Choosing a bookmaker

Choosing a bookmaker

Bookmakers are many in the world. Some are good in one thing but bad at the other while some are good in all of them. The punter is the one left to choose the bookmaker that typically suits them.
Most probably the things that the real punter will be looking for include the following:

Customers’ Reviews
It is very important to check what others are saying about a certain bookmaker. A bookmaker that has a bad reputation is least likely to be picked over the ones that have a good reputation. Every customer feels secure and happy when the bookmaker that they choose takes care of its customers in the best way they can. I guess this is why most people prefer to register their selves with the top bookmakers like Unibet, bet365, William Hill, ComeOn, Betway, and Carol. Their reputation is not that bad at all.

Mobile Betting
This is another crucial factor that most punters should or do consider. Since almost everyone in the current world owns a mobile phone, it is just fair to say that punters will definitely like to bet using their phones. If the bookmaker does not support such options, they will lose customers to their rivals. Bookmakers that support mobile betting include William Hill, Bet365, Ladbrokes, Unibet, and Betway. As a matter of fact, they do have a mobile app that punters can use to place bets at any time. These apps can be installed almost on all the mobile operating system that exists. The likes of Android OS, iOS, and Windows Phone OS.

Website Availability
No punter will register their selves with a bookmaker that keeps going down regularly. Any bookmaker that experiences such problems attracts fewer customers at the long run. Customers do look for bookmakers that have no downtime at all. The availability of the website should be 24/7 or if a technical problem occurs, the downtime should not take long. In fact, the downtime should be too negligible to be detected by the punters. The downtime of bookmakers like Unibet, ComeOn, Betway, William Hill, and bet365 are very rare. That could be another reason why people bet with them.

How do they serve their customers?
Customers are very crucial to making profits for any bookmaker. If the customers’ service of a certain bookmaker is below par, it gets a lot of rejections from the existing customers and also low count in the registration of new customers. Top bookmakers normally offer a high-quality customer service. They do now very well that a bad customer review will affect them negatively and thus may lose even more customers than they ever thought of. Their customer service is always free and always available 24/7. Customers can use Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, email or phone calls and they will be served at any time with a clear and realistic response.

Deposit/Withdrawal Limit
Customers or punters do prefer to register their selves with bookmakers that allow a reasonable minimum allowed deposit. If, for example, two bookmakers have minimum allowed deposit as follows, “bookmaker A” €20 and “bookmaker B” €70, there is a higher chance that most customers will prefer to register their selves with bookmaker A to bookmaker B. also, bookmakers with higher maximum allowed deposit do stand a better chance of getting customers compared to bookmakers that have a low maximum allowed deposit. Still sticking to our example, if “bookmaker A” has a maximum allowed deposit of €300000 and “bookmaker B” allowing its users to make a maximum deposit of €100000, bookmaker B will be least likely selected over bookmaker A.

The same case applies to withdrawals. Any bookmaker that has a higher minimum allowed withdrawal shuns so many potential customers down compared to a bookmaker whose minimum allowed withdrawal is slightly lower. Again, a bookmaker whose maximum allowed withdrawal is really low chases away most of its customers who would like to make a lump sum of money when withdrawing. They will with no doubt, look for bookmakers that can satisfy their needs.

All these scenarios have been taken care of by the top bookmakers in Europe and the world.

Availability of sports betting events
This should be bookmakers’ top priority if they would like to get a lot of pay in. bettors do prefer to have as many football events to bet on as they can. Bookmakers that have less of such events risk losing many customers. Top bookmakers have so many events made available to their customers. They have events like rugby, professional basketball, professional football, tennis and hockey are what make customers even happier and have the urge to bet on those games.

The Betting odds
This plays a major role in attracting many customers. If the odds are not that good, then bettors will shy away from that bookmaker and look for a bookmaker that offers better odds on any football match. Take for example a random bookmaker offering the following odds on a football match. Football Team “A” given odds of 1.24 to win and Team “B” given odds of 1.65 to win. The same match, bet365 giving an odd of 1.58 to Team A and giving Team B an odd of 2.11 to win that match. Punters will prefer to bet with bet365 to that random bookmaker because they know that they will make good money with bet365 compared to what they would have made had they placed their bets with that random unknown bookmaker.

Live betting
Punters do prefer to place bets on ongoing matches at times. So, if a bookmaker does not support that bet, any punter who was planning to register with them will consider having a second thought on that. The best bookmakers do support this bet though. They are bet365, Ladbrokes, Carol, 10bet, Unibet, William Hill, and ComeOn.

Bonuses and Rewards
This is the best offer that punters do prefer to look at. Those bookmakers that know how to attract the customers do so by including free bets, deposit bonuses or rewards to its customers. Deposit bonuses do vary depending on the bookmakers.


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