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Result/Total goals

Unibet Sports Betting Review 2019

This is a type of wager/market that considers two factors. The first one is a case whereby one of the two football clubs competing has to win the match. The second being a scenario in which the total number of goals are also considered.

The two scenarios have to be true in order for the bettor to win the bet. Else, he/she automatically loses that bet even if one of the conditions is met.

Betting on this market is not that easy especially when it comes to predicting the number of goals that are to be scored in any football match. The winning part can be easily guessed. But, I am not encouraging punters to do some guesswork. In fact, guesswork is not good at all. You, the punter, only use guesswork when you do not have enough stats to support your decision especially when it comes to friendly matches.

The odds for this wager are extremely high since the probabilities of getting them right are normally very low, below 50%. Not all the bookmakers in the world offer such markets to their customers. It is only offered by the selected few that are the best in the world.

Illustrating it in a tabular form is always the best way for punters to understand this even without having to visit the bookies' websites.
CF New York Red bulls vs. Manchester United CF.

Result/Total goals
Win Draw Win
10 goals (17/5) 10 goals (19/4) 10 goals (11/5)
9 goals (16/7) 9 goals (15/5) 9 goals (11/7)

This is just a sample of how a bookmaker can decide to present this market to the customers. Different bookies have their various ways of displaying this market. If your bookie does not show it this way, do not worry because I know it is there. You only have to take another closer look. I am sure you will find it.

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