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Soccer Betting Research & Analysis

Soccer Betting Research & Analysis

As a punter, it is important to know a lot about Soccer Betting Research & Analysis, as this will help you make informed decisions and win when you place bets. What I can’t tell though is whether you are a pro or new to betting. But, that does not matter because this article is meant to be for all of you.

Now, let us look at the ways you use to win those bets you have placed. You need to do a thorough research and analysis of any football match you wish to bet on. What I mean by this is that you need to do the following things:
Make sure you have checked the current forms of both teams. This involves checking their performance in the league or cup competition or friendlies. Are the two teams at the top of the table, mid table, bottom of the table or are they widely apart in the table standings. Once you identify this, I can tell you that you will be getting closer to making a decision on which team to place for or how to place that bet.

Check the head to head encounters. This means that you have to check the past matches that the two teams have been having. And by the way, you do not have to backtrack their encounters to like the past 10 years. There is a high chance that so many things have changed since those 10 years elapsed. The best thing for you to do is to check their last 5 encounters. That way, it reflects their most recent forms and that so little has changed between then and now. When they last met, which team won? How many times has the other team outplayed the other in those past matches? How many times did they draw and what are the likelihood that the two teams will draw again in the coming match?
Public opinions do matter to some extent. It is a great idea to look at the other people’s opinion on that matter. I know that not all of them are telling the truth but it will be rude not to listen to them. Besides, you do not let them make the decisions for you. You do them on your own. In case you decide to follow one tipper whom you think has the best intentions for the punters, the better. As long as you are in control of your decisions.

The upcoming fixtures for the two teams are very important in helping you make the final judgment. Check the fixture for the two and compare. If one of them has a very crucial match to follow after the match you are analysing, chances are that one of the teams will field a weaker squad in a move to preserve the experienced and skilful players for that next fixture. Even though that does not mean that the weaker squad won’t perform well in that match, no. In fact, they may decide to prove a point to their coach by giving all they have in that match. Their interest might be to get into the first team. Nevertheless, the team is still weak and thus your decision making will be made easier.

Following up on the latest team news is very crucial. A very crucial team player may be injured and you may fail to know. But, team news does keep everyone up to date on players’ conditions. If you do not check the team news before placing a bet on any football match, you may live to regret why you did not do that especially when you find out much later that one of the key players of the team which you placed your bet on, got injured when they were training minutes before the kickoff of that match. You will be holding on to your guts for the rest of the match. To avoid such cases or embarrassments, just take a quick look at the team news. It will not take much of your time. Actually, this is what other successful professional punters have been doing every time they want to place a bet on a certain football team. You just do not know yet.

This should have probably come first but what the heck. It is realistic for you to choose a football league that you can comfortably work with. Some leagues have teams which are very unpopular. Popularity might not an issue for you right now but wait until you see football clubs that you have never heard of in your entire life. You do say getting to know many teams is okay? Yes, I do agree with you. But one thing I know for a fact is that successful professional punters do not waste their times betting on football leagues that are very rare to predict. So, what I would suggest to you is that, it is better you take your time and concentrate or converge all your betting energy on the popular football leagues and Cups like English Premier League, Spanish La Liga Primera, German Bundesliga, Primera Liga (Portuguese Football League), The Dutch Eredivise, The Premier League, England Championship, French Ligue 1, Italian Serie A, Scottish Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Australian A-League, UEFA Europa League, England’s FA Cup, Copa Del Rey, Coppa Italia, Capital one cup (League Cup), Coupe de France and so much more. Besides, football clubs from these leagues have statistics that are enough for you to make informed decisions.

If you lose your bet because you did not go through this article, you will have no one to blame but yourself. It is better for you to go through it and make sure you read in between the lines. Thank me later when you win that bet you just placed. Otherwise, for now, good luck betting. And may you win it.


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