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Best bookmakers for live betting

Best bookmakers for live betting

As a punter, I believe you know what a bookmaker and live betting mean. If you don’t know them, a bookmaker is an organization(s) or an individual(s) who takes bets on sports like football, rugby, boxing and the rest at odds that have been widely accepted. Live betting, on the other hand, means the ability to place bets on matches that are ongoing. Those matches could be professional football, rugby, boxing, basketball, cycling, etc. But, for your own sake, I will be touching on Professional football live betting.

The best bookmakers that offer live betting are largely from Europe. They include Unibet, Coral, bet365, betway, William Hill, betVictor, and ComeOn. Each of these has a way of broadcasting live matches to their users. However, they are not really that different from one another. Hang on, I will show you how they work and give you one or two live football matches that you can bet on using any of the bookmakers' account.
To start with, let us take a look at how bet365 works. You, the punter needs to log into your account first. From there, you will be able to see “Live In-Play” at the left section of the page or “In-Play” at the menu bar. Clicking on either of these two will take you to live football matches. For example, there are Magwe FC vs. Global FC competing for AFC Cup at the moment. So far, these teams are at a one-all draw after 75 minutes of play. The odds for both teams to win the match keep varying. Magwe FC has odds of 15/2 while those of Global FC are at 6/4 though the odds are bound to change anytime soon. This, therefore means that when you place your stake of €2 on Magwe FC and this team wins, you will get a payoff of €15 and thus a total of €17 including your stake. The same applies to Global FC except that your stake will be €4 and a payoff of €6. In total, your account will have 10€ more inclusive of your stake. You can explore the several betting options that are available for you and/or place bets there.

William Hill live betting have awarded Magwe FC odds of 9.00 and Global FC odds of 2.70 for either of them to win the match. The two teams are still at a stalemate of 1-1. One thing you need to know about William Hill though is that for any punter to stream a match, he or she must have placed a bet on that match otherwise, he/she will only see the results of the match while it happens. For any punter to get the total amount he/she expects from this much, he/she should multiply the stake with those odds. Whatever answer he/she gets, is the final amount that will be credited to their accounts.

Multiplication of these odds with the stakes should not bother punters so much because the bookmaker's system does that on its own.

A professional punter should not stop on the Win-Draw-Win bet option but explore other available options which are indeed very many. William Hill has options of “3rd Goal Live”, “4th Goal live”, “Live score”, “Match Under/Over 3.5 Goals Live”, and much more. All of these options have different odds for that match between Magwe FC and Global FC, or any other live football match.

Unfortunately Magwe FC vs. Global FC match has ended and therefore cannot find it at Unibet or any of the other bookmakers including William Hill and bet365 which I used earlier to demonstrate the live betting. Luckily, there are other ongoing football matches that I can use to demonstrate how live-betting works in Unibet. There is the Australian FFA Cup competition going on between Dunbar Rovers FC and Bankstown Berries FC. Dunbar FC is trailing by a goal to nil so far. The odds that Dunbar FC has for winning the remainder of the match are at 39.00 while Bankstown FC is at 1.10. However, they are bound to change anytime soon depending on the outcome or the game and the time elapse.
Clicking on the + (number) will show the available bet options of which currently, we only have “Full Time” bet option. This option will disappear as soon as the game ends. If you want to know how much you will get at the end of the game, you just multiply your stake with any of the above odds or the latest odds. Whatever answer you get is what you will expect to be reflected on your account if all goes well.

ComeOn bookmaker is currently broadcasting a match between Felda United and Tampines Rovers FC. The options given are very many since the game kicked off some few minutes ago. They are still at nil-nil and that Felda United have an odd of 1.52 to win while the opponents have 5.20 to do the same. So, for you to make you money, you multiply your stake with either 1.52 or 5.20 or any odd that is there at that moment you want to place your bet. I believe you know that these odds do change irregularly. So bet wisely.

Do not limit yourself to the odds of a win, draw or loose yet there are so much more options that you can bet on. Options like “Halftime win”,” Double chance”,” Both teams to score”, “Over/under”, “Corners Over” and “Exact Score” are there for you to choose from. They all have different odds. Make sure you manoeuvre through all these available options and I can assure you that you will be able to place a bet with confidence.

I would have loved to go on demonstrating how other bookmakers live betting works but I am pretty sure that with these few examples, you have gotten the point. Also remember, just like in real football, you too can either win your bet, loose it or get a draw. As usual, though real punters try as much as possible to place their bets wisely they also accept any outcome of the bets and so should you.

Good luck placing those bets!! And remember to bet wisely!!


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