How to avoid your betting account from being restricted

If you, the punter do not treat your account with care, you may end up being blocked from accessing it. Bookmakers always have their terms and conditions which must be adhered by any of the punters. Most people tend to neglect to read those instructions and instead choose to skip that part. Since most of you do this, let me highlight for you the things that when you do will lead to the closure or suspension of your accounts. Even then, not all of what I am going to mention in a moment are found under the “terms and conditions” section, but they are still legal rules that bookmakers can apply at any time they want.

Never falsify your information whenever you are having an issue with the bet you placed or your account or anything else. The penalties of this act could cause some serious damages that you had not even thought of. As long as you are being frank to them and yourself, nothing serious will happen to your account.

Be careful with the way you keep making your profits. If by any chance you constantly make profits every time you bet, no bookmaker will most certainly allow that to happen under their watch. Since bookmakers are there to make money, they will not entertain bettors who do that on their behalf. Therefore, even if you are the best professional bettor, try not to be making profits every time. The bookmakers will lock you out as there is no law that will prevent them from doing that.

Unfortunately, there are some regions in the world that the bookmakers have blacklisted due to some past irregularities in betting that were experienced in those regions. Any punter coming from that region is normally affected no matter whether they are clean or not. The bookmakers often have such information on their databases and so therefore anybody trying to log in from that region or tried to register their selves, they automatically get disqualified. If that happens to you the punter, it is advisable to relocate to a different region that is safer for punters.

Avoid betting on marked bets. These are bets that the bookmakers put them on their radars. Anyone who bets on those matches or events are watched closely. If the same punters keep betting on those marked bets more than twice, then they risk losing their accounts. The bookmakers may think that there are some inside jobs going on between those punters and the staff members. Bookmakers are the only ones who know about the marked bets. That is how they catch the bad guys.

Never ever in anyway try to misuse the promotions that the bookmakers offer to you. If in any case you only bet because of the free bets or promotions that are there, then your accounted could be suspended at any time. The bookmaker has every right to stop you from accessing their services since they consider you the troublemaker person as you are not making them any money at all.
Using more than one account on the same bookmaker is illegal. Not all bookmakers restrict that but the likes of bet365 are very strict in following this rule. Bookmakers will block you especially when they realise that you have been using more than one account and that all those accounts have been making you some money.

Everyone is prone to error and so do bookmakers. So, in case a bookmaker makes an error in the odds and punters realise it, that bet will definitely get disregarded when the bookmaker realises it. Anyone who registered immediately and took advantage of that error will obviously get blocked. Those who had registered with that bookmaker earlier will not have their accounts closed but instead get the bet disqualified. The others bets will remain unaffected.
It is important to note that the amount being deposited into the punter’s account may also cause trouble. As a punter, never try to get closer to the maximum allowed deposit and start placing football bets with large stakes. This may land you in trouble as the bookmaker may realise this and decide to close your account anytime they feel like.

The maximum amount to be withdrawn that the bookmaker allows is also another tricky rule. Professional punters need to be vigilant with this rule as withdrawing huge amount of money from the bookmaker account may trigger alarms to the bookmaker. The bookmaker in turn may respond by temporarily closing your account until they make sure that the money you are withdrawing is really genuine and yours.

It is a tricky situation to withdraw the money after the match ends and you win the bet. As for you, you might think that it is normal to do that but as for the bookmaker, it will think that you are rushing into things and that could cause suspicion on their sides. So, to avoid such things from happening, it is better if you leave the bet or you win for some time. Withdraw money later on even if you are in urgent need of the money.

Operating on betting exchanges is another way to invite problems into your accounts. Betting exchanges being the site where punters and tipsters converge and discuss bets or offer bets on sport events like football matches. Some bookmakers do not allow such habits and therefore when they realise or catch a punter who does that, they will not hesitate to terminate the punters account. However, some bookmakers do not mind when betting exchanges take place. Bookmakers like Ladbrokes and Betfair do support such habits and therefore do not end up closing any punters’ account.

Lastly, do not try to be funny by using a huge stake on a single match especially if the odds are higher. This may raise a flag on bookmaker end and may end up locking your account especially if you win the bet. The bookmaker might think that you know something and that is why you placed such amount on that bet.

Therefore, it is always wise to stay under the radar if you want to stay in the professional field of betting for quite longer.



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