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Strategy for Soccer Accumulators

Strategy for Soccer Accumulators

Accumulators and multi-bets mean the same thing. An accumulator bet can make someone rich if well strategised and at the same time can break the punter's heart and morale if wrongly placed. As a researcher, I am here to help punters strategize a means of winning their accumulators.

To start with, for any match that you as the punter want to place a bet on, it is a good practice to check the current forms of both teams that are to lock horns. This helps greatly in making a close to the right decision whenever someone wants to place the bet.

Secondly, having so many bets in the accumulator bet can prove to be costly despite the fact that the bettor might get really humongous profit from the bet if all goes well. Instead of taking that risk, a real punter should have an accumulator bet that has no more than 8 matches not unless the accumulator bet is some sort of a jackpot. When the list of the matches is long, there is a high likelihood to have one, two or more matches going against the punter's wishes and thus destroying the outcome of the betting. Fewer matches are less likely to upset the punter than more matches.

Thirdly, inspecting the home and away records for the football teams that are to face each other is a great deal towards making the right decision. Some if not all of the European football clubs perform much better at home ground than when they are away. Vice versa is true for some few football clubs. These records might mean or prove something in football. Even then, the punter needs to know that those records are not there forever. They might be broken at any time and so, therefore, they should not rely heavily on them.

Fourthly, motivated players tend to play very well compared to others. Hence, punters should always check for this in case they want to include a certain football match in their accumulator bets. The motivated team has a higher chance of playing well and winning that match than that of their opponent’s regardless of the playing ground that they are using. Normally, motivation could be brought about by the urge to win the league, avoid relegation, avenge the previous match which they lost, fans motivation, an urge to keep the record the way it is, or an urge to break that jinx of losing to their opponents every time they meet.
The fifth strategy involves the player placing more home wins than away wins. Slightly over 50% of the home teams tend to win their matches than their opponents. Thus, someone whose accumulator bets has more home team wins than away wins or draws, are in a better position of winning that bet than those who have their accumulator bets full of mixed results.

Sixth, any odd that is big should be avoided by all means. The odds should not appear anywhere in the accumulator bet. And by big odds, I mean those odds that are greater than 3.50 or are like this 8/1. Someone can come across an odd like 11/2 for FC Basel of Switzerland to win the match against their UEFA Europa league opponent FC Rubin Kazan of Russia. Yes, the odds are very tempting but can also mess up the entire accumulator bet. In such cases, the teams with more odds are normally less likely to win the match and that is why they are given those odds. This means that adding the bet to the accumulator makes it very weak and much easier to lose. Instead of doing that, it is a wise move for the punter to leave that match alone or place a bet on it independently as a single bet. Whatever the outcome of the match does not really affect the accumulator bet that match.

Seventh, it is a bad strategy to have your favourite team in your bets. Be they your country or your favourite football clubs. Chances are, your emotions will cloud your judgments and thus getting too carried away with that team. In fact, it is always good not to bet on your team at all at all even if the bets are single bets. If you bet on your team, you may fail to enjoy the game since you are too focused on the outcome of the match. There will not be any fun on that and yet your team should be bringing you joy and not sorrows.

Value odds matter too in making huge profits from the accumulator bets. This should be our eighth strategy that we should look at. What value odds means is that they are the odds which when punters use and win the bets, they make more profits than the bookmaker. However, the bookmaker rarely allows such situations to happen as it will mean that they will be making losses rather than profits; a bad case that can lead to the closure of the business within no time. Such odds do occur and thus a punter should always capitalise on them as they will be able to make some good money if they win their accumulator bets.

The last strategy is all about the draw bets in the accumulator bets. It is a risky thing to do for any punter to include draws in their bets. The odds for a draw are huge yes. But, on very rare occasions do football matches end up in a draw especially if one team is weaker or stronger than the other. If you, the punter, insist of having a draw bet in your multi bet, it better be only a single draw. Having more than that reduces your chances of winning that bet by a very big percentage. If possible, it is better to stick to win-win bets in your multi bet.


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