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Types of Wagers

Types of Wagers

There are different types of bets that any punter can decide to use. Some of them are simple while others are more complex. The simple ones are normally accompanied with less payout while the complex ones come with a good payout if that bet goes through successfully. I will start by listing the simple one first and then walk my way down to the most complex ones.

a) Win bet
This bet is pretty straight forward and it is the most common bet that is found in so many sports and events. It means that the punter concentrates majorly on the team that will win in any particular match. Let me use an example of Leicester City vs. Manchester City. This match ended 3-1 in favour of Leicester city. So, for those who had placed their bet on Leicester City to win the match, they were eagerly waiting for the payout as soon as Leicester City won that match. United States punters refer to this bet as the money line bet.

b) Handicap betting
This is closely similar to “win bet” except that some teams are given some goals at the start of the game. It will appear as if the opponent is trailing by some goal even before the kickoff. The end result of the game could be a win, a draw or a loss. In the following example, handicap bet has been clearly explained.
Handicap: Malawi vs. Germany. The odds have been spread in the following manner

Handicap Win Draw Win
1 1.97 2.10 2.33
2 1.56 3.11 3.44
3 1.23 3.89 4.50

In the above table, handicap shows the number of goals that Malawi national football team were awarded before the kickoff of that game. The number of goals affects the odds. As the goal count increases, the favoured team gets awarded minimal odds while the oppressed gets huge odds. Germany had been given odds of 4.50 to win that match despite trailing by 3 goals to nil at the start of the game.
It is important to note that handicap works both ways. The goals can either be awarded to the Home soccer team or Away team depending on their current forms.

c) Total number of goals
Here, the bookmakers set the odds of the number of goals scored by either of the teams playing or both of them. The most likely number of goals expected in that match do get lesser odds compared to the most unlikely number of goals to be scored. An example can be illustrated using the case of FC Porto of Portugal and arch-rivals Seville FC from Spain when the two met some times back.
This is how that bet looked like.

0 goals (2.44) 1 goal(1.75) 2 goals(1.81)
3 goals (2.01) 4 goals (2.88) 5 goals(3.92)
6 goals (5.72) 1.56

Total Goals table

As you can see, from the above table the most likely number of goals that were to be scored were given lesser odds. They were 1 and 2 goals. The rest were given higher odds since they were not even close to happening.

d) Special bets
They are called this way in that they rarely affect the outcome of the match. They include the likes of “Next Goal”, “Goal Scorer”, “Number of corners”, “Number of Cards”, “Penalties”.
“Next Goal” can be taken to mean the team that will score next or the professional football player that will score next. They all have different odds. The player or the team in general that will most likely score next is given lesser odds unlike the unlikely player or team to score. In a match between Al-Ahly of Egypt and Gor Mahia of Kenya, Yusuf Mohammed, an Al-Ahly player, was given an odd of 1.67 to score next after Gor Mahia FC had gone ahead through Musa Obama. On the other hand, Gor Mahia’s goalkeeper was given odds of 29.00 to be the next goal scorer.
“Goal scorer” are closely similar to “Next Goal” except that it does not involve the entire team but just individuals. It can be interpreted as the players who will score in that game. Those who rarely score are given large odds compared to those who score most often.

“Number of Corners” can be taken as the total corners conceded by either teams or just a single team. The higher the number, the higher the odds awarded to that category and vice versa.
“Number of Cards” can represent either the total number of cards awarded to either of the teams or just one team. This normally includes the both Red cards and Yellow cards given in a single game. But, since players are rarely shown a red card, the odds accompanying this are normally higher compared to those accompanying yellow cards. The latter rarely misses in any football match. Be it a friendly match, a league match or any other football match.
Lastly under this category of “Special bets”, let me deal with “Penalties”. This normally falls in either penalty missed or saved. Both of them are always given higher odds while their opposites are given lower odds.

e) Outright bets
These are the bets that are normally placed before the start of any football league season. The famous bet that circulated all of the social media was the surprise Leicester City FC bet. This football club was given the odds of 5000/1 at the start of the season to win English Premier League. Fortunately, they won. Anyone who had placed a bet on Leicester City at that time, by the end of 2015-2016 season, they got 5000 times richer than at the start of the season.

f) Accumulators
These are the most difficult bets to play as it involves combinations of several football teams. If all goes well, it makes the punters stink rich. If just a single team fails the bet, the whole bet is nullified and whatever “possible wins” that had been awarded gets disregarded.
There are much more types of wagers I may have left them out but I am almost certain that I have talked of over 80% that are there.


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