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Is Betting Online Safe? Nigeria Guide 2024

Today, there have been so many debates going around about online betting are you part of that circle of bettors that think online betting is not safe?

That you are at risk of been duped or scammed of your money by bookmakers or have you been scammed by an unknown online bookie or you are scared of your personal information been compromised, i.e. bank details, your e-mail or you think placing of bets in the shop is the best?

Well, I am writing this article to clear your doubt about online betting while it is totally safe to gamble online. At the same time, the benefits of betting online/advantages, tips and strategy to adopt for safer online betting how you could know legal betting sites when you find one online.

While at the same time, our team has made an extensive review list of safer online betting sites 2020 that has been reviewed by our team of experts at I will also like to bring your attention to this that none on our list came out short so while not take your time to look into what I have got an install for you today on while online betting is totally safe, while you enjoy the rest of the article.


Safe Online Betting Sites 2020

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Reason why betting online is safe

Bettors often ask is it safe betting online. Well that’s a million-dollar question it is safe as a matter of fact, the vast majority of online bookmakers are owned by well-respected brands that have been around for decades. They are reputable gambling firms or companies that have the integrity of the company to protect. They are focused on rendering a safer online betting experience for punters in which that you can trust.

Perhaps there should be no reason for you to worry if you are one of those bettors in that circle that is worried that your funds might be compromised, or if you win a certain amount of money your fund might not credit to you or might take days to receive your payments. However, some online betting operators might indeed be out there that are unreliable, that is while I am here to guide you on spotting the reputable online betting operators whenever you go online.

Check below on our to know legal online betting sites or checklist of safer betting sites for 2020 in which it as been researched on and reviewed by our team at SB365. Well, we can guarantee you 100% that this betting site on our platform is safe for betting online while it is also safe for customers to have better online betting experience while not check them out. Note in some case gambling online is better than playing on the land-based betting shop.


Benefits/advantage of betting online

The globalization of digital transformation attributed to the word internet, it is part of everyone’s life nowadays the reason why online betting as a lot of advantages. While this section, I will be taking you through the list of benefits/advantage you as a punter will benefits gambling online. Some of the most exciting features of online betting, it as vast numerous advantages and benefits attached to it that punters could experience better than those that prefer betting in the shop.


Easy Account Opening/Instant Play

Easy account opening and instant play is attributed to online betting, perhaps apart from the young age bracket that may struggle with computers. Some bettors tend to avoid online sportsbook operators as the majority of punters consider it difficult to open an account, navigating through the channel to place a wager correctly some find it stressful. However, the truth is that almost all online betting platforms/website is straightforward to use.

Opening an account is pretty straightforward in most cases of bookies website, it usually takes a tangible minute for quick login. And it requires you to enter your necessary information about you, i.e. your name, age creates the username of your choice and a password. However, in some cases, punters often find it stressful to deposit online well. I am here to tell you it is easy and free deposit.

Depending on the bookmaker sites, there is a wide range of deposit method available in most online betting sites. So funding your online betting account is simple. You’ll be able to stake each bet by making a few clicks, and simply enter the amount you intend to stake with it. For example, compare to those bettors that often like to place a wager in a shop, in a situation where some of the event you intent to place a wager, do you know you could get locked out with time if you find out on getting to the shop you intend to place a wager.

You find out that other punters that are in queue is waiting for the cashier to attend to other customers as well wherein such situation other punters might also be staking on that same game you intent to invest in. You have a few minutes left before the event kick-off time is it not a total disappointment for you but with online betting its instant so far you have internet.


Wide Range Markets and Higher Odds

Most often the majority of the online betting website cover all major sports to weather betting, casino games, virtual, esports, politics to financial betting meaning you can bet on pretty much every betting markets available, even some less popular betting markets entertainment such as reality shows, music contest. The wider the variety of betting markets open for punters to place a wager on the better the opportunities for easy bets to win more money and higher odds.

Taking advantage of odds offered by online betting site what punters fail to understand is betting online, it gives you that opportunity to get the best odds out there unlike the land-base betting in the shop. You will be wondering how it is simple, the term Live betting, some of you might be familiar with the term live betting. Live betting allows punters to bet on in-play events/match, which means ongoing events, which is available on many online betting sites. This further increases your chances of finding profitable opportunities and be a great deal of fun. It also provides the potential opportunities for hedging and locking in profits, meaning it will provide a guide for punters in taking a decisive decision or tactical action before placing a wager.

Perhaps there are various method available tricks to beat the bookies to get high odds. The actual odds and lines margins available are almost better than those found offline betting shops. These are one of the most significant advantages of this market while placing a wager online and could be proven more profitable in the overall long-term. If you are a committed as a punter to get the best possible value of odds you can sign up to several different online betting sites and compare odds every time you wish to stake in a specific event. The basic rule guiding you as a punter is to have as many betting options as possible.

The bookmaker’s odds tend to vary from one site to another, where some may be particularly competitive on specific events or less on others. Hence this might seem a bit time consuming for most punters, but you shouldn’t forget that it is your hard-earned money you are staking with because you want to win big so investing time is the wise thing to do that is the benefits of staking online.


Bonus offer

Every online bookie site gives a lucrative welcome bonus to new customers, offering an excellent incentive for joining/register to the brand which means in the form of money that you as a punter will use to stake bet. This one of the features you won’t find betting in shops. However, these bonuses have specific terms and conditions attached to it, so you’ll usually have to deposit a pre-defined the bonus amount and place at least a few bets before you can withdraw the bonus money.

Depending on the website you register with, however, if you were planning on betting anyway, then they can enhance your existing bankroll. Except for sign up offers to new punters, though some platform rewards their old customers, there are several different offer bookies make available such as promotions, free bets and contests. They also pay customers loyalty bonus meaning as long as you keep using the service regularly you get a bonus in the form of money.

Check out ultimate list of free bets in Nigeria. We also covered the best deposit bonus offers in Nigeria


Play Wherever You are, Whenever you Want

This part is one of the standout features of online betting while it is better than betting in the land-based betting shop provided that you have a computer, tablet or smartphone and an internet connection you can stake bets online. This offer punters the advantage of having total control of your surrounding environment and betting schedule without caring about the opening and closing hour of a betting shop.

These also means you as a punter you could win million online without the third party, knowing it gives that privacy, unlike betting in the shop. It also provides that avenue to bet at any given time without having to leave the house. At the same time, it is coupled with that flexibility placing wager from the comfort of your home or even few hours to match, depending on your needs and wants, while you don’t have to plan your bets well in advance.

Apart from exciting, betting with your mobile, tablet or laptop you can even place bets while you are on trip travelling should in case your previous chances slip is not going in your favour. All you need is an internet connection, so far, your favourite bookie as an app or mobile version compactable for a great experience. Have a look at best mobile betting apps to find out more.


Total Concentration

Betting online, you get to choose how concentrated you will, depending on your surrounding. To be frank, there is no comparison to gambling online with retail betting, there are no other punters around to distract you. Unlike betting in the shop where friends could persuade you into placing bets, you would instead turn down on a norm or been distracted by the noise of other bettors around. Online betting, you can set the atmosphere of your choice, whatever you feel its best when it comes to clear thinking when making a prediction. These are more important than you can imagine, it is even crucial than your ability to analyze match facts correctly.


Tips and strategy for safer betting online

This section we will be concentrating on tips and strategy that you will adopt for having a safe online betting experience. As previously mentioned betting online is totally safe as long as you take note of the right proactive precautions to make sure you are reducing the risk properly. However, we’ve compiled a list by our research team of things that you need to be doing to make sure you are protecting your details from been compromised and not inviting unnecessary risk.

  • Use a Solid Password
    Using a robust password for your online betting account is essential. However, some betting sites nowadays are making sure punters use a strong password which can be annoying while you are signing up but can go a long way to protect your account from been compromised. For example, some betting sites tend to tell you this password as already taken try use another one.

    Choosing a secure password, you don’t want to use any words, years or numbers that have something important to do with your personal life. For example, using your birthday, your name or anything like that isn’t a good idea for you. Perhaps come up with something that can’t be connected to you or discovered from looking at your social media accounts.

    Which means a strong password should have at least 12 characters minimum, it should include symbols, numbers and upper and lower case letters technically shouldn’t be a dictionary word. Remember, most hackers use our social media information guessing the right combination, i.e. Birthdays year, our names, months etc. to try and find potential combinations of their passwords. Once they realize that they can’t crack yours with the necessary information, they’re going to move to someone else. Don’t make it easy, the harder you make things, the more likely they’ll move to someone else.

  • Update Your Antivirus
    You might be that punter that often likes to place a wager on the computer, but do you know that pesky reminder popping up on your computer that your free antivirus software is out of date. Needs to be renewed you must take note perhaps you should probably stop ignoring that. Maybe if you aren’t going to start betting online, you need to make sure that your antivirus protection to protect you from whatever you do on your computer. Using antivirus software is not perfect, but it can certainly protect you from viruses and programs out there that can cause harm to your computer and exploit your information. You must have active antivirus software on your computer if you are that punter that prefers placing a wager on laptop or computer it is better to update it now so as your online betting account won’t be compromised.
  • Bet with a Reputable Online Betting Sites
    The best thing a punter could do to ensure that you have a safe online betting experience is to choose to bet with reputable online betting firms, even if you do everything that highlighted to keep yourself safe online. However, you decide to bet with unreliable gambling firms, and your money may still be at risk. You might be wondering how I would know a reputable online betting operator well our team has been able to do all the hard work for you by reviewing the best safe online betting sites 2020 which you will find below.


How to know legal betting sites

It is essential to know that not all online betting sites are legal, though, in this section, we will be letting you know how to spot legitimate betting sites. So the question is, how do you confirm the legal betting sites? It is vital to know before depositing to any online betting platform account; it is essential to note that most of this online betting sites as you will often find the regulatory body that issued the gambling firm licensed to operate at the bottom of their website. Once you spot that click on the link or the badge, it should be able to direct you to the site of the regulatory board that issued the license and for you to confirm the status of the bookie. In contrast, you should do further research to get to know more and information on the brand licensed number, among other things like if the site is the official or if the bookie is from a reputable regulatory body among other features. For more guidance, take a look at our extensive guide to sports betting in Nigeria.



I will be closing this article here. Hopefully, I believed if you were one of those bettors doubting if online betting is safe well I think I have been able to prove to you that online betting is totally safe and better than betting in the shop. While also I have explained the advantages/benefits of placing a wager online at the same time the tips and strategy for safer online betting experience as well as for you to spot legitimate, licensed online betting operator quickly. However, I will be dropping my pen here while you should register online today and give it a try.


Adeleye Awakan is a writer which is specifically for the Africa gaming industry, with over 4 years writing about African gaming industry, particularly thoughtful leadership Articles, bookmakers review and other sectors of Africa gaming space.



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