Where can you bet online?

Where can you bet online?

Betting is for the courageous people who are willing to take some financial risk with an aim of making profits. However, some do betting for fun. They care less if they win or lose their bets. If you are one of these two, let me introduce you to some top online betting sites or bookmakers. Whichever word you choose to use does not matter because they mean the same thing anyway. Without further ado, let me list for you the top bookmakers in Europe.

Hopefully, you know what bookmakers are. If you do not know, a bookmaker is an individual or an organization that takes bets on sports or events using odds that have been accepted by many.

How to register yourself for online betting
Just in case you haven't noticed, you need to have an account with any of your favourite bookmakers. So, if do not have an account in any of them, I can take you through a small procedure of creating those accounts. If you want a bet365 account, you will have to click on “Join Now” at the top right of the bookmaker's webpage. Do not be alarmed when a pop-up window appears separate from the home page. That is just how registration form appears in bet365.
In the form, you will find that some labels have an asterisk (*). This means that the field expects no null value. For example, you must indicate your “Country of Residence”, “Title”, “First Name”, “Surname” and many others with that * sign. Those that do not have the * sign, for example, “State/Region”, means that their value is not necessary and that the form can be submitted successfully. Once you fill all the details correctly and ascertained that you have understood their terms and conditions then you are ready to join bet365. The last step that you will have to take is to make a minimum deposit of 10 US dollars. From there, you are ready to place bets on your favourite teams or whichever ways you would prefer to place your bets. That is really up to you.

For those punters interested in having an account with Unibet, here is the procedure. Assuming that you are at the unibet.co.uk webpage, click on “Register” button which is at the top right corner of that page. A new page will be loaded and it will have a title of “Register with us”. You are expected to fill in your “Full name”, “Email address”,” Date of birth” and your gender. Filling these fields correctly will enable the “Continue” button otherwise you might have entered the wrong thing somewhere. If the latter happens, the affected field will be highlighted in red colour while indicating the error message. If you follow the rules correctly, you will be able to register yourself successfully. Thereafter, you are expected to make some deposit. The minimum deposit to make is £5 otherwise, you will not be able to place any bets on that site.

Another example will be to show you how to register and start betting using the Coral account. So, to start with, you have to click on “Join Now” button. A registration form will be loaded. You can proceed to fill in all the necessary details. Unfortunately, Coral bookmaker allows the registration of punters from some few selected countries. If your country is not listed, registration will most likely end with an error. The minimum allowed deposit amount is £5 using a Credit Card, Debit Card, Skrill account or Neteller account. If you opt to use PayPal, its minimum deposit is £10.

I would have loved to show you, bettors, how to register yourselves on the very many online betting platforms but let me just use William Hill as the last example. Here, the registration process is not that much of a difference from the ones I had shown you earlier. Just like bet365 and Coral, William Hill has a button of “Join Now” which when clicked, the registration process is initiated. Except for this time round instead of a pop-up window, William Hill loads its registration form in the same window. The punter is supposed to fill his or her details correctly. Once done, and having accepted the Terms and Conditions of William Hill, he/she can proceed to click on “Create My Account” button. From there, the page will reload and the last step of confirming or making deposits will be shown on a new page. Get to know that William Hill expects a minimum deposit of $20 from anyone who wants to place a bet.

Start Placing bets
So far so good, right? Great! Let's start by placing our first bet. We will use Manchester United vs. Anderlecht UEFA Europa League match to place that bet. The match is scheduled to take place 2 days from now. It has different odds across different bookmakers. For example, for Man United to win, it has been given an odd of 1/4 at bet365. Which means that for a $4 stake placed on Man United, the payoff will be $1. Both William Hill and Coral have given Man United an odd of 2/7 to win the match. On the other hand, Unibet gave the same team an odd of 27/100 for it to win.

There are other bet options available apart from the most famous one of W-D-W. These options include but not limited to “Both Teams to Score”, “Half Time Score”, “Correct Score”, “Goal Scoring” and much more. Serious punters never stop at the “Win-Draw-Win” option but explore all the option he or she has before placing any bets.
Having shown you where to go when you want to place a bet online and how to do it, I believe what is left is for you to finish it up. And by that I mean you can start placing as many bets as you want. Good luck making money through online sports betting.


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