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Esoccer | Esoccer Liga Pro | Esoccer Battle Explained + Predictions

Covid-19 pandemic is the focal point of news today in which it as upended the gambling industry where we have seen all major sports leagues suspended across the globe. So to begin most of us might have come across the word Esports in the popular games attached to the League of Legends, Counterstrike and Dota2 games. But have you heard about the term esoccer battle and esoccer Liga pro? Well, you need not worry as I will be explaining in details the step by step process that will guide you through this new exciting games esoccer battle, esoccer Liga pro. Understanding esoccer battle, esoccer Liga pro, how to follow results as it unfolds, the final result and tips and strategy how to bet on esoccer battle, how to live stream the games and the best predictions site out there.

So, you shouldn't be shy to try these new exciting games and win big even if they are no sports to bet on due to the pandemic. So relax and read through this article as I unlock the secret of esoccer battle and esoccer Liga pro.


Nigerian betting sites that offer esoccer

  • Esport battle available for bettors
  • Liga pro available for bettors
  • Esport pro player cup
  • Electronic league/Esports battle available
  • Liga pro available for punters
  • Fifa Pro player cup available for punters
  • Esoccer battle available to stake
  • Esoccer Liga pro availebe to wager
  • Esoccer Fifa pro player cup available to stake on

Understanding Esoccer battle: Esoccer La Liga & others

The term esoccer battle mainly is under the football category, might be new to some punters. Still, I believe most us that follow football games on TV you might have played video games growing up or watch two friends playing against each other on FIFA20, or EA Sports games on the famous play station games (PS), or Xbox player console game. The idea behind esoccer is simple (Esports football). Sportsbook operators have allowed punters to make money from the regular video games (Esports) that we usually play for fun. Still, this time around it will not be you against a computer or your friend.

Read our guide to Esports Betting here.

Nevertheless, you will rather stake on your favourite team that will be represented by the player that are professional in the field of playing esoccer battle game in which there have taking this as a career job. For example, your field of study in school you are a professional in your area; that’s how this professional has mastered their skills to be professionals.

Hence, you need not worry about staking on esoccer battle. However, some of the exciting features of esoccer action (eSports) are that there are four games played basically at the same time. Several different tournaments played during the day; it covers various competitions between some the favourite leagues.

The first tournament is between Premier League clubs, the second tournament between Bundesliga teams. At the same time other matches like the Champions League, Europa League, and Euro 2020, while you can also find the night version of Champions League games, Esoccer La Liga, English Premier League, Bundesliga etc. Punters can stake on its favourite team, e.g. Manchester City (DM1TRENA) Vs Manchester United (MOONEYCB). Punters might be wondering about the other name in bracket beside the regular football team logo it represents the name of the player (professional) that will play against each other.

Punters should note the event last for 8minute meaning first half is 4 minutes the second half is 4 minutes, making it a total of 8minute action pack event. Hence esoccer battle offers around 200 games per day at the moment, over 300 on some days at the same time some of the betting markets punters will find on esoccer battle include 1X2 betting, Double chance, Over/Under 2.5, GG/NG, Draw no Bet (DNB), Home/Away to Score, HNB, ANB among others.

Note the most exciting part is bettors can live stream esoccer battle on Twitch, or Youtube read the live stream part below to know more on how to Livestream on this channel.


Understand Esoccer liga pro

Esoccer Liga pro is under football category as the esoccer battle. It has two different competitions during the day basically day and night tournament. esoccer Liga pro games are usually 12 minutes long, and while some game played at the same time. It is five professional players playing the competition in a group system; followed by Semifinals, Third place match and Final. Often between different tournament during the day teams and players are changing for the most part. Something punters should keep in mind!

Note esoccer Liga pro players are not playing with real teams. These means there is nothing of the sort of like Chelsea vs. Manchester United, unlike esoccer battle. Still, you will find something of this format EZ1 Ez1d vs. Team Ruspro there can also be players like Icon Drogba and Kanu that's why it's essential to use Football365 to check how the players performed against each other in the previous days.


How to check esoccer live score and result

I will be explaining to you the best process to check esoccer battle result and how you could follow the games in real-time as the event unfolds. Checking the final result and live event is as simple as ever. Simply follow the link below or type esoccer battle on Google page navigates through the channels of the platform to check the final result and live event. At the same time, you can as well check league table should, in case the stake of the previous game is not in your favour.

You could decide to wage for the upcoming fixture as matches in a day is over 300 matches daily usually from the above leagues mentioned or check your favourite bookie platform for the next events lined up for the day. For further information, make sure to track esoccer battle fixtures, results and standings or you can even follow eSports Battle on Facebook.


How to check liga pro result, live score

It is the same step as checking the esoccer battle league. Checking the live matches or the final result is as simple as you could imagine. Click on the first page shown then navigate through the channels to click on the outcome or live ticker to check live event that is in-play. Is it not simple why not you don’t try it out?


Tips and strategy how to bet on esoccer battle

I believed by now you've understood the term esoccer battle and esoccer Liga pro what it entails checking the esoccer battle result, keeping up-to-date of the live event as the game proceed. Hopefully, this section I expect you to read through this section word for word as this aspect is one of the most exciting parts of our review. So I will be pinpointing the tips and strategy of how to bet on esoccer battle and win big.

Simply go to your favourite bookie page select eSport battle select the team you intend to stake on, for example, Arsenal (Skromuy) vs. Manchester City (Lomik). It is essential to take into consideration that players get the teams almost randomly meaning Lomik, for example, could be representing Manchester United while Skromnuy could be representing Chelsea FC in the next lined up fixtures.

So it's essential also to note that it is a player playing against a player, not the team playing against another team. So when comparing the result to make a tip or prediction out from this game, you as a punter you need to check how Skromnuy has played against Lomik in the last five matches. So you need to consider it before you stake.

Note: it is advisable to check the statistics of the player's previous games rather than making a prediction based on the team strength. Meaning, you feel Manchester city in the real-life football match is a walkover for the lower team you must base your decision on the player performance not on the side. Check any of the links below for player’s performance:


How to live stream esoccer battle games

One of the most exciting features of the esoccer battle games is you can Livestream the matches. So you could follow the games you've wage on as it unfolds. Doing this will give you insight into the performance of the players you staked on as well as give you that fun and entertainment. Imagine watching a live broadcast of real-life football matches isn't it refreshing to have such a great experience while not try it out. For live streaming visit any of the links below:

Youtube (Channel: eSports Battle FIFA)
Twitch (Channel: ESB FIFA 1)
Twitch (Channel: ESB FIFA 2)
Twitch (Channel: ESB FIFA 3)
Twitch (Channel: ESB FIFA 4)

We have also a list of best betting sites with Live Streaming here. 


Prediction site for esoccer battle

In this article, our priority is to guide you on esoccer battle. Still, guiding you without helping you to achieve your aim of winning big is inconclusive. So our teams of experts at soccerbetting365 have been able to pinpoint the best tipster page out there that could guide you with your prediction even if you have clouded your judgment based on the guides we’ve been able to provide through the article. Hopefully, we have been able to research the tipster page you could use that could guide you through your predictions before staking on the esoccer battle game. Simply visit forebet.com and navigate through the channel to check other predictions.

Note: only stake the amount you know you can afford to lose.



Hopefully, since I have to take you through all that could guide in the process esoccer battle on the esoccer battle and soccer Liga pro games offered. As stated above the aim of this article is for us to guide you also to win big on this exciting new games as I drop down the cutting of my pen so, in conclusion, let us take the maximum out of this current situation and take a moment to enjoy Esoccer battle. If you are searching for similar yet different betting options try Zoom Soccer on bet9ja or Virtual Sports offered by many other bookmakers.

Adeleye Awakan is a writer which is specifically for the Africa gaming industry, with over 4 years writing about African gaming industry, particularly thoughtful leadership Articles, bookmakers review and other sectors of Africa gaming space.



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