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Away team highest scoring half

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The ability of the away team to score goals in either half side of the match is dependent on so many factors. Those factors, which by the way the punters need to try and answer them, are the defensive style used by the home team, the current form of both teams, the players motivation of both teams, teams news from both sides, away team's goal scoring records, playground status, weather, and maybe the intention of the match.

What the punters should look for in factors like weather and playground includes checking of the weather of the surrounding environment. If the punter predicts that there might be a rainfall during the either of the halves of the game, then there is a higher chance that the half with rainfall might have low goal scoring compared to the other half.

The playground status also matters a lot in making the right decision. If the playground is not that good, the away team may fail to score goals in the first half since the players from that team might still be trying to familiarise themselves with the pitch. Once they are familiar with it, they might then score more goals in the second period of that same match.

All these factors need to be looked at by the player/gambler. Once they get the correct stats, they can then comfortably proceed to bet on whatever they think is right, knowing that they have something close to maybe 80% of getting that bet.

The odds for this wager do vary depending on the away team. If the away team is the big favourite, it means that the odds will be lower and vice-versa is also true.
Here is a simple illustration to support my arguments.

Away team highest scoring half
1st half (-201)2nd half (+150)Tie (-226)

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