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2-Way Corners Explained + Prediction Tips 2024

“Corners 2 way” bets have two possible outcomes. Corners in football are simple to understand but when you start to get down to Corner Betting strategy and the variety of different available markets – including Alternative Corners and Asian Corners – you’ll be amazed by the sheer amount of depth you can find.


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2 Way Corners Meaning

The 2 Way Corner betting market is a kind of over/under betting market. This means that you predict whether the number of corners taken by both teams in total will be over or under a certain amount.

When you look at this market, you will see that the options end in .5. This is important because this is why there are two, rather than three, options. Because there cannot be .5 of a corner, it must, logically, be over or under that amount.


You can also make a prediction for First Half Corners or Second Half Corners, which, just like it sounds, only counts the corners for that half of the game. And, just the same as Full-Time Corners, it’s that .5 which makes it a 2 Way market. The Bet9ja corner market also further broadens your selection with Half Most Corner markets, as well as 1st Corner and Corner 10 min options.

This is alongside a whole bunch of other betting markets, which can see you choosing which team will have the most corners or even the time of the first corner, to give but a couple of examples.

What corner market is right for you depends on the game and your strategy, however, the 2 Way Corners market remains among the most popular and most important.


2 Way Corners betting

3 way corners

Take, for instance, over 8.5 Corners as an example. If you pick over this amount and it ends in 9 corners, then you win, if it is 8, then you would lose. It cannot be 8.5. If the market was 8, then you would have three options. You would have an over market, an under market, and an exact market. This is known as the Three-Way market, and it’s the choice between whole and half numbers that change the number of options from two to three.


Corner betting rules

While the concepts behind Corners 2 Way are very simple and are one of the things which makes it so popular, there are a couple of key rules to keep in mind.

Do remember that rules are subject to the individual betting site but the following are ones that we have found to be overwhelmingly common and expected amongst respected bookmakers, these would be typical, for instance, of Betway corner rules. Nonetheless, always check your bookmaker to ensure these rules are enforced how they are described here.

First off bets placed on games that are abandoned are generally nullified and viewed as void, meaning you don’t win or lose anything, just like the bet never took place.

Next up is that 2 Way Corners do not usually include extra time but do include injury time. This is also the case for the Second Half Corner Betting markets. A couple of other important things to keep in mind when tallying up the overall amount of corner: a corner awarded and not taken would not count and a corner retaken only counts as one.


Tips for 2 Way Corner predictions

We’ve alluded to strategy a lot and how 2 Way Corners can enhance your options. As any experienced bettor knows, there are always a huge number of variables at work for every prediction, and every game is different. However, there are some pieces of advice which we think can grant you a really solid foundation for making smart 2 Way market predictions.


1. Consider your margins

We think that there’s a tendency to go right to the wire when it comes to over/under predictions, that is, for instance, to go for 9.5, if you think it will be 10. And if you’re looking for long odds, maybe this is right for you.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s always the right thing to do. Corners can be tougher to predict to an exact number than something like overall goals, which means that you may want to consider coming up with a margin which works for you. In other words, if you think it will be 10, then 7.5 might be the wiser decision. It all depends on individual circumstances; all we’re saying is don’t be fooled by long odds into making unwise choices.


2. Base that margin partially on research time

2 Way Corners can make an excellent additional market for multi-bets, as we have said before. However, we think in those situations where most of your research and time has gone into something else, that a larger margin might be wise.

We’re all human and our time is generally limited, so be honest with yourself and if you have not spent as much time carefully thinking about this bet as you would like, or have on other wagers, then accept that your room for error is larger and enhance the margin accordingly. On the other hand, if you’ve really researched this and you’re feeling confident, shorten them, but remember, as we said before, there’s always a touch more chaos in this kind of market than some others.


3. Come up with a comprehensive picture of the game’s events

When using this market as part of a multi-bet, you’ll want your idea of how events are going to go to be consistent. In other words, if you’ve predicted a pretty conservative game based on your other bets but have decided to go for a huge number of corners, ask yourself if those two things make sense together. If they don’t make sense together, then you’re almost certainly going to lose out one way or another.


4. Consider your other options

Remember that this is not the only corner betting market out there, and if you’re not feeling confident in this market but think another corner betting market might suit that game and your predictions of how events will unfold better, then by all means go for another option.

As we said, it’s to this market’s strength that it is a part of a team of options and if after all your research and consideration, nothing feels right in terms of risk and reward, don’t be afraid to let it go and look elsewhere. We’re sure 2 Way Corner betting markets will be right another day.


5. Take your research seriously

While we freely admit that corner betting often has a wider margin for error, hence our first point, than something like the score line, that does not mean that this is a blind guess market. In fact, we view it as one of the most interesting and rewarding to properly research.

Teams have patterns of attack and in how they respond to different scenarios, and then when you throw in the dynamic between the teams as well as the effect of the importance of the game, to give just a couple of examples, you have to think hard and take your research seriously to make the most out of this market.

There’s no magic formula, just careful consideration, but the rewards can be more than worth it. If you want to find out more about corner betting strategies, visit our dedicated page. You can also become a corner betting specialist with our alternative corner betting guide.



Corner betting sites and corner betting stats

Of course, to do your research properly you need somewhere suitable to find such relevant information. Sometimes, you will find relevant stats as part of your bookmaker, however, corner betting stats specifically are often hard to come by. Many excellent Nigerian bookmakers like Betway and Bet9ja, to give a couple of big-name examples, do include statistics but not on corners.

Some bookmakers do, like the brilliant 1xbet. However, we’re aware that there are a lot of other things to take into account when picking the right bookmaker for you, and a lack of stats in this area isn’t necessarily the most compelling factor in your decision.

22bet 2 Way Corners

With that said, you do need to get this information from somewhere. Well, one excellent compromise would be a dedicated stat site like windrawwin, and of course, you can also do your own research by looking up reports on recent games and writing up your own statistics.

However you go about it, whether it through a bookmaker, reports or a dedicated stats site, remember that there are few tools as vital as proper research to making a smart bet.


What are the benefits of the over/under markets?

With so much to choose from then, not just in the world of corner betting but across betting more generally, what advantages does this market have to make it worth your consideration? Well, we’re going to break down five key benefits of this over/under market so you can see that its more than simple guesswork.

1. It’s easy to understand

It might have more depth than some initially think but that doesn’t change the fact that a key benefit of the over/under 2 Way betting market is that pretty much anyone can understand the concept of it, and how to bet on it. That in combination with our next point is really the crux of why it is so popular. You don’t need to be an expert to be able to make a solid prediction on this market, and as a lot of people are pressed for time, this is important in making it a market not just for the experts out there.


2. But there’s plenty of room to perfection

Yes, you can understand, make a prediction and bet on this market probably all within the space of a couple of minutes. And that hugely broadens its appeal. But what makes it special as a market is that there’s enough room for strategy and research to make it suitable for more seasoned bettors: those who like to do everything they can to ensure they are making the smartest bets possible. We’re going to go into specific strategies soon, but it’s fair to say that few can balance accessibility and depth like 2 Way Corners.


3. Odds customisation

Whether you prefer short or long odds is down to your personal preferences, both can make up part of an excellent betting strategy. However, many markets are limited in terms of the range of odds offered. The over/under market, however, allows you to set your boundary wherever you want meaning that the level of risk you take is hugely customisable. Say, you think that the number of corners taken across a whole game will be around 10, if you want a shorter odd, you can go down to 6.5, or up to 9.5 for longer odds. And the versatility doesn’t stop there either…


4. How well it fits in with other markets

If you want to make multiple bets on a single game, often those markets will contradict each other or won’t provide the kind of odds you are looking for. The level of odds customisation, alongside the fact that corner betting can generally fit into your overall logical ark of predictions, means that it’s the perfect addition for betting multiple times across a single game, as well as on accumulators. Check our extensive guide to accumulator promotions here.


5. How it helps create a buffet of options

This may sound similar to our previous point, however, here we are talking about how Corners 2 Way helps provide a greater amount of choice. This might seem obvious but it's important to think of this market, just like any other market, as part of your betting arsenal, so to speak. On one game it might not but suitable, and another market you haven’t used for a while might. You don’t realise it but it's only by having all of these options at your disposal help craft both a comprehensive betting experience and betting strategy. And for the reasons we’ve listed here and more, 2 Way betting markets are a vital part of that family of options.

bet9ja benefits of the over under markets 2 Way Corners


Corner betting conclusion

Online betting is more than the sum of its parts.

While each market has its own merits, for instance, one of my favourite things about corner betting is that it makes you consider a team’s offensive strategy deeply, it’s together that the different markets create something special.

While for many betting is simply putting a few quid on who they reckon who win a game, a race, a fight or anything else, for many of us betting has become a way of being able to interact and engage with our favourite sports in a previously impossible way.

Within a smorgasbord of options, corner betting markets make up one of the most valuable bedrocks of alternative betting markets. Accessibility mixed with depth and versatility mean they provide one of the finest arguments for why someone should venture away from only backing a winner on a 1x2betting market, and the 2 Way Corner betting market lies even deeper beneath this bedrock as the foundation for corner betting markets in general.

On its own this market is interesting, as part of a family of choices, it’s vital.

With so much to talk about when it comes to 2 Way Corners, we thought it best to recap some of the most important points with our most frequently asked questions on this subject.


2-Way Corners FAQs

What are 2 Way Corners?

This is a market where you predict whether the number of corners taken will be above or belowa specified amount.

What does Over 8.5 Corners mean?

This means you are backing a prediction that the number of corners taken will be above 8.5. In other words, if 9 corners are taken, then you win, but if 8 are taken, you would lose.

What is a 3 way corner market?

If the goal line is set at .5, it means that there must be an over or under result. If the goal line is 8, for instance, then you would have three possible outcomes, an over, under, or exact result.

This market is known as the Three-way Corners market.

What is the Under 9.5 corners meaning?

The same logic applies to over 9.5 Corners meaning, and over 10.5 corners meaning, as it does with the above example of the over 8.5 Corners meaning.

Under 8.5 Corners meaning is inversed, so, if 9 Corners are taken, then you lose, and if 8 are taken you win. It’s the same with Under 9.5 Corners meaning and goes on that way until you run out of goal lines.

What is the goal line?

Just as is suggested above, the goal line is the number via which the over/under prediction is based. Depending on how high or low it is this can greatly affect the odds, which is why many bookmakers have a large selection of goal lines, to allow you to customise the risk and reward ratio to your preferences. For instance, a prediction of over 4.5 would have shorter odds than a prediction of over 8.5.



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