How do you bet online?

How do you bet online?

Are you down financially and feel like boosting that wallet of yours? I suspect your answer is a resounding “YES”. Well, it is good to hear that because I have just what you need. Imagine registering yourself for an online betting activity, and by playing your cards well, you make some good money that you had not thought of. Isn’t that a great deal? I bet it is.

So, let me educate you a little bit on how to bet. Did I mention that you have to register yourself first with the bookmakers? Yeah, you should do that if you have not. What do I mean by a bookmaker? A bookmaker is an organization or an individual who takes bets on sports or some other events like politics, climate change et cetera, at an odd that has been agreed upon. You can register yourself on either of the following top bookmakers in Europe: ComeOn, BetVictor, Unibet, bet365, William Hill, and Coral.

Different bookmakers have different rules on money, and the minimum amount of money to be deposited after registration. For example, for those who will register their selves on Unibet, you will be expected to make a minimum deposit of £5 for them to start placing bets. Under the same circumstances, Bet365 requires a minimum deposit of $10 while that of William Hill is a minimum $20.

Using various bookmaker accounts to place bets

Now that we are on the same page, let me take you through the process of betting. Assuming that you are a diehard Madridista and that you want to bet for them to win, you will have to log into to any of the online betting accounts that you have and manoeuvre all the way till you find your team. For example, once you log in to William Hill, you will be taken straight to the homepage which is the Sports menu. If you scroll down a little bit, you will find your favourite team Real Madrid under the Match highlights section. You can proceed to place your bet on Madrid, which currently has an odd of 7/5, or click on Real Madrid vs. Bayern Munich for more bet options. I will suggest that you do the latter since this will give you a broad view of the various bet options that you have. Let me take you back a little bit and talk about the odd, 7/5. This means that you get a payoff of $7 whenever you place your stake of $5 on Real Madrid. For everyone’s information, I will be using Real Madrid vs. Bayern Munich match in the subsequent sample accounts so as to stop the mix-ups from occurring.

For those who have created their accounts with bet365, here is how you will place your bets on Real Madrid. Once you login to bet365, obviously you will be taken to the homepage. You can scroll down while keeping your eye on the left area or section. When you get to “soccer”, click on it. It will take you to the football category. Since Real Madrid and Bayern Munich are from two different European countries, it means that their match is either “UEFA Champions’ League” or “UEFA Europa League”. With this discovery, you have narrowed down your options. Anyway, let me just cut you the slack, this match falls in the “UEFA Champions League” category. Click on it and you will be taken to the various matches that will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday. Placing a bet on Real Madrid is as simple as clicking on the odd of 11/8. Earlier on, I believed I explained to you what odds are. Therefore, there is no need for me to reiterate it.

For the Unibet punters, once you log in, you have to click on Sports. Champions League has been placed under the popular section. Click on it and you will be shown the upcoming football matches. As of now, Real Madrid has an odd of 29/20 to win the match after the elapse of 90 minutes of the game. If you want to see all the available bet options for this game, you have to click on those teams. The right-most section has “Events”, “pre-match statistics”, and “league table”. Events mean the kick off time for that match. Pre-match statistics shows the statistics between these two teams. While League table shows the standings. However, right now we are interested in the mid-section which shows the various bet options that are there. There are many options listed here. For example, there is “Both teams to score” which has its own odds. If you think that the two teams will score against each other, you have to select “Yes” whose current odds are at 3/8. If you think otherwise, the odds are at 41/20.

How to Analyse Football Matches and Betting

Luckily, some of these bookmakers have incorporated match statistics into their website. This enables users to do some quick analysis of the match before placing any bets. It is important to note that not all bettors have clue on which team to bet for. They do rely on this analysis though to make some informed decisions. We can take Unibet bookmaker as an example. Any football match that is yet to be played has some short analysis on it. For Example, Real Madrid vs. Bayern Munich has the following statistics:

Real Madrid's last three matches ended in Draw, Win, and a Win while that of Bayern Munich ended in a Draw, Loose, and a Win. The last 5 head to head matches between these two teams ended with Real Madrid winning all but one match against its opponent, Bayern Munich. From these statistics whoever was to place a bet will most likely do so based on these statistics. Nevertheless, football records are meant to be broken and that history does not repeat itself regularly. And like the wise men said, “A ball has no corner and therefore it can land anywhere”.

I believe you now know how to analyse and place a bet online. What are you still waiting for?


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