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Corners 2-way

What is corners 2- Way and what does it mean?

Corner betting

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It’s hard to predict the score of a football match, let alone trying to predict how many corners there are going to be in the match, hence why this tactical way of betting, is one of the hardest to predict on the market. Corners can turn a game around on its head in the space of a few seconds and can end up being the difference between your team winning, drawing, or losing.

The best bookies for betting on corners 2- Way and why?

Below you can find our top 3 rated bookies for this type of market and the reasons why. Please note that this is simply based on our experience and other players opinions:

Bet 365

  • Best Odds on the market currently on average for all leagues worldwide
  • Can be used as part of the Bet Builder, allowing you to increase your odds
  • Has a fair and easy to use cash back calculator, should you decide to do so


  • Best odds for the UK matches as an average
  • Great cashback tool including a cashback bar meaning you can cash out part of your bet
  • Large option of different markets so you can increase or decrease how many corners the teams need to get


  • Great interface with welcoming customer service
  • Big range of markets and betting options
  • Can cash out fast with the cash out bar

Tips for Corners 2- Way.

  • Check statistics of the teams form in previous fixtures (https://www.statbunker.com/)
  • Be sure to check out teams news for any suspensions or injuries (https://www.transfermarkt.com/)
  • Try to analyse all aspects of the fixture you wish to bet on such as who is home or away, who is the underdog and is it financially worth the risk

It’s also very important to check out teams news for the fixture you wish to bet on, just in case there are some key players missing out on the match due to injury or suspensions.

  • It’s not an easy one to really give tips on. It’s more of a “feeling in the moment” type of tip however, as mentioned before, research is the key here. It’s encouraging to see teams form and to try and out smart the bookie because of this. Form can be checked on a number of different sites however we recommend checking it out on whoscored.com who have some great stats.
  • The aim of this betting style is to attempt to predict how many corners there are going to be in the 90 minutes (Full match) of the game. The reason it is called 2 way however is simply because you only need to guess if it is going to be over or under the predicted amount that has been provided to you by the bookmaker. For example, you will see on the site under the category corners, a bar which states “Total Corners”. You will then see a list stating (As an example) Over 8.5 and under 8.5. The aim here is to figure out if their will be more than 8.5 corners or less than 8.5 corners. The odds will all depend on how likely each team playing is to win. The favourites will have lower odds for the higher, and the underdog will have higher odds for the higher number of corners in the match
  • You must note that this is for both halves of the game not for just one half, therefore, it’s important to make sure that you look out for certain things. Firstly, if you are going to make an in-play bet, be sure to see how many corners have already been in the match. For example, if the match is 60 minutes into the game and there have only been 3 corners, there is no point betting on over 9.5 corners, as the likely hood is that there will not be that many in the half an hour remaining in the match.
  • It’s also very important to check out teams news for the fixture you wish to bet on, just in case there are some key players missing out on the match due to injury or suspensions


Examples of Corners 2 – Way.

Each bookie will display the corners markets differently however it can usually be found in either the popular section or “All” section of the games page. As mentioned previously, selecting what you want to bet on and who you want to bet on is fairly straight forward. As you can see by this example, the home team and away team are split in to 2 sections underneath the total corners. So not only can you select the total corners of both teams combined, however you can also select the total corners per team, whether it be the home team or away team.

You will also come across other categories such as the exact number of corners per team and in total as well as first and second half corners. These all have the same principle in mind, just with different odds for each.

It’s important to note as well that if a team is losing, the likely scenario is the they will now begin to attack more in order to try and bring the match back in to their hands. If you see an in-play bet which states that a team is 2-0 down, don’t write it off, this could be a match in which the away team (Losing team) could begin to gain more corners.

At times, you may see a bet type under ‘Over 8.5 Corners’. This basically means Whether you believe their will be over 8.5 corners in the match or not. This will be a yes or no answer based bet and it could be based on the whole match, or it could be for a specific team in the match. This will be identified by the yes or no answers being under the names of the teams playing.


This particular betting strategy not only has the potential to deliver big winnings, but it can also be beneficial in an intellectual way. If you are new to betting online then doing some research and playing around with this type of betting market is a great way of understanding more. Be sure to read through the terms and conditions for which ever site you decide to choose and please don’t hesitate to contact the customer support if you still require more information.

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