edge. However, the payback percentage is the house edge subtracted from 100%. Thus, if a slot machine has a 95% payback percentage, it means that you expect to win back 95% of your wager.

However, most slot machines do not list their payback percentages, and some of them are just highlighted as theoretical rates which could be something like 92.4% -96%. With this, there is no way to guess which rate will be used in your gamble.

With video poker machines, the payback is usually clearly outlined in the paytable, and some of the best games can pay up to 99% with the worst paying back at 95% or more.


Strive to Learn and Master Blackjack Basic Strategy

Blackjack is among the most popular casino games, and if you are just a newbie, you could be dealing with a house edge of up to 4% or more. However, when you get to learn some of the basic strategies, you can manage to reduce this house edge to as less as 1% based on the rules and the table conditions.

So, what is the basic strategy? This involves incorporating the mathematically best play. For instance, in blackjack, you always split 8s or aces, and this is the mathematically best play. Any other decision other than this will lead to a higher house edge.

Now, let’s take a case where you decide to play 60 hands per hour for $30 per hand. This will cost you $1800 per hour. If you are not following the basic strategy and if you are making a lot of mistakes, you can expect to lose $72 hour.

If you are using the basic strategy and incur the 1% house edge, you will only lose $18 per hour.


If You Choose to Play Craps, Stick With the Simplest Bets

There are tons of bets at the craps table which can be overwhelming. However, you will find the best odds with the easiest bets (the bets at the edge of the table). However, the inside bets have a higher house edge.

The easiest bets are the pass bets (bet that the shooter will win) and don’t pass (bet that the shooter will lose) bets. Notably, the shooter wins on the come-out roll if she rolls a 7 or an 11. She, however, loses in the come out if she rolls a 2,3 or 12.

In the case where she rolls another number other than the ones mentioned above, a point will be set, and she will continue to roll the dice until she rolls the point again (wins) or rolls 7(losses) whichever comes first.

The pass bet has a 1.41% house edge

The don’t pass bet has a 1.36% house edge

You will be better off betting on either the ‘don’t pass’ or ‘pass’ bet rather than the proposition bets in the middle of the table. For example, the ‘Any 7’ bet pays off at 4 to 1, but has a house edge of up to 16.9%.


Play Slowly and Take Breaks

Although this will not increase your chances of winning, it will, for sure, reduce the expected hourly loss.

For example; if you are playing 500 hands per hour at $10 per hand. You will be placing $5000 into action per hour. With a house edge of 6%, you will expect a loss of $300 per hour.

Now, if you decide to play 300 hands per hour at $10 per hand while playing slowly and taking lots of breaks. You will end up putting $3000 into action per hour. With the same house edge, you will only lose $180 per hour.


7 Tips to Beat the Odds at the Casino

Where you are a beginner or a seasoned player looking to shift to a new casino, we have outlined some useful tips to help you choose the best Online Casino.

  • Look out for Progressive Jackpots Games

    The best thing about online casino games is that you have access to numerous progressive jackpot games. With such games, the jackpot keeps growing with every wager placed until someone wins. We don’t recommend breaking your bankroll trying to land the fortune since the chances are limited but it would not be a bad idea to risk a few dollars for a chance to land the big prize. Some of biggest progressive jackpots are linked to slot games and some table games.

  • Find Games with a Low House Edge

    The house edge is a measure of how much the Casino pays and it is always advisable to settle for casino games that have low house edge per bet. As discussed above, in the Craps table, the proposition bets in the middle of the table have significantly higher house edge compared to the bets at the edge of the table.

  • Check the Promotion section of the Casino

    Don’t miss out on free money. The promotion section features some incentives and bonuses on offer which could include: Sign up bonus, welcome bonus, deposit and no-deposit bonus among others. These offers come in handy and provide an extra bankroll to keep you playing for longer.

  • Check the Bonus Terms and Conditions

    The bonuses and promotions can offer great value, but you should always remember to check the terms and conditions before accepting them. In most cases, the bonus terms and conditions highlight the required wagering requirements before any winnings obtained from the bonus can qualify to be withdrawn.

  • Start with the Demo Version for New Games

    Always test new games by playing the demo version before risking your money. This will help you understand the game controls and also get an idea of the gameplay.

  • Always Keep Track of Your Spending and Take Regular Breaks

    Tracking your spending and proper money management is essential if you want to keep playing for longer. This includes setting limits of how much you are prepared to spend and making sure you stick to it. Taking regular breaks is also important since it gives you time to clear your head and have time to assess your progress.

  • Don’t Chase Losses

    If you find yourself on a losing streak, it is important to take a break from your session and understand that attempting to gain it back quickly can lead to more losses. Making rash decisions when emotional can lead to placing a bigger wager or higher risk bets with a poor house edge, which will, in the end, harm your bankroll. Recognizing a downward spiral and accepting such losses will help you counter the temptation to bet past your set limit.

Final Word

The coronavirus pandemic has affected every industry and the sports betting industry has not been spared the wrath. With the suspension of major sports events such as EPL, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, NCAA, NHL, MLB, and NBA among others, most betters are looking for other betting options to keep them engaged during this quarantine period. Luckily, sportsbooks such as 1XBet , 22Bet , Bet9ja , Bet Bonanza, and Interwetten offers a wide range of sports betting alternatives such as casino , Virtual Sports, Esports and Zoom Soccer.

Read our guide to Esports Betting here.

We have also an extensive article about Virtual Sports here.

Since we don’t know when the sporting events will resume, I honestly think that we should take this time to explore other betting opportunities offered by bookies other than live sports. If you have never gambled in a casino, take this time during quarantine to learn about the various betting opportunities. I have never ventured into financial betting, but to get my mind out of the current panic mood, I am considering giving it a shot. The best thing is that numerous online resources can guide you on how to play, and you can start with the free versions where you don’t have to wager with real money. Test new betting and gambling opportunities today! Stay Safe! Stay Alert, not Anxious.


Casino Games FAQs

Is casino gambling better than sports betting?

There isn’t a yes or no answer to whether casino gambling is better than sports betting since it all narrows down to preferences. From another aspect, sports betting seems better since your winnings are based on knowledge as well as luck while as most casino games are only based on luck.

Is casino gambling profitable?

Most people can’t and will not profit from gambling since the house always stacks the odds against players. But some people are lucky to beat these odds. Casino gambling is designed as an entertainment service, but if you are lucky, you could win the lottery.

Are online casinos fair?

Yes, the games’ outcomes are fair. Casinos don’t have to ‘rig’ their games to make profits. The fact that they already have a house advantage ensures they are profitable in the long run.

Is it legal to play in online casinos?

Whether playing online casinos is legal or illegal depends on the gambling regulations of your country. Nonetheless, gambling is legal in Most African countries, including Kenya and Nigeria.

Click here to read our extensive guide to sports betting in Nigeria.

We have similar betting guide for Kenya and betting guide for South Africa.

What is the house advantage?

The house advantage is a mathematical edge maintained by gambling operators which gives the house an upper hand in making a profit in the long term.

What are the top sports betting alternatives?

Top sports betting alternatives include casino gambling, virtual sports betting, esports betting, and betting on financials, politics, weather, and entertainment.


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