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Premier League Betting Guide Nigeria 2024: Best Tips, Stats and Betting Markets

In this Premier League Betting guide we will give the most practical tips for players who are looking to bet, and make profit on the English Premier League.

Premier League Betting Tips – Insider Tips to win big on Premier League games. 

Premier League Statistics – In a long run it's all about stats, check where to find the best ones.

How to Choose the Best Betting Site For Premier League Betting.

Popular Premier League Betting Markets – Learn what are the best betting markets in Premier League.

Premier League History & Facts – A real treat for every Premier League fan!


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Premier League Betting Tips

We are diving right straight into the reason why we believe you’re reading this article in the first place. We are certain you want to find out how you can make the most profit from Premier League betting, while keeping the losses minimal. So, let’s get to it then!

Value Betting

The Bookmakers are smart, but you need to be smarter if you intend to make profit in the long run from your Premier League Betting enterprise. That’s where Value betting comes in. A value bet is where the chances of a given match outcome is greater than what the bookmakers odds reflect. To understand a value, think in terms of a coin toss. Typically, a coin lands on its heads or tail. Now if Bookmaker A offers 2.10 odds for the coin to land on heads, and Bookmaker B provides 1.90 odds for the same outcome, it is very clear that you can make more from Bookmaker A than B, despite the same outcome chance.

To be completely honest, detecting a value bet in actual Premier League matches is not as easy as a coin. But, we will walk you through some important things to look out for. You can spot Value betting by making very detailed analysis. How does this work?

Take for example, a game between Watford and Liverpool, with odds 1.25, and 4.25 given respectively for each team to win. In this case, Liverpool is surely the bigger team, with a winning streak to protect. However, considering the fatigue that has clearly rocked the team of late, and the fact that Watford has the home advantage and fresher set of feet, backing Watford to win, or atleast draw seems like a valuable bet. Though, there are usually more nuances, and each team has its peculiar statistics. You will find information as you read on.

You can find our more detailed article about Value Betting here. 


Underdog Betting/Handicap Betting

The Premier League is a very volatile league. Take a look at this. In the last season (2018/2019) of the English Premier League, the underdogs defied the bookmaker’s pre-game odds to win in 89 matches, out of 380. That translates to an upset in 1 of every 4 matches. This means if you are brave enough, you can easily make profit by backing the unlikely team to win.

However, betting on the underdog usually means betting against public opinion, so you will simply run into a loss by backing the underdogs everytime. Doing proper research is very important in deciding when it is likely for a lesser team to spring a surprise, and also whether you might make profit or not.

The perfect example would be the second-leg game between Burnley Vs Manchester City, in the 2014/2015 campaign. For starters, Burnley is known for its defensive prowess, and they had managed to draw City in the first leg at Etihad. City has also been on a bad run coming into the particular game, and any smart punter would have suspected an upset. However, the bookmakers gave very large odds to Burnley, to trick the public, and indicate they’re very likely to lose. Only for Burnley to go ahead and stun everyone. In this case, an experienced punter would have known Burnley was not likely to lose, (at least by a wide margin), and this is where Handicapped Betting shines.

Handicapped betting on the underdogs is the main key to success in Premier League Betting. This is because underdog teams are termed that for a reason, they don’t usually win against the favourites. But here is the thing, they don’t always lose (by wide margins) as well!

Handicapped betting works where there are points added to the deemed underdog, either to win, or not to lose. The example given above works very well here.

Handicapped Betting on the underdogs is one of the surest ways to make profit in the Premier League, and it is quite a competitive League, and surprises and upsets tend to spring every now and then.


Premier League Statistics

Statistics and history streaks play a very strong factor in Premier League Betting. This is because most teams have managed to build rivalries over time and certain patterns are bound to repeat themselves.

As always, do your homework before you even think about parting with your hard earned cash. There are just so many variables with sport that instinct alone is simply not enough. As an example, a team that starts the season with an attacking style of play but replaced their manager for a more defensive minded coach which will almost certainly witness an impact on their star striker’s choices of finishing as the league’s top scorer. It is factors such as this that we need to pay attention to.

On a week-by-week basis, you must take in to account all the influencing factors that could determine the result of your bet. Mid-season transfers, injuries and suspensions would all come under this remit, as would head to head records and whether or not a side is playing at home or away. Recent form is another one of the more important research points to study. It’s also important you have a look at the starting line-ups before putting money on a game. With that in mind, 1x2stats is a great resource for those looking to expand their research.

Let us consider some important statistics and History patterns below.


Home Advantage

Home advantage is a real thing in the English Premier League, and it is some players must pay careful attention to. Some teams are known to consider their home Stadium a fortress, and they play with extra vigor on this soil. According to statistics, home advantage is as much as 0.5 points per games. Teams that have played in the Premier League in the last 5 seasons have averaged 1 point a game away from home, but at home, they averaged about 1.5 points a game. The implication of this is that home advantage is worth at least 0.5 points per game, compared to matches played away.



Derbies in the premier league usually add a whole different flavour and thrill to the game. This is because there is usually pride and bragging rights at stake for both teams, and you can expect both teams to throw in their best efforts. Instead of straight winning therefore, we will advise players to back goal options in games of this nature, since past statistics have shown a propensity for high goals scoring in Premier League Derbies.


Winning/Losing Streaks

Streaks are very important statistics to consider in premier league betting. On the one one hand, teams on a winning streak are looking to preserve this form and carry it on, while teams on a losing streak may be looking to muster the big win. This will definitely affect the dynamics of the game.

On the flipside however, teams on a winning will tend to have accumulated fatigue, and there are likely slip up sooner than later. Also, teams on a losing streak may suffer from lack of confidence and morale, and may even plunge deeper into losses. Therefore, it is super important for players to be very familiar with the current form of each team on a streak, so they can make an accurate prediction.


In-depth Analysis

This is the biggest tip we can give players. It will be incredibly hard for a player to succeed in the English Premier League betting without in-depth analysis. Yes, football is a game of chance, but you can make these chances work in your favour if you can take time to do deep study. For example, some teams in the premier league rarely lose at Home ground. Some are famous for defence tactics. Some play corners more often. Some commit fouls more regularly. All these are statistics that you can uncover if you can take the time to do your analysis, and implement them in your betting patterns.


Premier League Matchup Analyzer

The matchup Analyzer is the perfect tool for any punter who takes statistics very seriously. You can use this tool by simply selecting the season and the two competing clubs and compare the matchup data across a range of statistical models available. There many decent sites that offer this services and some of the statistics you can match up include:
• Last 5 games results of the teams
• League Standings of football teams
• Goals scored and conceded in the last 5 games by the teams
• Team’s goal scoring and conceding rates in regular season
• Performances comparison charts of the teams
• Both teams to score statistics of the teams, and many others.


How to Choose the Best Betting Site For Premier League Betting

Sometimes, you may be confused on which bookmaker to place your bet with, simply because they’re quite a lot of them. However, when it comes to pitching your tent with a Premier League bookmaker, here are some of the most important things to look out for. Also, it is worth bearing in mind that you can find even better odds on betting exchange markets.


Betting Site Reputation and Media Profile

These days, the internet makes it super easy to find out the reputation and track record of companies online. You can easily find out what a bookmaker reputation looks like online by doing a simple search. You will be able to see the kind of complaints customers have made regarding their services, and how they have responded to these complaints. This will be properly advise you on whether they are a great company to jump in bed with, or not.


The Range of Premier League Markets Available

The more options you have to play with, the more your winning chances. It is very advisable you play only with bookmakers who have a wide range of premier league betting markets, so you can spread out your chances of winning. See the list of most popular betting terms and markets here. 


The In-Play Betting Markets System

The Live play option, or inplay, is a very huge part of sports betting. There are players who are only interesting in live markets only, because they believe they can manipulate the fluidity to their advantage. It is important that the In-play betting system of a betting site is solid, as this will aid your chances of winning. Read our extensive guide to Live Betting here. 


The cash Out System

Sometimes, the only way to win on your bet is to cash out. However, not every bookmaker has this option integrated, and it is advisable that you play only with operators who has this option. Check our extensive guide to Cash Out betting here.


Welcome Bonus and Additional Offers

These kind of offers have a way of helping players get on their feet. You can accumulate your winnings with these offers, or even use them to play for free as soon as you sign up. You need to pitch your tent with bookmakers that offer generous bonus and offers. Click here for an ultimate list list of Free Bets in Nigeria. 


Mobile and App compatibility

Everyone loves to play on-the-go, and you can only do this if there is a compatible mobile app for your device. Your desired bookmaker must have a smooth mobile app designed to aid your overall playing experience. Check our extensive guide to best betting apps in Nigeria here.


Popular Premier League Betting Markets

Players need to be familiar with the types of prediction they can make on a typical Premier League Match. Of course, there are several options, and we cannot possibly exhaust them in this guide. However, we will give a short introduction of the most popular ones.


1×2 Betting Market

For those that simply wish to bet the standard home win, draw or away win we would recommend the 1X2 football betting market which some sites might refer to as Three Way, Full Time Result or Match Betting. Essentially, the three possible outcomes of a given match are represented by 1 which is for a home win, 2 for an away win and X for the draw. For further bettor’s insurance, it is possible to combine two of the three possible outcomes, using a Double Chance bet where you choose to bet on 1X, X2, or 12 which basically means home win or draw, draw or away win, and home win or away win. Obviously, doubling up will provide with a greater chance of winning but for reduced odds.

Check out our full 1X2 football betting guide here.


Win half time full time

One popular football betting market among for those looking for value is the Half Time / Full Time odds in which bettors are required to correctly predict what the outcome of each half of a football match will be. There are nine possible outcomes in this particular betting market depending on how you combine teams wins and draws.

Owing to the fact that there are nine possible outcomes with this betting market, there are bigger odds available than your average 1X2 betting market, in which there are only three outcomes.


Season long outrights

The obvious place to start is the season long outright betting market. Whether it be the eventual winner – who could ever have predicted Leicester winning in 2016 with odds of 5000/1 – or a top four finish or even to get relegated. Then there bets such on individual people such as first manager sacked in any given season, player of the year or top scorer. You name it, there’s a market for it. Check our extensive guide to Outright Betting here. 


Win from behind

A To Win From Behind bet is a wager where you back a team that will losing at any point in the game but will ultimately go on to triumph. Because your chosen team to win needs to be losing at some point and thus will need more than one goal, your odds on this market will generally be greater than a straight out win. Check out our detailed To Win From Behind betting guide here.


Top scorer betting

This particular bet is as old as the game itself. Well, almost anyway. Put very simply, while this bet can be laid at any time of the season, it works better in the preseason and simply involves you nominating a player in the Premier League to be the highest goal scorer come May. You can back your prediction up with a little money happy in the knowledge that joint top scorers- it was a three way split in 2019 – count.


Relegation / Top 4

Another one that works better preseason is deciding which teams you fancy will finish in the top 4. This basically means European Champions League qualification, and you can also bet on which teams, or three teams, will end up occupying the bottom three places meaning they will be spending the following season toughing it out one degree under in the English Football Championship.


Over/Under X Amount Of Goals

Over/under X amount of goals betting is another one of the most popular football betting markets and works because it doesn’t require you to pick a winner or an exact score line. Just simply pick a minimum number of goals that will be scored in any given match. Bookies offer a huge selection of possible final goal totals for a match and the odds will differ accordingly depending on the likeliness of the outcome. Naturally, the most popular goal margin to bet on is 2.5 goals. Check our extensive guide to Over/Under Betting here. 


Premier League Points Handicap

Handicap betting, where each club in the Premier League is given a points handicap before a ball is even kicked, has always proved to be a popular market among the betting community. Very briefly, it works by capping the preseason favourite to win the league at scratch, or a points mark of 0. All of the teams in the league are then assigned a points mark right the way down to the relegation candidates who can usually be backed for around the +40 points mark. Over the course of the Premier League season, the points accumulated in real life are added to their handicap points and the club with the greatest amount of combined points is the winner of this particular market.


Both Teams to Score (GG/NG)

Both Teams to Score (BTTS or GG), is a bet placed to back both teams playing the game to score in a match. You can also back the inverse of this option, meaning both teams not to score.


Accumulator Bet

An accumulator bet combines more than one selection at once, in a single wager. Thus, you need all the selections in the game to win, in order to win the wager. Although more risky, the winnings are much higher than a single bet.


Other Bets

The market is so massive that you can pretty much bet on the top 2, top 6, top or bottom 10. Even with relegation odds, you are not limited to just the clubs that you think will go down, you can even bet on whether a club can and will survive the drop. Typically, this market is listed as Will Stay Up and you can also find prices on Not To Finish Top 4, Not To Finish Top 6, To Finish Bottom and Top or Bottom At Christmas. Literally, something for everybody.


Premier League History

Prior to its formation, England’s football league was split between four divisions and numbered accordingly one through four. Following the Football Association’s (FA) breakaway, the top flight was cut adrift from the others and run independently. The shiny new 24-team Premiership went live on 15 August 1992 and Sheffield United’s Brian Deane scored its first ever goal after just 5 minutes as his team would go on to beat Manchester United.

The inaugural members of the Premier League were; Arsenal, Aston Villa, Blackburn Rovers, Chelsea, Coventry City, Crystal Palace, Everton, Ipswich Town, Leeds United, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Middlesbrough, Norwich City, Nottingham Forest, Oldham Athletic, Queens Park Rangers, Sheffield Utd, Sheffield Wednesday, Southampton, Tottenham Hotspur and Wimbledon.

In its first season, Manchester United were crowned champions, their first top flight in 26 years at the time. This season also witnessed the relegations of two-time European Cup winners Nottingham Forest, as well as Middlesbrough and Crystal Palace. The number of participants was reduced to 20 for the 1994-1995 season and has remained the same ever since.

In all, a total of 49 clubs have played in the Premier League since its inception and only six of these have been ever presents, participating in every campaign to date. These clubs are, unsurprisingly, Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool, Man Utd, and Tottenham.


Memorable Moments

In over a quarter of a century’s existence, the Premier League has thrown up more than its fair share of memorable moments. Below is but a mere taster of what this thrilling competition has given us in the past.


Leicester City 5000/1 Premier League Champions

Only 15 months prior to being crowned 2016 Premier League champions, Leicester City had pulled off a great escape when, having broken a tournament record of being bottom for 140 days, they avoided relegation against all odds. No other team has ever been bottom for so long and avoided relegation and yet somehow the newly promoted Foxes not only survived but finished in 14th place. Then, over the summer, Leicester fired manager Nigel Pearson, the man who had pulled off the remarkable feat. In his place came, Claudio Ranieri who, in a career that spanned 14 clubs, had never won a top-level championship at any of them. That, plus a team full of low league journeymen in a squad that was spending 1/8th of what the top teams spend, is why they started the season with an outright bookies price of 5000/1. Still, thanks to Premier League’s sheer knack for the amazing, it was a 5000/1 bet that came in all the same.


Manchester City’s Last Minute Title Win

If Leicester are the most remarkable winners in football’s modern era, then Manchester City’s title win in 2012 is the most remarkable victory. True, this wasn’t the best of goals and perhaps, on this occasion, City were had not been the most impressive of champions, but there simply has never been a more dramatic finish to the end of a Premiership season than this. And, for added good measure, it was played out between local rivals too. This was the season where everything boiled down to the literal last seconds with City chasing a goal that would settle the title itself and take it away from the bitter rivals at the same time. For The Citizens it would mean putting an end to a 44-year wait by beating their greatest rivals to first place and, thanks to a last kick of the match with a sweeping strike of Sergio Aguero’s boot, we were treated to a moment that would go down in history.



The Premier League is a bettor’s paradise but, don’t be fooled, profits don’t come easily. You must work for your success. But, given that there is an almost limitless amount of different bet types available, you are sure to find the best bet for you and, with a little extra work, you could be on your way to securing regular big wins before long. We have done our best to list as many bet variants, offer some betting wisdom and provide a history of the type of thing this league can throw up. If you’re familiar with the strategies we have proposed, then you are already one leg up on the competition. Now, keep confidence in yourself, your strategy and back the research you have wisely undertaken. And remember that no-one wins 100% of their bets, that’s just life. Now, it’s over to you.



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