About bonuses and rewards

About bonuses and rewards

Bonuses and rewards are what make so many customers excited. I do get excited too when I am told that I will be among the beneficiaries of bonuses. Anyway, bookmakers too have a way or rewarding their loyal customers or awarding bonuses to their new customers or players, even though not all of the bookmakers do this to their customers. Only the top bookmakers have the ability to do that without the fear of causing any financial imbalances in their accounts. These bookmakers are the likes of bet365, Unibet, Ladbrokes, William Hill, Betway, and Coral. I will take a sample of bookmakers and use them to illustrate to you how they offer bonuses and rewards to their customers.
As usual, I will start with bet365. The way it offers the deposit bonuses to its new clients is by doubling any amount that they have deposited as long as it is between €20 and €100. Anything after that, the percentage is changed from 100 to something less than that but also at a certain proportion. It is better when these things are shown by example.

For €20 first deposit, €20 welcome deposit is added to it to make €40 in total.
For €40 first deposit, €40 welcome deposit is added on top of it to make €80 in total.
For €80 first deposit, €80 deposit bonus is added to it, and a total of €160 is reflected on the punter’s account.
For €20 initial deposit, €100 is added on top of it as a deposit bonus. The final amount will be €200.
And finally, anything above €100 as the first deposit attracts a certain percentage like say 25 as the deposit bonus.
Even then, these deposit bonuses do come with some conditions. The one condition that all the bookmakers do emphasize on is called the rollover rate. This is the amount of wager that the bettor must use in betting in order to withdraw those deposit bonuses. The rate is normally 3-6x. This is calculated in the following way. It is the amount deposited by the punter plus the deposit bonuses and then multiplying the total by 3.
That is, Wagers = (punter’s deposit + deposit bonus) * 3. So, if the punter made a deposit of €100, the wager will be €600 ((€100+€100) *3)

Bonuses are of different types so to speak. What I mentioned is deposit bonus type. There are others which include free bets, welcome bonus, reward bonus, insured bet, profit boost, and refer a friend. The various top bookmakers have different names for these types of bonuses. But the concept remains the same across all the bookmakers. I will describe some of them using different the other bookmakers.
Let us describe what a “refer a friend” reward is, using Unibet. This is the bonus that a punter gets when he/she refers another bettor to that bookmaker and then registers him/herself there. Once these new members make a deposit of a certain amount and start placing a bet, the referrer gets a certain percentage that has been specified. Take, for example, you the punter who has been in the field for a very long time, have a friend who wants to join the betting team. For you to be able to get the “refer a friend” bonus, there is a link that you will have to share with your friend. The link will be shared via your email. As long as that friend of yours uses that link to register their selves with Unibet, you will stand a higher chance of getting the bonuses since that person will most certainly make a deposit at some point and start placing bets. This offer is really good since both parties get to benefit. The referrer gets the “refer a friend” bonus while the referred gets the “welcome bonus”.

Still hanging around at Unibet bookmaker, there is another type of bonus called “free bet”. All the top bookmakers have this type. The conditions accompanying this bonus are pretty much the same across the entire bookmakers. There is a slight difference between this type of bonus and the “deposit bonus”. While the latter is withdraw able at some point, the “free bet” bonus can never be withdrawn. What happens to it is that a punter is allowed to place a bet using them only once and then any winnings that they get from using those bonuses can be withdrawn.

There is this other bonus called “reward bonus”. Well, at least most bookmakers call it that way. It is very little compared to other bonuses but the good thing about it is that it has no restrictions at all. Once you, the punter, earns them, you can choose to do anything you want with them. You can withdraw them, use them to place bets on some matches or anything else really. The choice is yours to make. However, there are some conditions that must be fulfilled first before you get the reward bonuses. The punter might have to wager a certain amount of money say, € 1500 in order to get a reward bonus of €100. The goodness is that it is not a must for the punter to spend all the €1500. Any wins do count in this matter. Once the €1500 mark is reached, the bookmaker is then obliged to release the “reward bonus” money to the punter’s account.
Lastly, I think it is fair for me to talk about the most common bonus that is there. The “Welcome” bonus. I will use William Hill bookmaker to explain this type of bonus. This bonus is normally used to lure new customers. Like for the case of William Hill, any punter who registers with them and uses a promo code that they offer, then make a small deposit of say €10, will be guaranteed a bonus of up to € 30 in free bets. The same applies to the other bookmakers except that their “welcome bonus” amount varies.



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