Home team odd/even goals

Home team odd/even goals are arguably one of the most self-explanatory betting markets to date. It is the element to guess whether or not the final score of both teams in a match combined will be an even number, or an odd number.

The “goals odd” option means that all the goals scored by both teams will end up being an odd number. The odd numbers are those digits not divisible by 2. The odd goal numbers can be 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 and so on. The even numbers, on the other hand, are the ones divisible by 2 and they can be 2, 4, and 6, 8, 10. Remember, 0 (zero) is an even number and not odd number like most people think.

Now, we do believe that this market is useful and most importantly can bring in some big profit, however it’s very similar to the toss of a coin, as it is a 50-50 at the end of the day. It will either be odd or even, and the odds are usually around the same each time for every game. Majority of the time even will be slightly more of a favourite to odd, as there are more likely combinations to be even. This will be explained in more detail further down in the article. Just like wagers on corners this can be a little difficult to predict but due to the odds that the bookies offer, it has become even more popular over the years. Experienced bettors will usually pride themselves away from this type of betting market, but new punters will relish it.

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What is home team odd/even goals?

Odd even goals is the ability to predict if the total amount of goals combined by both teams in one match will be even and odd. It is a 50-50, like the flip of a coin, but has some great odds on certain bookies. Its important to note that the number ‘0’ is an even number, so if you select even and the full time score is 0-0, then you will win your bet. As mentioned, its very much the toss of a coin, however the odds for odd or even are not the same, as there is more chance and likelihood of the score finishing on an even number.

Home team odd/even goals betting tips and predictions

Its not the easiest task to give out tips and predictions on this type of betting market. The reason being is because not only is it kind of a 50-50 chance, but how do you know how many goals, if any, there are going to be. We do however have a couple of tips which we believe you might be able to take advantage off, and hopefully give you that little extra boost you need to make some profit:

  • Check the odds from other markets: This might sound a bit silly but bear with us. Essentially, we believe checking the other markets that relate, such as over under bets, would be able to give you an indication as to what is more likely, odd or even. A tip could be that if the Under 2.5 odds are odds on favorite, then that means that the Even odds stand a better chance of happening (0-0 or 1-1), therefore if the odds for both odd and even are the same at a bookmaker, you would have an edge there by placing a bet on Even.
  • Do your research: This is the case for any betting markets and is a reoccurance in our tips section of every article. Doing research on teams can help but only to a small scale in this specific betting market. You may be able to see how many goals a team scores on average each week and base it off that.
  • Check tactics from the manager: A lot of the time some teams will take an early lead and then sit back for the whole game, also known as parking the bus‘. We recommend that if you notice this pattern in some teams, then see how many goals they have scored before parking the bus in the past and then select odd or even.
  • Create Accumulators: Creating accumulators in order to give your self a chance of winning bigger is a great way of betting on this market. A fun way of doing it is say a 10 game accumulator all on odd/even goals for different matches within the same league. Stake £1 and you could be seeing profits of up to $500 plus if it comes in.

odd/even goal statistics

home team odd/even goalsStatistics are key to know and understand in every bet type, however, in this one its not all that relevant. What we would like to mention is that in every league in every country in the world, there are high scoring leagues/teams and low scoring leagues/teams. It’s important that your able to identify these teams so you know exactly what could happen in a match. For example, on average, we would say that the Dutch, Belgium and Swiss leagues tend to be high scoring. We would say that the main reason for this is that attacking football is favoured and there is also a big gap between the teams in the top half and teams in the bottom half of the leagues. Low scoring leagues/countries would be the French for example. This is, as you’ve probably guessed by now, the opposite to the high scoring leagues. The teams are more evenly matched, and the style of football is very tactical, but they concentrate a lot on possession football. For the high scoring leagues who are averaging around 3 goals, the odd number is favoured. On sites like you are able to find statistics for different leagues and teams. For example the goals stats for the current Premier League, where you can see the average number of goals for each team (including opponents goals).

Why should I bet on odd/even goals?

Betting on odd even goals is fun, and that’s the main incentive to be honest. If you manage to have a few small bets at the beginning, you will be able to see if it is something you enjoy. Getting feedback from other punter, we have heard that the odd/even goals market is a bet they will place on the side, sometimes as a bit of fun and other times because they genuinely believe that it will be even or odd at full time. You will find your own initiative, but the most important thing is that you enjoy it while you do it and you will eventually come up with your own strategy and way of looking at things when betting on this market. As mentioned in the tips section, it’s a ‘fun’ factor doing an accumulator with multiple teams from the same league. You can stake a small amount and end up turning in big profits if it wins.

Factors to consider when betting on (home team) odd/even goals
We must express that the market isn’t the most popular, however it does have a large interest in new punters, as its sort of a 50-50 or a flip of a coin and it adds an exciting factor to it. The element of having a similar chance of winning than losing is much better and thrilling then just betting on the favourite each time.


All in all, we would like to conclude odd even goals as a fun betting market and something you can either do on the side as a bit of fun, or you could take it seriously. If its the latter, then take in to consideration the tips we have given you in this article, as this is what top experienced punters would do and are still doing.

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