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First half Asian corners

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First half Asian corners – Betting Terms

As the name suggests, this market is only available during the first half of the football match especially when a punter decides to go the live/in-play betting. It disappears later on once the 45th minute is reached and the referee blows his/her whistle signalling the end of the first half of the match. Luckily, before this market disappears into the thin air, the punter can make good use of it by placing the bets wisely.

Most of the best bookmakers worldwide do offer this market on their websites. So, what really happens with this market is that the number of corners taken in the first half of the game is counted and taken note of. If the corners taken exceeds the “pass mark” that the punter had specified, then the punter wins the bet. If the count falls exactly on that number, then it is considered as a draw and thus the gambler gets his/her stake back with the exact amount. If none of the two conditions are met, it means that the gambler loses the bet since the number of corners taken at that halftime was less than what the punter had specified.

Hence, if the punter had specified that the total corners taken by half-time were going to be more than 10, then the punter only wins the bet if the corner count rises above ten. If the count is exactly 10, the punter will get his/her stake back else he will have lost his/her bet.

One more thing, it is important for the punter to note that the odds for any “Asian corner” bets are always lower compared to those of a normal “first half corner” bets. Even then, the risks involved in the “Asian corner” bets are lower than those of normal corner bets.

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