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Over/under betting

Over/under betting

Ever come across of such term or ever heard of punters talking of such terms? If not, allow me to loop you in on what this means. Bookmakers do use this betting mostly in conjunction with the number of goals scored in a soccer game. It is one of the special bets that are often made available to the punters.
Half time over/under
Some bookmakers will give this bet a different name. It can be taken to mean the number of goals before the referee blows that whistle for a half-time break in a soccer match. The match can be live or is yet to be played. For example, New York Red bulls FC vs. Real Madrid FC had odds in this betting category as follows:

Half time table

Under & odds Over & odds
0.5 (1.88) 0.5 (1.25)
1.5 (1.33) 1.5 (1.44)
2.5 (1.07) 2.5 (1.69)

The odds for the “under category” were in a descending manner. It was because there was a very high that that both teams could have gone to half time having scored less than 3 goals. On the other hand, the “over betting” category had the odds in an ascending order. Chances were, the two teams could have gone for a break having scored less than 3 goals too and that was why the higher number of goals had bigger odds.

Goals over/under

This normally refers to the number of goals scored in the entire football game. That is where the difference between “half time over/under” and this bet come in. the end result of the match determines the way this bet will go. Remember, this bet is applicable to both live football matches and those that are yet to be played.

Under & odds Over & odds
0.5 (3.01) 0.5 (1.05)
1.5 (1.51) 1.5 (1.21)
2.5 (1.33) 2.5 (1.51)
3.5 (1.08) 3.5 (1.99)

This table is similar to the other one in so many ways except that the odds and the number of goals that have been included in this table. Most bookmakers do make odds for “goals over/under” up to 2.5 only for the half-time category and up to 3.5 for the “full time” category. The only exception that occurs is when this type of wager appears in the live or in-play matches. That is when you will find up to even “over 6.5” goals depending on the number of the goals that would have been scored at that moment.

Total corners

Just like total number of goals, the total number of corners have the odds for over and under of certain number of corners taken or conceded. An illustration on this would be nice so that everyone can get to understand how this type of bet works.

Total corners table:

Under & odds Over & odds
6.5 (2.18) 6.5 (1.99)

Result and total goals
You probably may be wondering how this fits in here. But do not worry because you will get to know how it does in a moment. The “results” part means the winning team in the match and the “total goals” section means the number of goals that were to be scored in that particular match. I can illustrate this by using an example of a friendly match between Ethiopia and Japan football teams. The way this bet was displayed was this way:

Ethiopia and over 2.5 (3.1) Ethiopia and under 2.5 (1.88)
Japan and over 2.5 (1.67) Japan and under 2.5 (1.76)

What those two meant was that had Ethiopia won that match and the goals scored in that match were either over or under, the punters would have gone home with their stakes that had been multiplied by 3.1 or 1.88 depending on the outcome of the game. The same could have applied had Japan national football team won. That is basically how this special bet works.

Cards awarded
In any football match, any player is prone to being booked before the end of the match. A match could end up with more or less bookings. Whichever way, the both have their odds. The odds awarded could be like:

Yellow cards over Yellow cards under
5 (2.77) 5 (1.45)
6 (3.11) 6 (1.11)

Different bookmakers have their own ways of doing this though. Some would prefer to just put them as “number of cards” instead of this way. But, the odds are not that much different from each other.

Goals in x minutes
Top bookmakers do offer such options. These options do link up well with time and they do expire as soon as that x minute is reached. The value of x could be taken to be 10, 15, 20 or 30 minutes. A pretty good example was that of The Real Kings United FC vs. Chakacha FC.

Over Under
Over 1.5 Under 1.5
11/8 1/3

Corners in x minutes
Just like the one for goals, this option’s session expires as soon as that x minute is reached when the football match is being played. The value of x could literally mean any number between 1 and 90. But, the occasionally used numbers are 10, 15, 20 and 30. The others are rarely used. Now, still sticking to those football teams I mentioned a while ago, the odds for corners in x minutes were.

Over 2.5 Under 2.5
1.67 1.44

Whatever I have mentioned here is roughly over 90 % of what falls under the above category of the bet.


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