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Odd/Even Goals Meaning: Statistics, Strategy and Predictions

By Adam

Odd/Even goals involves predicting whether the total goals in a match scored by both teams will be either even (divided by two) or odd (not divided by two).

  • Odd/even predictions: Learn how to make reliable predictions by using match statistics.
  • Odd/even strategy: We give you the best techniques to take your odd/even bets to the next level
  • Odd/even tips: Find out how to optimise your odd/even bets with our top betting tips.
  • Odd/even goals market: All the information you could need about playing on this exciting market.


Best Betting Sites for Odd/Even Goals Bets

  • Bet on odd/even first or second half goals
  • Multiple odd/even goals betting markets
  • Bet on home/away teams odd/even goals
  • Multiple odd/even goals betting markets
  • Bet on odd/even first or second half goals
  • Bet on home/away teams odd/even goals
  • Many odd/even goals markets available
  • Bet on home/away teams odd/even goals
  • Also offers odd/even corners betting
  • Multiple odd/even goals betting markets
  • Bet on odd/even first or second half goals
  • Also offers total cards or corners odd/even
  • Several odd/even betting options
  • Bet on total goal minutes odd/even
  • Odd/even in-play betting available

Odd Even Goals Predictions

Even though the unpredictable nature of odd even betting looks to be as random as flipping a coin, this is actually not always the case and there are actually ways of making more accurate odd/even goal predictions. This mainly involves looking at statistics and probabilities in the hope of finding a value bet.

By looking at stats from correct score markets and adding the probability of all the different final score outcomes and then comparing odds/even goals margins with this information, you can increase your chances of find a value bet. Naturally this will take a lot of time and dedication and is something for more expert bettors. We discuss value betting in more detail in a separate article.

For example, if you calculated that the probability of a match finishing with an odd number of goals (1-0, 2-1, 3-2, and so on) is 60% and a bookie offers 1.45 on odd goals, this would provide a 52% probability on your bet winning which means you would have found yourself a value bet!

If you are interested in seeing soccer predictions made by experts, Kickform is a great odd even goals prediction site who do all the mathematical work for you.

You can also check our list of Odd Even Goals prediction sites here. 


Odd/Even Goals Stats

Statistics are a crucial part of making your odd/even predictions as they provide factual data and trends about how different teams are performing. Typically for example, given that games start with an even number, an even number of goals is seen as being more likely by bookies. There is a lot of data available about past results of odd/even goals on stats website such 1x2Stats. These can show the tendency of different teams to finish with odd or even but given how easily scorelines change, these statistics should be taken with a pinch of salt as there is no guarantee how a match will finish.

Looking up final score stats as mentioned earlier can prove to be a more reliable odd/even strategy as they can help to identify probabilities of whether a match is likely to finish with an odd or even number of goals.


Odd Even Goals Strategy

One popular odd even goals strategy involves adding insurance to your bet. This strategy states that you should create an accumulator bet consisting of 6 selections which feature all odds goals. You can then balance this out by placing single bets on even total goals. The reasoning behind this strategy is that if you single bet fails, your accumulator bet will still remain valid. You can read more about odd/even insurance strategy here.


A variation of the odd/even insurance strategy involves placing a large bet on an even total goals outcome, and then betting a smaller amount on singles bets with the most likely odd correct scores (1-0, 0-1, 2-1, 1-2, 3-0). This once again provides insurance to lower potential losses. One way to make this odd/even strategy even more reliable is by finding teams who are likely to win at home but not by a large margin as could make your predictions more accurate.


Another odd/even strategy involves in-play betting. In this strategy you should wait until after half time and find a match which is 0-0 but features a decent amount of chances by one or both teams and has odds of at least 2.0. You should then place a wager on the final score to be odd. If the game finishes odd, then you will win and if it finishes even, you should place another bet following the same strategy. The difference is that this second bet should be 2.5x higher than the first. In this way, you will still make a profit even if you lose your initial stakes. If you have a limited bankroll you should start with low amounts as stakes could rise quickly with this strategy.


Odd Even Goals Tips

It is impossible to be 100% certain of the outcome of an odd/even bet but we’ve compiled a list of some of our top odd even goals tips to help you get the most of your bets.


Look for the Best Odds

This tip applies to all bet types but we think is always worth a mention. By comparing odd/even betting odds on different betting sites, not only can you find the most competitive odds for the highest pay-out, but you can also see which outcome is seen as being more likely to occur.


Research Teams

At the basis of any bet is researching the teams that you wish to bet on. Factors whether teams have an offensive or defensive style of play, which teams are on a winning or losing streak, and which players are unavailable to play due to injuries or suspension can greatly influence a match – and more important your odd/even goals bet.


Search for low scoring teams

As a general rule, when creating your own odd/even goals strategy, you should aim for low scoring matches. The reason for this is to keep your bet controlled. If a team demolishes their opponents, then it would be almost impossible to predict whether the match will finish odd or even. By going for lower scoring matches, total goals statistics can still be applied and keep your bet within reach.

In the same way that some teams naturally score less goals than others, there are certain leagues which also have fewer goals. In the 2019/20 season for example, 57.86% of matches in Portugal‘s Primeira Liga featured 2 goals or less while the Spanish La Liga (52.9%) and French Ligue 1 (52.68%) also registered a high percentage of matches with the same number of goals.


Take Advantage of Offers

Whilst it is unlikely that you will find any specific odd/even goals promotions, there are still plenty of other types of offers that you can use to get the most out of your odd/even bets. Free bets and money-back offers could be especially useful as they can give you an opportunity to wager an odd even goal bet without having the risk of losing your money.


Odd Even Goals Meaning and Rules

In odd even goals betting, you are betting on whether the number of goals in a match will be odd or even. Unlike many other types of bets, there are only two possible outcomes in an odd even bet which make them similar to a simple flip of a coin.

Odd/even bets are known for being quite difficult to predict as even though you are always one goal away from winning your bet, you are also always one goal away from losing your bet. Odd even goal odds will usually stand at around 1.9 which gives betting sites a slight advantage, however, as mentioned earlier, by doing statistical research, it is possible to notice some important trends.

Unless stated otherwise by the bookie, odd even bets run for 90 minutes (plus injury time) and do not count for extra time and penalties. Own goals count towards odd even goals bets.

For those who may not be familiar with the concept of odd and even prime numbers, even numbers are numbers which can be divided by 2 (e.g. 2, 4, 6, 8 and so on) while odd numbers are those which can not be divided by 2 (e.g. 1, 3, 5, 7, and so on). It is important to remember that in odd even betting, 0 is considered to be an even number.

Matches finishing 1-0, 3-2, or 5-3 are all examples of odd scorelines while matches ending 0-0, 2-2, or 4-0 are all examples of even scorelines.


Variations of odd/even bets

In addition to the classic odd/even total goals, some bookies offer variations of this type of bet.

  • 1st Half Odd/Even Goals and 2nd Half Odd/Even Goals - where you can predict the whether the number of goals will be odd or even according to the different halves of a match
  • Home Team Odd/Even Goals and Away Team Odd/Even Goals - where you can predict the goals scored by just one team will turn out to be odd or even.

  • Combination Bets - where you can combine multiple markets in one bet such as both teams to score and odd/even or 1X2 and odd/even.

  • Other options - for other sports with higher scoring matches, such as Basketball, you can also bet on odd/even total points. The concept it similar to what we are describing here but has a different name since it refers to points and not goals.


Alternative Odd/Even Goals Bets

If you are still unsure about odd/even goals betting or you simply would like to try out some bets which are similar to alternative odd/even goals, we've listed a couple of examples below for you to consider.


Total corners/cards odd/even

A very similar bet to odd/even goals is betting on whether the total number of cards or corners will be odd of even. Once again, these markets are very difficult to predict but researching the attacking and defensive strengths of both teams as well as their disciplinary records would be a great way to start.


Over/under markets

Another market where you can choose from two possible outcomes is over/under betting. This involves predicting whether you think there will be more or less goals than a predetermined number. Variations of this bet include betting on the number of goals scored in either half or by one team.

Check out our over/under goals betting guide here.


Odd/Even Goals FAQs

Do odd even bets end after 90 minutes?

Unless stated otherwise by the bookie, odd/even bets last for 90 minutes plus any added stoppage time.


Is zero an odd number in betting?

For odd/even bets, 0 is counted as an even number.

Can I make a profit on odd even goals?


Whilst nothing is ever guaranteed, following our predictions, tips, and strategy for odd/even betting can increase your chances of making a profit in this challenging market.


SoccerBetting365 Final Say

The high level of unpredictability makes odd/even betting a very challenging bet as without doing proper statistical research, the wager will be left up to chance and out of the punter’s hands. At the same time, having two outcomes to choose from and always being one goal away from a win can also add a high level of excitement to any betting slip. Overall, if you are looking to bet for fun, odd even goals betting could be a great idea, whilst if you are looking for a safer, more predictable bet which have a high chance of receiving a pay-out, you may want to consider other betting markets.

Hello, I’m Adam! I’m a massive Arsenal F.C fan and sports lover in general. When not bitterly disappointed by the results of my team, I enjoy writing, eating, and planning holidays I’ll never be able to afford.



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